Caprizchka Completes the Heritage Foundation Survey

A survey intended for Axel’s father finds its way into my hands.

Thought about sending it in, but it will be disqualified and thrown in the trash.

It is a self-cancelling survey by a calcified taxpayer-altruism-for-institutions whore and therefore the irony is bitter.

Caprizchka answered this survey as honestly as she could. The woman who created Caprizchka however is going to go out for a walk in the sunshine after this dreadful deed. I feel as if I have just lanced a boil.





Hello Taxpaying Seniors benefiting from the Social Security pyramid scheme. Please just give your discretionary spending budget to your kids. They’re smarter than you are. You’ve proven your own gullibility and susceptibility to propaganda.

If you don’t have kids or have been alienated from what you’ve created, come party with me. I could use a little help with household expenses and maintenance, independently sourced cures, nutritional remedies, and independence from group-think. Balms, appreciation, and forgiveness given. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Caprizchka Completes the Heritage Foundation Survey

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  2. Nah, them chirrens ain’t no smarter than the geezers are.
    They think kindly Uncle Sam will take care of them too.

      • No. Haven’t heard of her.
        My reading is varied, but hardly ever focuses on anything practical.
        My focus is not as sharp as it once was.

      • Let me try to sum it up. In order to get and keep a job, young people today are forced to be sunny, friendly, and never get out of line with their elders. This phenomenon starts in the Third World which has gone global. Contrary to what a lot of First Worlders believe, Third Worlders understand math and not speaking up to power. Congratulations! You’re perceived as either “powerful” or not to be trusted to keep your mouth shut. Given that no one believes a word that I say, I get to hear a whole lot. Even if I were to spill confidences, who would believe me? Certainly not you.

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