What I Need Are More Women Friends

And then I could see just how well-intentioned women are.

If only I were to accept the goodness of Feminism, the truth of Global Warming, and the evil of tobacco, then more women would like me, and this would give me peace and satisfaction in life.

I’ve been treated recently to the entitlement delusions of my late Dominant’s sister. She decided that my Dominant owed his adult daughter something other than what he had willed to her, which was pointedly nothing. She therefore decided to come after me using legalistic intimidation tactics and emotional appeals while ostensibly holding out the possibility of warm acceptance should I decide to cough up the cash.

The sister’s own economic position well exceeds that of her brother or me and in fact all of her entitlements from her own parents were at the expense of her brother and yet I should somehow feel responsible? Sheltered all her life, with a father who was on one hand an excellent provider, but on the other hand catered to the narcissistic delusions of his wife such as to channel all of his frustration onto his son, the daughter remains blissfully unaware of the privileges she garnered as a result.

Her father physically and psychologically abused his son badly, until the day that the son lifted up a lead pipe, looked his father dead in the eye, and the father backed down.

Meanwhile, the Pollyanna-ish social-climbing mother used emotional and financial manipulation to cajole her son into marrying a woman he did not love. He agreed on the condition that there be no children of the marriage. Naturally, the mother and wife had other plans. There was a child, a contentious divorce, a vindictive wife, and a prison sentence for “contempt of court” based on a manufactured tax evasion charge leveled at first by the ex-wife who didn’t feel that the house, car, bank accounts, alimony, and child support were enough; and then backed up by the force of the state. The tax evasion charges were then defeated successfully. My Dominant’s “contempt” for the process was genuine.

Meanwhile, the daughter’s own economic position well exceeds that of her father or me. She’ll be fine, thanks to the parents of her ne’er-do-well husband.

Perhaps my Dominant’s sister will wish to extend to her niece the largess she recently acquired as a result of the passing of her father, with emotional strings of course. The way I see it, if she does such a thing, then the two narcissists deserve each other. I hope that this happens. I’m sure it would make terrific reality television in a sort of deadpan “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman” sort of way.

The odd thing is that I don’t believe that either party is even self-aware enough to realize their own contribution to my good man’s demise in terms of financial, emotional, as well as physical health. They’re angry that he stopped living and giving them service! It must be my fault? I saved his life! Temporarily, I’m afraid. Eventually, the cancer which had been in him before I met him or either of us realized it was there (it was a skin anomaly that none of several medical doctors could accurately identify) consumed him.

These women harbor this massive delusion that all men are bottomless piggy banks of money and energy. (And furthermore, all women who men like are by default bottomless piggy banks themselves.)

I accepted him, loved him, and admired him. No amount of “affection” from narcissists is any consolation or substitute.

The friendship of most women is overrated.

New claims about burden of disease from smokeless tobacco are utter junk (the short version)

At some point one has to recognize the pattern of all anti-tobacco research as entirely agenda-driven.

Tobacco harm reduction, anti-THR lies, and related topics

by Carl V Phillips

There have been a spate of claims recently, stemming from this junk science paper (“Global burden of disease due to smokeless tobacco consumption in adults: analysis of data from 113 countries” by Kamran Siddiqi, Sarwat Shah, Syed Muslim Abbas, Aishwarya Vidyasagaran, Mohammed Jawad, Omara Dogar and Aziz Sheikh) that there is some huge health burden from smokeless tobacco. This piece of utter crap — bad even by the standards of tobacco control “research” — deserves a detailed point-by-point critique, but it is just so bad that I cannot stand to do it right now. So I am going to provide the short version.

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Points of Commonality

My sister and I have a better relationship as adults than we ever had as children. This is fortunate. In addition to “maturity,” we both credit the identification and treatment of certain health issues in my sister. It is my understanding and belief that any compromise to cognitive ability such as by genetics, environment, abuse, drugs, alcohol, etc., can result in an adaptive narcissism. Her health issues and a different form of abuse that she survived explain a lot.

Neither of us had children. My decision was proactive; her decision was to delay until early-onset menopause made the decision for her. Both decisions were all for the best.

However, other than some commonality of childhood experiences and genetics, we have precious little in common. Therefore, our fail-safe conversational topics include ridiculing our father in absentia (it’s a ripe topic for humor), juvenile humor in general, and health and diet on which we mostly agree (thanks to my proactive efforts and research).

Intellectual discussion is not one of the activities that we can engage in for long. I can say from my standpoint that she is so steeped in cognitive dissonance that the exercise is futile; however, of course, such a view could be said to have it’s own bias. Ironically, she believes that she is more educated, more disciplined, and more intelligent than I am. I don’t disabuse her even if keeping up the pretense is painful, given that time and time again my “unpopular” views are consistently proven right. It’s not a “reality” that she is capable of accepting, of course.

Therefore, there aren’t very many activities that we can do together without inviting discord.

One of the ways that we amuse ourselves is by stumping age and weight-guessers at carnivals. Juvenile, of course, but, why not?

My sister (older, shorter, stockier, more-excitable) starts first and the guesses are always woefully underestimated. Then, cruelly, I step up, with the age and weight guesser now believing that he is primed because obviously being that we’re sisters, we’re likely to share these same anomalies. The first wrong assumption, however, is that given that I am taller, more somber, etc., that I must be the elder. I don’t correct this assumption.

Given that I am slimmer, I must weigh less.

The stupid little gifts that we win are, of course, of lesser value than the expression on the age and weight-guesser’s face when we each present our ID’s.

Sometimes, I defer my stupid prize in favor of ringing the bell, for a “better” stupid prize.

It is unfortunate that the sort of men who are impressed by these feats do not tend to interest me.

Making my sister complacently happy rather than shrill and annoying however is priceless.

The Tamagotchi Complex

The Tamagotchi was a digital pet which led to malevolent imitators. Whereas the original Tamagotchi merely required plenty of user interaction to feed it, take away it’s poop, etc., in order to keep it “alive,” the imitators required the pet’s owner to actually pay cash money in order to sustain it. Children would be traumatized by even the possibility of their pets dying and thereby would spend their allowance and then hit up their parents with hysteria. The anxiety and energy depleted in order to stave off this digital disaster was parasitic.

The male mitten crab, when infected with a certain parasite, will behave as if it is female, change it’s shape over time to appear more female (broader), and then actually care for its little parasite young as if they are mitten crab young.

It is my observation, that many modern humans, particularly females and those who are feminized, tend to their communication devices as if they are mewling infants. In addition to constantly feeding the thing memes, photos, updates on minutiae, all cries must be soothed with some sort of stroking response. Some people spoil their pets with apps for every occasion. Such persons tend to emote as if they feel sorry for me that I have no such attachment to my bare-bones cell phone, which I often conveniently “forget” to charge. I am unable to view all the wonderful photos, links, and other wonderful “gifts” they wish to give me as their way of showing me how much they care about me. When I counter that if one merely emails me these things, then I can tend to them in my comfort and leisure at a time of my choosing. However, not receiving an instant response to these instant gifts is apparently disappointing to such persons. It is impossible to tell how much of their “hurt feelings” are for themselves or in pity for me, the cold-hearted techno-deprived person that I am. Whereas, perversely, those same persons find their own computers to be unfathomable and sadistic, and may require my assistance in order to tame them, and soothe the unwilling captive with reassuring noises that no, just because the computer is cruel, it doesn’t mean that the user is “unintelligent,” or deserving of ridicule. There there.

It is a shame that these types of persons tend to be disinclined to pay me for my computer services in currency that I can actually use. Memes, photos, links, and status updates don’t actually bring me joy nor pay my bills. I must be a heartless and uncaring sort. And yet I don’t mind helping a friend, nor do I lord over them with any sort technical “superiority,” particularly since I am woefully out of touch and thereby actually have to do a little online research from time to time, and otherwise venture out on the wild and wooly internet to possibly encounter pitfalls, or obsolete instructions.

Men (and women) who use their smart phones as command and control centers for strategic war games of either the digital or actual variety are a different animal altogether. Other men have discovered that they can keep their device stored with conversation openers that cause women to make pleasure noises, cries of disgust, or to even flee in terror.

When I am on my computer, most of the time, I’m either at home, or in some sort of protected environment. When I am out and about, my eyes are not on my device. I won’t even answer it if it’s ringing. My eyes methodically scan my immediate surroundings, doorways, and the horizon. I am not interested in even pretending that life itself provides any sort of protection toward my person. If I am fortunate to have the company of another human being, I direct my attention to that person or persons right up until the moment that they start tending to their pet. If I can steal a moment of a sense of being protected, perhaps by physical obstacles to any sort of human surprise, I’ll check to see who called. Friends who expect constant electronic interaction from me do not stay friends for long.

When one looks at the sheer effort required merely to stay alive and in comfort for humans of the past, whether by hunting, craftsmanship, manufacturing one’s own soap, etc., it may be a mystery to some how on earth humans had such time to spend on such pursuits.

When I see the amount of time that many modern humans spend tending to their “pets,” the mystery is solved.

Material Concerns

As much as I might strive to rid myself of materialism other than a certain level of comfort, fun, and pride in my values, it would seem that life tends to relieve me of it without my help.

I’ve never been completely homeless—unless one counts hopeful transit without a sure destination in mind—for more than 24 hours. Of course, that was when I was an attractive and charming teenaged runaway. I also used that charm in which to get myself professional jobs later on with a nearly unbeatable presentation.

As much as I may sympathize with prostitutes having known quite a few, I’ve never actually been one (by choice; I’ve accepted offers I could not refuse, but that’s another story). I’m lucky that way in discovering and largely preserving my sexual sacred. I’m not interested in describing such a thing in detail to strangers and children. No. Sorry. This isn’t Kindergarten! Not everyone gets a turn. Yecccch!

Everyone is not equal. Status, experience, and character all count; albeit my notions of “status” are esoteric. Experience doesn’t necessarily grant one wisdom albeit it helps. Character is one of those fragile notions that are informed by one’s own experience and don’t translate well from one ideology or religion to another.

Since I have experienced profound connection and intimacy lasting as long as five years, albeit usually less, albeit tending to transition to friendship, I don’t pretend to provide some sort of philosophy that can be perpetuated over generations. Rather, in my experience, my best partners have been those who either do not have children, are estranged from them, didn’t want children in the first place, or are otherwise broken genetic specimens with no desire to perpetuate their own pathology. Such pathology was just as likely to have been perpetrated upon them by their own family members, and that of their parents, their parents’ parents, and so on.

Excess population in relation to resources always leads to atrocities, with perhaps an intervening “cult” phase, and I am not referring merely to strong language on the internet. I understand that some people believe that my only moral choice was to abandon myself at some sort of religious orphanage, convent, mission, etc., and to be celibate after what was done to me. I however chose to reclaim my own sexuality for myself rather than to live in fear of it. After all, with a Reverend for a father, which ideology should I have embraced? Yours?

Persons with intact, positive, growing families really have no place in my world and they have the right to insulate themselves from me. Hope is essential when one has children and the depths of despair to which I have been subjected to are not trials that I advocate. I didn’t chose them. I was born into them.

I started “running away” as a child and you could say that I’ve either been really lucky or there are some form of “angels” watching over me. I have had some incredibly positive experiences to go with my tragedies. However, my last spate of tragedies over the last 17 years is about all I think that I can bear. Of course, I know that God is not going to give me anything I can’t handle whether such “handling”; occurs in this life or the next. I believe in Love as the most important thing and stubbornly keep getting up to go search for it.

Having experienced the paramount of Love according to my own values I suspect that it’s all downhill from here. Part of the pain is just sitting here in Florida waiting for some internet lawyer and unseen judge to decide that they’re through with me, and then the estate is legally mine enough to put everything in my name. It isn’t much but what Axel and his father knowingly and by proxy did for me is more than any other man has done for me. Sure, I lived in a much nicer home, with a 30 thousand-dollar Rolex, driving a nicer car, with a fancier husband, but all that was just dust designed to distract me from the greater objective, which was to rob and destroy me. The home was paid for wholly by me. The travel, however, which I had always wanted to do, and the farm (likewise) were phenomenal, even if they were all mostly my idea and also entirely on my dime. Why I somehow felt safer hitchhiking in the U.S. alone in the ’70’s but barely scratched the surface of international travel on my own is somewhat of a mystery to most but not to me.

I remember when the 70’s were over and so was the possibility of hitchhiking alone without problems, in the San Francisco Bay Area. The last couple of times I did it, the drivers who picked me up were incredulous that I would do something so dangerous. Didn’t I know how dangerous it was? That was my signal that media had also penetrated the minds of persons who were less kind who would thereby decide that I was merely “fair game”.

It seems like every man who has ever been hurt by a tall blonde WASP (or thinks that he has) tends to find me. Likewise, every girl or woman who believes that if it weren’t for the existence of me, she would be a fairy princess living in a castle, tends to find me. I admit to being less concerned around the former than the latter. This is largely due, I suspect, to my thinking and brain patterns which tend toward the masculine while still remaining female and feminine. Modern feminine programming just did not penetrate my brain sufficiently. Where it did penetrate in such a way as to make me vulnerable to my future husband however was sufficient for me to realize just how toxic is the programming.

When it became apparent that I was expected to both be obnoxious and a feminist in retaliation toward the whole male sex for my experiences, I had my epiphanies. Why were these women so unhappy but I’m not? I was traumatized but not toxic. Why was I able to attract Axel to me and they weren’t? I felt that I had a mission to perform, and so I started blogging, here and elsewhere, and wrote my one and only book that is actually written under my own nom de plume rather than someone else’s. (In addition to technical writing I’ve done some ghostwriting.)

I’ve started another book however current events in both my private and the public sphere have distracted me and I’ve lost my focus. The loss of Axel’s sister as a friend was a huge blow. (Hint: It’s about money but not in the usual sense.)

After a childhood of changing locales and schools every 2-3 years and otherwise enduring the social issues that entailed, while meanwhile being treated as some sort of a pariah by most of my extended family members (they knew deep in their hearts what was going in on my immediate family and probably didn’t want it to rub off), it came as a great surprise and delight to me that adult men liked me! No it wasn’t just sexually using me. They smiled and we would converse and do things together. It must have been difficult to know that they were falling in love with a kid, and certainly illegal, but, what is a “kid” anyway? Is it someone with loving, concerned, mature, protective parents? Besides I was tall, composed, and “passed”.

I even toyed with the thought of hopping a freighter overseas until men who sounded like they knew what they were talking about talked me out of it. Not for purposes of keeping me for themselves, you understand. They just didn’t want someone else to do me worse.

Men for the most part desired to protect me. None actually wanted to keep me for very long, but they enjoyed my company and liked having me around. Besides, I had ambitions, such as I had been told so many times by teachers, test scores, and of course my men (I can’t really bring myself to call them “boyfriends”) how intelligent I was, my depth of dedication, tenacity, and character, and how otherwise I was practically guaranteed success.

I believed them and became successful! Then I married a trophy husband who had the magical effect of causing my entire extended family to lionize me. It was pretty heady.

Of course, given that it turns out that my husband had actually brought down a major hospital before I met him gives me some cause for relief for not being his only fool. He truly was the “master of manipulation,” he thought himself to be. He shared with me this sobriquet toward the end, perhaps to attempt to goad me into attempting an escape. It worked. I survived. I don’t know whether he expected that last or not.

Meanwhile, as the months roll on, and the estate is still not settled (due to county bureaucratic reasons) I find that the pressure just keeps right on mounting and I’m probably willing to say just about anything to make the pain stop. The pain isn’t nearly as bad as watching my beloved animals suffer and die but it still makes me feel like a slowly boiling frog.

I find as a result that I have nearly no patience for Progressive men interested in trying some conservative strange. The next romantic possibility who even uses the words, “real,” really,” or “reality,” is going to be in for a rude shock.

Caprizchka Completes the Heritage Foundation Survey

A survey intended for Axel’s father finds its way into my hands.

Thought about sending it in, but it will be disqualified and thrown in the trash.

It is a self-cancelling survey by a calcified taxpayer-altruism-for-institutions whore and therefore the irony is bitter.

Caprizchka answered this survey as honestly as she could. The woman who created Caprizchka however is going to go out for a walk in the sunshine after this dreadful deed. I feel as if I have just lanced a boil.





Hello Taxpaying Seniors benefiting from the Social Security pyramid scheme. Please just give your discretionary spending budget to your kids. They’re smarter than you are. You’ve proven your own gullibility and susceptibility to propaganda.

If you don’t have kids or have been alienated from what you’ve created, come party with me. I could use a little help with household expenses and maintenance, independently sourced cures, nutritional remedies, and independence from group-think. Balms, appreciation, and forgiveness given. Thanks!

Amnesty International Gets it Right on Prostitution

Inspired by: Is Decriminalization The Best Way To Help Prostitutes? Amnesty International Thinks So

Featuring the conveniently blind views of Julie Bindel

My Disqus comment is reproduced here:

The Swedish model means that only criminals have the incentive to be pimps, managers, protectors, bodyguards, investors, patrons, and customers of prostitutes. Kind, successful businesspersons are disincentivized.

What “well-meaning” Feminists like Julie Bindel conveniently fail to realize is that non-victimized, non-marginal prostitutes aren’t as likely to be arrested or fall into the clutches of prostitute “rescue” travesties. Only the worst sort of victims are. Those with well-connected managers putting up a “respectable” front will never come to see her.

Meanwhile policies like the Swedish model or the “rescue” industry effectively perpetuate victimization of prostitutes by forcing them to operate without any protection or patronage whatsoever, leaving them vulnerable to predatory clients.

Would Bindel like to see matchmakers, Yentas, and marriage brokers arrested?

It ought to be a crime to be so blindly idiotic as to not recognize the growth industry potential of victim politics. They create more victims and keep predators like Bindel in business. How convenient and self-aggrandizing is her blindness.

Knowledge and Other Bubbles

Knowledge is a tricky thing. The Genesis myth is a piece of the puzzle. Nowadays, thanks to the internet, and compulsory schooling, all knowledge is considered to be free and all one has to do is demand it and here it comes, like the replicator on the Starship Enterprise.

Picard: “Tea hot.”

Since even the youngest schoolchild who is capable of memorizing rhetoric is now “intelligent” and everyone gets a trophy, there is no reason to assume that we’re not all perfectly capable of emotionally handling all truths. Right?

Therefore, by not revealing all truths to all comers, I must be terribly selfish and elitist. Not to mention ageist, sexist, and just plain mean.

If I withhold information about my own values, beliefs, sacred, money, private life, I must be terribly cruel, selfish, deceptive, shallow, etc.

If I reveal them, I can “trigger” or induce a flood of invective or hysteria based on closely held myths, cognitive dissonance, shame, childhood programming, television, “sacred authority figures”, etc.

I am learning that induced and programmed fear of viruses is so pervasive today as to be nearly impenetrable. Therefore, a person who refuses to be vaccinated is as much a pariah as is one who advocates them. To submit oneself to government authorities to be “tested” has that same duality. Government is “good” and the collection of all data is “good”, because most people are “good-intentioned”. Alternatively, I would far prefer to submit myself to an “expert” who I can “trust”. Since there are none, I wonder whether a future man in my life trusts either of these entities because his trust ultimately has more value to me than my own.

For the record, I’ve been vaccinated like crazy, used to submit myself for annual flu shots, have been vaccinated in foreign airports in order to get onto a plane, etc. I don’t do those things anymore and I don’t advocate them only realize, realistically, that not everyone has the option to refuse them and therefore I advocate the minimization of risk to include top-notch nutrition (a highly controversial concept itself).

I am fortunate in that before I was conceived, my mother changed her eating and food preparation habits such as to nourish herself and my father with statistically superior nutrition compared to her peers, by way of the nutritional philosophy of Adelle Davis, whose notions, in my view today, were also highly flawed, but still better than the norm. I also have the fortune to have been breast fed, and exposed to plenty of dirt and country living and otherwise was the beneficiary of diverse microbes and plenty of sunshine as a child, and this is what I attribute some of my own enhanced immunity and vigor, which, incidentally, exceeds that of most of my own extended family members.

My emotional well-being is another matter altogether as is my sense of unity with my own family. I don’t have that sense. This is one big reason why I chose not to have children. I advocate unity among families in favor of reduced government interference in our lives, albeit realize that there are limits to growth. Unlimited growth is like a cancer. Universal values are impossible. Thank God!

There is more than one test for HPV. I’ve submitted myself for the U.S. Government approved ones. Always negative. The last time I had one, the female doctor practically raped me with that speculum. Ouch! Bitch. Her technique was entirely unnecessary. Did she also mishandle my specimen? I sure hope not.

However, there are other tests which are not U.S. Government approved. Not because they aren’t effective, only that they aren’t cost-effective on a statistical basis, assuming that today’s health mean is the ideal one, unnecessary tests are somehow bad, and some attrition of those persons on the statistical extremes is socially desirable. This is probably why my next lover, if any, will probably either be a statistician, medical doctor, virologist, or foreigner with a testing laboratory that he trusts who can certify that we are both entirely free of any live known carcinogenic strain of HPV (rather than merely genetic markers of past infection). That’s a bigger investment than most men are willing to make for an over-the-hill slut such as myself. However what’s the point doing such a thing separately? How do I know that his expert, what with patient confidentiality and all, has used a test that I can trust? The same goes for me. Why would he trust how I got my results?

As for all those frightened people who are part of the demographic (“The Baby Boomers”) of whom 70% have been exposed to HPV, who have not submitted themselves to any test or to only the bare minimum (i.e., “The Pap Smear”), but are afraid of those who admit to being exposed, we’re probably best off not being lovers or sharing men. Have a nice day. My statistical luck is bound to run out eventually and I would hate for it to be with you. For all I know, you’re harboring a new strain of HPV to which you’ve become immune but which you are capable of passing on to me; but yet should you yourself become ill from it; you’re likely to blame me. No thanks.

Hopefully those idiots are not now out seeking virgins in order to minimize their own risk while decrying the very same practice among HIV-positive Africans who rape virgins.

Thanks to “diversity” and “equalism” the notion that individuals may have developed different and conflicting values based on environmental, seasonal, and geographic pressures within one’s collective memory is not considered “politically correct.” After all, indoctrination (a.k.a. “education”) is widely available to all and all schools are exactly the same. Right? If they aren’t it must be because cruel, selfish, deceptive persons like me have still been permitted to exist.

Blind spots, however, exist within us all. Age and maturity tend to diminish them. However, they are there for a reason, and that is to maintain a positive, optimistic outlook. (See Pandora.) If one allows one’s mind to reveal the dark and unintended consequences of life itself, it becomes apparent, that all birth requires death; all hope requires despair; all growth requires retraction; and there is no free lunch. Therefore, even with the very best of intentions, someone is going to get hurt and that might well be one’s grandchildren.

There is no utopia or stasis, at least not in this world. The notion of “Heaven” or “Nirvana” interests me. Is such a thing the “freedom” from the agony of choice? Is that not the same as “Hell”?

I believe that it is entirely possible that as human beings we are required to change our own blind spots over time, generations, etc., and this by necessity will cause values to change, otherwise there will be ideological bubbles which grow and grow until they burst violently. A utopia is always destined to be a dystopia. Love is the only thing that makes the whole mess worthwhile.

At least I have my memories.

A Dialog Between a Female-Supremacist Jewish-Conspiracy-Buff and Me

I thought I’d reproduce an old dialogue I participated in within that other forum, protecting the anonymity of the other party. The occasion for the exchange was the Syria situation two years ago and how that related to Iraq at the time. Although the substance of the greater discussion is timely given recent developments with Iran, I’m disinclined to bog down this blog with international warfare issues.

Rather, I found it entertaining that a certain American-English female female-supremacist tried to goad me into blaming The Jews for all the evil warfare of the world. I flipped it around, and defended my position. Here goes:

Why Military Intervention in Syria is a Big Mistake

by Caprizchka almost 2 years ago

Alternatives to warfare presented by an editorial assistant for the Institute for Policy Studies (via Common Dreams):

Look at the region from Iran’s perspective. Washington garrisons warships and thousands of troops to Iran’s south and southwest, sells weapons to its Sunni enemies across the Gulf, and supplies its main regional rival—Israel—with billions of dollars each year in military aid. And in the last decade alone, Iran has seen the United States invade and occupy countries on both its eastern and western borders. If Washington also attacks Syria, Iran’s most important ally in the region, Iran will be more likely—not less—to decide it needs a nuclear deterrent.Moreover, the timing couldn’t be worse. Iran just elected a relatively moderate new president who campaigned on establishing a more cooperative relationship with the West. If the United States and Iran get into a proxy war in Syria, you can kiss those negotiations over its nuclear program goodbye. (In fact this is exactly what some neoconservatives want.)…

I don’t believe that there is only one group of players that stand to benefit. Rather, it looks to me like there are multiple players on the world stage who instigate and then capitalize on disaster capitalism using not only other people’s money but also other people’s bodies and then make out like bandits. They’re willing to work together because they all have something in common which transcends nationality etc., and that is that they’re all rich beyond our wildest dreams—the 0.5%-ers—and we’re all just speculation material. But I digress.

Female Supremacist:


“They’re willing to work together because they all have something in common which transcends nationality etc., and that is that they’re all rich beyond our wildest dreams”

I agree ……. but are you willing to put a name to them as a group – or are you too PC?

There are plenty of names for them; however, focusing on nationalism unfairly tars their minions and people who desperately want to believe that their own elites identify with them—they don’t. Besides, it isn’t as if all the players don’t have something to gain and otherwise don’t want to be cut out of a deal.

Female Supremacist:

@Caprizcka [sic],

“There are plenty of names for them; however, focusing on nationalism ……..”

Ah, the name that no-one dare utter, for fear of being thought a bad person! Sheesh!

“…. unfairly tars their minions”

Now there’s something solid. “We-know, we-know, we-know.” (in a squeaky high-pitched voice 🙂

I don’t shy from controversy.

@Female Supremacist:


But in refusing to give a name to the perpetrators, that is exactly what you are doing.

OK. Here goes: The materialism of Western Women.

Female Supremacist:

Ah, so you are saying that the perpetrators to which you refer, are …….. jewellers?

No. The materialism of Western Women.

Female Supremacist:

I’m fascinated to hear how you arrived at that conclusion. Do please elaborate.

Sit back on your comfy chair—or whatever it is that you perch on.

Monotheism—especially Christianity—degrades all archetypes of women except for the young and/or chaste (and the wives of the elites). Judaism and Islam are more nuanced but still guilty.

Meanwhile, the English monarchy represents the paramount of Western culture—a dowdy queen dripping in stolen jewels, and a million hopeful princesses vying for her position using only youth and beauty—because that’s all that matters (never mind that heredity makes the contest a moot one). Barring youth and beauty, a woman uses wealth or power which are the same thing in order to advance socially, or resigns herself to a virtual or actual life of chastity or slavery to her “betters”. Cinderella, Beauty, Snow White, or Rapunzel = Good; Mother-in-law, stepmother, ugly queen, witch = Bad. Chaste old nun or passive mother = Invisible but at least not bad.

This state of affairs—the degradation of the old priestess/goddess archetype—has resulted in a spiritual deficit in Western Woman. She makes up for that deficit in material pursuits and the endless and doomed search for eternal youth and beauty (and all the products and services that implies).

To be a woman who is either old, ugly, or poor and not chaste is to invite being characterized by the monotheists as an evil witch—not worthy of resources and perhaps worthy of being burned at the stake—unless of course such a woman is a wealthy benefactor.

To be a woman who is beautiful and not chaste is to invite envy from the whole kingdom of would-be, misbegotten, aspiring, over-age princesses (including some men).

So Western Woman desperately needs validation! A pile of material goods consoles aging Western Woman that she is of value—her pussy, her ideas, and her beauty—and she is good unlike that crazy old witch down the lane who has rejected materialism or who has been rejected by it. That’s Western Woman’s worst fear—to be that woman. Getting old shouldn’t be that scary! Actually Western Woman is scared of practically everything—terrified. There are a whole lot of dragons and boogeymen out there! Eek a mouse!

Western Man, on the other hand, just wants women to be happy—not bitching, as well as sexually available, satisfied, etc. So they bring them gifts, acquire wealth, start wars, steal other men’s resources (and women’s!) just to keep the old bag from cutting off their balls as well as to put their not-yet-ruined daughters on a pedestal—because they think that is “good”. They’re wrong and I think that Western Man is just starting to learn this. There is nothing like a spoiled, rich, bitch—pretty or no. Meanwhile, slaughtering all the dragons and boogeymen of the world won’t improve Western Woman’s outlook at all. She is morally and spiritually deficit and is deliberately blind to the carnage she causes and the men and women she tramples on her way to the top. Meanwhile, this battle of the sexes disguises a very ugly bubble of over-reproduction and women using their own children to get ahead. When it bursts, there will be Hell to pay.

Female Supremacist:


Thank you for your comprehensive, and I must say interesting, expression of your outlook.

It is further interesting because we are contemporaries, at least in nationality and age. We do differ in a number of ways, but your capacity for rational expression is refreshing.

Your statement that monotheism degrades women is sadly true. Why do you think I started [Insert name of Female Supremacist Religion that she invented and advocates], as a secular movement? I would disagree about the English monarchy; what I’ve noticed since being over here is that although Brits respect the tradition, they really don’t give a toss for the various individuals of the extended royal family. That is why Diana was such a hit – people identified with her much more than the actual born monarchy members.

I do see what you mean about the culture of envy, but I don’t think that Western Woman’s lust for material things is to blame for the World’s ills. Certainly consumerism is to blame for many ills. Marx got it wrong when he blamed capitalists for everything; it is consumerism to blame. There is nothing wrong with capitalism, provided it is not oppressive capitalism. However, when it comes to consumerism—fueled by that little box in every home called a TV—it is a completely different story. We are constantly told that we need this or that new thing; that our kids deserve the best money can buy, etc. That we can have as much credit as we want. And of course we all fall for it, day after day, making the 0.5% you refer to even richer.

So naturally when you wrote:

“Rather, it looks to me like there are multiple players on the world stage who instigate and then capitalize on disaster capitalism using not only other people’s money but also other people’s bodies and then make out like bandits. They’re willing to work together because they all have something in common which transcends nationality etc., and that is that they’re all rich beyond our wildest dreams—the 0.5%-ers—and we’re all just speculation material.”

– you were obviously not referring to Western Women, you were referring to a group of people. And that is why I asked you to identify them. Who is it that you think benefits from the 99.5% of us buying everything we’re told to, and benefits from interest being charged on all the stuff we really can’t afford to buy? Where did all the money disappear to as a result of the international sub-prime mortgage scam that plunged the World into recession? Who has benefited from it, and still benefits from interest upon interest?

Go for it.

Come on, don’t disappoint me. Let us see if our conclusions are sympatico.

So we’ve gone way off topic here. Women tend to meander off topic—not all—just most. Anyone who wants to put this topic back where it started, please, go for it.

“Why do you think I started [Insert name of Female Supremacist Religion that she invented and advocates], as a secular movement?”

I actually have no beef with it provided that it is 100% consensual. I’m sure there are plenty of men and women who would be happy with it. I’m not one of them. I think that the world should have lots of religions—or whatever people want to call them. Anything that gives one sex, peace, joy, hope, etc., I’m for it—until any one of them gets too big in which case it becomes a problem—it inevitably becomes corrupt—and that includes the neo-cult of Darwinism—a product of the British aristocracy.

I think that the myth exceeds the reality of the individuals—especially the individuals of today. Over here, The Renaissance Faire and the Society for Creative Anachronism are too big too ignore. The cultural influence is huge—it doesn’t actually matter much who the particular figurehead is. William Shakespeare is also a big player—the English language itself is a player. Darwinism is a huge player. All of these things go right to the spot where time starts—Greenwich Mean Time that is.

It is a multi-pronged effect: each of the monotheistic religions combined with the English language cultural heritage.

I don’t have a television. I haven’t watched television on purpose (it isn’t like it can be entirely avoided) since 2005. I gave up women’s magazines in 1990. I haven’t looked back. Most television programming is geared toward women. Most consumerism is geared toward women. If women just stopped buying the crap everything would be better so I can’t let women off the hook—all of them. Women were also complicit in the destruction of the extended family in favor of the nuclear family. And then they got bored with that. Women are just way too susceptible to propaganda.

“- you were obviously not referring to Western Women, you were referring to a group of people. And that is why I asked you to identify them.”

You’re talking about the actors—they’re men, mostly—I’m talking about the source of the motivation of the actors. Men wouldn’t be doing this if women didn’t keep up the pressure. If men don’t comply they get: no sex, shunned from society, and enslaved by the military or prisons (as opposed to a relatively comfy cubicle).

I think everything anyone would ever want to know about the dynamic of Western Men and Women is encapsulated in the last scene of The Godfather…one word, “No”. So long as Diane Keaton gets to live the dream, she doesn’t care to know what it takes to give it to her.

“Who is it that you think benefits from the 99.5% of us buying everything we’re told to, and benefits from interest being charged on all the stuff we really can’t afford to buy? Where did all the money disappear to as a result of the international sub-prime mortgage scam that plunged the World into recession? Who has benefited from it, and still benefits from interest upon interest?”

So, you’re asking me, who are the 0.5%? Well the Anglo-American Industrialists/Royalists are practically one entity—with their perfect utopian slave nation and eugenics laboratory in The United States of America. There’s also International Banking, the elite of Zionism, the elite of Catholicism, the elite of Mideast Oil Money, and a few elite garden-variety gangsters.

Female Supremacist:


Thats a pretty wide choice of who you say is the 0.5% of people running things. Industrialists, Royalists, eugenic scientists, international bankers, Zionists, Catholics, Arabs, and gangsters. Unless you’re strying to say that all these people work together to run things, you must have a clear idea of who the main culprits are – and a rational reason for thinking so.

Are you asking me if I think that there are conspiracies? Of course there are conspiracies. But expecting complete agreement at the top, well, that’s just nuts. They’re all in the game for themselves.

An awful lot of it, in my opinion, is just pushing the public’s buttons and using foreknowledge of the buttons to game the stock market. I presume that 90% of whatever the media is covering is a lie. So, who do I believe? Ex-CIA agents selling books? Ex-White House officials selling books? Ex military men selling books? Historians, archeologists, and anthropologists? That’s hard to say. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day. As for high-finance, I know more than I’d like to know having worked in derivatives and exotic instruments analysis. But it is just a piece of the puzzle—not the whole puzzle. Nutrition science—my other field—is an even dirtier business. Nothing is as it seems and there’s always a scapegoat ready to be hung out to dry.

Female Supremacist:

Interesting. I shall sleep on that one (4.30am over here) and come back to you tomorrow.

And of course she never did.

Productivity Differences Between the Sexes

A meme and an article inspire me this morning:

Impoverish families in order to feed unmarriageable women.

Impoverish families in order to feed unmarriageable women.

and: Activity Isn’t Working

As a group, men are more productive than women. The fact that heterosexual men are at all willing to share the fruits of their labor with women is a feature not a bug. However, not all women provide something of value in return and therefore, historically, some method of warehousing such women is generally provided by society. The form of such warehousing may be in a convent, laundromat/tailor/beauty work/maid service, whorehouse, daycare center, school, library, whatever. Nowadays however such warehousing is nearly exclusively provided by government at taxpayers’ expense.

We are at the point in society however where there is economic pressure to produce more and more sickly, unattractive women, and fewer and fewer women able to produce some form of value which productive heterosexual men are willing to subsidize. As a result productive heterosexual men are losing their motivation to be productive or are imprisoned and forced to produce value used to subsidize the parasitic classes.

However, the healthy heterosexual relationship is a partnership or symbiotic relationship, whereby the woman produces value in the form of beauty, pleasure, peace, children, home, intimacy, sex. The man by virtue of his superior productivity is given a reasonable bargain which makes life worth living. This relationship feeds both parties that which they “need”, and for her it is “security,” and for him it is “admiration, acceptance, and loyalty.” These are broad and general terms.

Education and propaganda has told women that what they should seek in a relationship themselves is “admiration, acceptance, and loyalty.” That’s a distortion. In fact, if a woman produces the value that a man wants, of course, she will get from him some measure of those things but, given his superior productivity, the notion that these things will ever be equal in measure is ludicrous, except in the case of an older man/younger woman in which case, as he ages, she is generally expected to either pick up the productivity slack or expect less in the way of it. However, instead, at least as far back as the 1960’s, thanks to pensions and Social Security, many older couples positively exude status, with older women adorned with jewelry to the extreme, trophy vacations, wardrobes, etc., with “midlife crisis” males displaying their trophy expensive toys. Such evidence of economic distortion is to deny biology and furthermore holds up an unrealistic expectation to Baby Boomers and beyond. So many older women complain all the time that their standard of living is not what they expect and thereby blame their husbands. It is painful to listen to and I am not at all sympathetic. Such complaints are generally belied by expensive cars, hairdos, and jewelry.

I would not feel in the least bit bad about stealing away such a husband and expecting less productivity than his wife has come to under appreciate.

No wonder so many people are unhappy.