Productivity Differences Between the Sexes

A meme and an article inspire me this morning:

Impoverish families in order to feed unmarriageable women.

Impoverish families in order to feed unmarriageable women.

and: Activity Isn’t Working

As a group, men are more productive than women. The fact that heterosexual men are at all willing to share the fruits of their labor with women is a feature not a bug. However, not all women provide something of value in return and therefore, historically, some method of warehousing such women is generally provided by society. The form of such warehousing may be in a convent, laundromat/tailor/beauty work/maid service, whorehouse, daycare center, school, library, whatever. Nowadays however such warehousing is nearly exclusively provided by government at taxpayers’ expense.

We are at the point in society however where there is economic pressure to produce more and more sickly, unattractive women, and fewer and fewer women able to produce some form of value which productive heterosexual men are willing to subsidize. As a result productive heterosexual men are losing their motivation to be productive or are imprisoned and forced to produce value used to subsidize the parasitic classes.

However, the healthy heterosexual relationship is a partnership or symbiotic relationship, whereby the woman produces value in the form of beauty, pleasure, peace, children, home, intimacy, sex. The man by virtue of his superior productivity is given a reasonable bargain which makes life worth living. This relationship feeds both parties that which they “need”, and for her it is “security,” and for him it is “admiration, acceptance, and loyalty.” These are broad and general terms.

Education and propaganda has told women that what they should seek in a relationship themselves is “admiration, acceptance, and loyalty.” That’s a distortion. In fact, if a woman produces the value that a man wants, of course, she will get from him some measure of those things but, given his superior productivity, the notion that these things will ever be equal in measure is ludicrous, except in the case of an older man/younger woman in which case, as he ages, she is generally expected to either pick up the productivity slack or expect less in the way of it. However, instead, at least as far back as the 1960’s, thanks to pensions and Social Security, many older couples positively exude status, with older women adorned with jewelry to the extreme, trophy vacations, wardrobes, etc., with “midlife crisis” males displaying their trophy expensive toys. Such evidence of economic distortion is to deny biology and furthermore holds up an unrealistic expectation to Baby Boomers and beyond. So many older women complain all the time that their standard of living is not what they expect and thereby blame their husbands. It is painful to listen to and I am not at all sympathetic. Such complaints are generally belied by expensive cars, hairdos, and jewelry.

I would not feel in the least bit bad about stealing away such a husband and expecting less productivity than his wife has come to under appreciate.

No wonder so many people are unhappy.

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