Amnesty International Gets it Right on Prostitution

Inspired by: Is Decriminalization The Best Way To Help Prostitutes? Amnesty International Thinks So

Featuring the conveniently blind views of Julie Bindel

My Disqus comment is reproduced here:

The Swedish model means that only criminals have the incentive to be pimps, managers, protectors, bodyguards, investors, patrons, and customers of prostitutes. Kind, successful businesspersons are disincentivized.

What “well-meaning” Feminists like Julie Bindel conveniently fail to realize is that non-victimized, non-marginal prostitutes aren’t as likely to be arrested or fall into the clutches of prostitute “rescue” travesties. Only the worst sort of victims are. Those with well-connected managers putting up a “respectable” front will never come to see her.

Meanwhile policies like the Swedish model or the “rescue” industry effectively perpetuate victimization of prostitutes by forcing them to operate without any protection or patronage whatsoever, leaving them vulnerable to predatory clients.

Would Bindel like to see matchmakers, Yentas, and marriage brokers arrested?

It ought to be a crime to be so blindly idiotic as to not recognize the growth industry potential of victim politics. They create more victims and keep predators like Bindel in business. How convenient and self-aggrandizing is her blindness.

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