My Position on Vaccines

The following is my public response to a private inquiry on the subject of infant vaccines.

My biggest problems with vaccines have to do with the decreasing age recommendations for them. I’m also of the mind that Polio as a disease was already dying out prior to the introduction of the vaccine—the first vaccine—and therefore even that popular narrative is suspect.

I think that it is possible for a vaccine to assist in conferring immunity; however, there are so many problems and possibilities for interruption of this process or for other complications to arise that it is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Most vaccination recommendations are supposedly based on statistical analysis to benefit the largest number of people, who, by definition, reside within the mean in terms of general health, habits, etc. However, that doesn’t say that greed and eugenics for example don’t play a part in those recommendations, and that the mean for health hasn’t been slipping gradually as the population at large becomes less healthy. Mainstream dietary recommendations contribute to this vulnerability. A “half plate” of fruits and vegetables does not make for a strong constitution. Neither does poverty.

When the human infant is born the intestines are not fully developed and neither of course is the brain. The Vagus nerve forms the interface between the two systems and its functionality is only barely understood by modern medicine. The immune system as a whole is also not fully formed. The infant should be receiving no food other than raw, fresh, warm human milk with all of its immune co-factors, that is, from a healthy, well-fed mother. The modern reality is that this system is probably somehow compromised. Women are being given the wrong advice in terms of what to eat and how to prepare their bodies to give birth.

When it comes to the intestine of an infant, it is important to understand that the membranes do not have much integrity yet. This means that anything that goes in the intestine can easily find its way into the bloodstream. A foreign protein will result in an immune response. Depending on the intensity of the response, this can actually halt the development of the intestine in such a way that it is permanently vulnerable to breach. The immune system response both damages the intestine itself as well as sets up a pattern for histamine reactions that can affect all sorts of systems and otherwise set up a pattern of food sensitivity and over-active immune response.

I am of the view that autism is primarily a result of this immune system overreaction which forms a feedback loop such that the more it is activated the worse the response. Those persons, such as Donna Gates, who have achieved autism reversal in patients do so with a highly restricted diet and other protocols to attempt to heal the intestine such that although it may always be compromised it isn’t causing the immune response in the brain which impairs the development of the myelin sheath of the nerves in the same way as the membranes of the intestine are impaired.

A compromised myelin sheath is similar to a compromised intestinal membrane in that it causes an immune response. There’s also the matter of unmanageable electrical impulses comparable to a frayed electrical cord which causes a defensive physiological (and psychological) reaction–that’s autism in my view.

When a foreign protein such as in a vaccine enters the bloodstream of an infant, the same problem occurs as when the foreign protein enters the bloodstream from the intestine. It permanently halts the development of the intestine causing an overactive immune response that sets up that infant for vulnerability to a host of reactions. At the low end of the spectrum would be gluten intolerance which is now at epidemic levels. At the high end it would be autism, particularly in males, in that testosterone has a role there that is not fully understood. Diabetes may also have a part here.

My recommendation with regard to vaccines in children is to wait as long as possible. I don’t think it is practical for most people to refuse vaccines only that all possible loopholes should be exercised. Furthermore, if possible, that vaccine should be obtained privately rather than publicly, that is, through a private physician rather than a government clinic. Just because something is free and government subsidized doesn’t mean that it is better. Meanwhile, that child should be getting a diet as close to healthy mother’s milk as possible, which means high fat and high cholesterol, and in a less that perfectly hygienic atmosphere which means that farm kids have a better chance than city kids. That will build up the intestine to be strong enough to withstand the onslaught of foreign proteins in the bloodstream while simultaneously developing the immune system to normal sensitivity rather than over-sensitivity levels.

13 thoughts on “My Position on Vaccines

  1. One of the good things about being childfree is that you do not worry anymore at all about vaccines, educational system, etc.
    I am sorry I arrived late to the blog, but I have been very impressed about your article on cunnilingus and fellatio, In my modest experience, is good to give a woman a clitoridial orgasm by cunnilingus, and then, a vaginal orgasm by penetration. In a row. It is perfectly possible. I would say… it is optimal.
    On the other hand… I see you are against the “nanny State”. That is fine, but do you consider “nanny State” the police (“to serve and protect”) or the military? or the firefighters?
    Yo know, dear Caprizcchka that sometimes I love to annoy you a little bit (just like a boy when pulls the plaits of girl in School) but always since the deep respect. You know I am an overseas fan of you. 🙂

    • The short answer is that the police, military, and firefighters may well be in service to the nanny state and even inspire it with often well-meaning advice to avoid tragedy. I’ll include emergency and non-emergency medical personnel in that basket as well. It is unfortunately a short leap from well-meaning tragedy prevention to having a business model that depends on a steady stream of the threat of tragedy and the perceived need for constant remediation and taxpayer subsidy thereof.

      Making it mandatory to have a “safe” and long life however ruins the notion of what makes life worth living. In my view, that’s self determination and furthermore, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

      That said, whatever body the police, military, etc., reports to does not benefit from constant growth or the imposition of a “universal morality”. Local control and local morality and values benefits emergency workers along with the people whom they serve.

  2. Anyone that believes anything big brother, nanny state incompetent assholes say about anything is a fool.

    Thanks for the uppie on my Mum story.

  3. Mum was widowed suddenly in 1931 with six kids, two were newborn twin girls. Dirt road poor in the middle of the depression she went to work, in the blacksmith shop, at the US Steel plant in Homestead PA. She kept her family together with hard physical labor that became a benchmark for those of us following her.

    Many of us have Mum’s gene that afflicted her with what was then called “hard of hearing” now hearing impaired. She, my Dad and Uncle, the twins, and me and my cousin Debbie were so endowed.

    She taught me to embrace my handicap rather than curse my fate, or envy others, or wish it weren’t true. Overcome rather than submit. Live free by your own hand and do the right thing, for yourself, first.

    That’s the ground she stood on.

  4. Regarding your essay on vaccination of children. You have not gone deeply enough, not at all. The question to be asked is: what is infectious disease, and why do some “get” it when it’s “going around” and others don’t?

    To simply inject medicine to prevent manifestation of nature’s attempt to keep the gene pool healthy, is deadly, sometimes immediately, and always in the long run.

    • How deep can you handle? Probably a lot is my guess. However, there are other places where one can find all sorts of information. This blog however is not that place. I attempt to make this blog a broader introduction to some of the information dying to emerge from my mind, but without a suitable forum that would be both instrumental in making a change without terrorizing the innocent I’m hamstrung. Not all persons have a choice as to what dreadful things they allow the government to introduce into their bloodstream–or that of their children–of both biological and nanotechnological means. To even mention that they had a choice whether to bring children into such an environment in the first place brands me a pariah.

      Meanwhile, fear of viruses is so prevalent, that if I even mention that I am of the demographic of which 70% of us have been exposed to HPV with most developing our own immunity and otherwise non-transmitters of it, and others dying of cancer, that I can clear a room–including of other members of my same demographic who have not even bothered to ascertain their own viral status.

      As for the rest of your statement, we are not in disagreement except that I must add that “nature” is not the sole vector of HPV.

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