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At my farm in Venezuela, I raised goats; chickens, guinea fowl, and waterfowl; a couple of cows; German Shepherds, and there was one cat.

I don’t have a lot of experience with sheep except from observation. In addition to my fascination with the populations that dot the Mendocino coast of California, I have stayed on sheep farms in France and Germany, but as a tourist not a volunteer. My observation is that Mendocino and Alsace-Lorraine sheep (I don’t know the breeds) are very efficient albeit shy lawnmowers.

I have not had much experience at all with intact rams, only whethers. Nor bulls.

I have six years of experience with intact male goats. Perhaps this explains my great affection for them.

My experiences with all of my animals inform many of my observations in terms of sex-dynamics of predators vs. prey, and were what spurred me to start blogging when I read a piece on race by the incomparable Janet Bloomfield a.k.a. “Judgy Bitch.” A second piece of hers inspired me to write: Diet, Behavior, and Violence in Under Nourished Creatures.

Although I don’t have a lot of experience with rams, I have for some reason been seriously romantically involved with more than my share of Aries men. I don’t inform my knowledge of rams exclusively by those experiences but I do see how it is that the characteristics common to the sign of Aries would be inspired by the archetypal ram. In retrospect, I believe that my record with Aries men illustrates my own historical lack of capability in distinguishing between Dominance and Authority. This deficiency of mine became clear to me after marrying a criminal Aquarius, escaping him, and then meeting the love of my life in a Capricorn.

I do not mean to cast aspersions on various astrological signs, only to create an analogy in terms of my own relationships with them. This piece that I write today is not about astrology, it is about Dominance and Authority as concerns The Left.

It is my understanding that when it comes to cattle breeds, the more docile females tend to be counterbalanced by the more aggressive males. For example, a darling little miniature Jersey cow female has a fiery little mate. I will venture a guess that the reason that Spanish Bullfighting doesn’t use Jersey males is because they are far too fast and dangerous with their sheer persistence. Therefore, it is contraintuitively safer to use larger breeds.

Not always, but, usually. Matador is mauled to death in horrifying footage showing first bullfighting fatality in Spain this century

What applies to cattle breeds also applies to sheep and rams. Specifically, one can be wandering along, minding one’s business, when suddenly one is rammed hard by a mean little fucker who has snuck up behind you while you are distracted and then tears forward like some sort of Kamikaze. It’s one good reason to both castrate and dehorn one’s rams!

I am speaking of the animal, not men who happen to be born under the sign of Aries. I think that my world needs more masculinity not less of it. Without it, we have a Man Shortage.

When it comes to the Parrot Sheep of The Left today, it would appear that the White breeds are largely self-castrating, and carry bullhorns. Whereas the Black breeds, if they survive long enough, are slaughtered about the time that they reach the age of being put out to pasture. There is definitely some overlap in these two types of populations. How about a little less of the vegetarian feedbag, guys, and a little more in the way of, say, lamb?

My late great Axel (Capricorn) drew this:

Parrot Sheep

By Axel (with Caprizchka), November 13, 2013

Just how long does The Left believe that it can survive an attack by wolves? Perhaps it is time to heed the German Shepherds who are trying to lead you guys to safety rather than merely assume that protection equates to predation.

Slaughtering your protectors is not going to change this dynamic for the better.





I am Jealous of Anita Sarkeesian

I admit it. I confess.

Sarkeesian is a puppet, and a good one, being used in service to make money and promote an ideology which causes divisiveness, punishes men and boys, and her puppetmaster is a man.

Sounds like a great gig to me. Way better than my present, oppressive, and frankly terrifying circumstances.

The life of a puppet is not necessarily pleasant or unpleasant, it all depends on the puppetmaster.

I love to be productive and appreciated, and I already have a host of well-honed skills. However, I do not like being operated and manipulated by a monster. No monsters. Especially no female monsters!

Monster. A person so damaged by this world that he or she is psychotic and presumes that I too mean to damage him or her and therefore attempts to create a monster out of me.

The differences between the two types of puppeteers of my past are best described here: Two Men.

My lifetime “puppeteers” are not limited to these two men.

Of course, I would prefer to be promoting an ideology or rather an anti-ideology that I believe in and that I believe does the greatest good for our time. In my view, the ideologies worth obliterating like a video game that blows shit up are these:

Climate Alarmism
Racism Paranoia
Forced Multiculturalism
Universalism in terms of economics, politics, or morality

Lately, I am concerned that racial tensions are being used to discredit the Trump campaign, when bringing jobs back to the United States of America and halting illegal immigration would help all U.S. citizens, especially the marginalized and disenfranchised.

I quote my own Disqus comments to a recent hatchet-job on Kanye West here:

My comment:

“The military and the countless white volunteers were consistently thwarted by black looters and criminals taking advantage of the chaos.” I’m going to have to see numbers on “countless” and which of these countless white volunteers were then officially debriefed.

I’ve known two white male volunteers who were greeted warmly and that’s not a joke. One was working for the American Red Cross.

Why was removing the railroad tracks such a high priority?

Kanye West may be retarded or his brains scrambled but he is perfectly correct that neither Bush nor Condoleeza rice cared about anyone hurt by Katrina to include White people. And why was the recorded path of Katrina altered so many times?

Remember Mr. Heck-of-Job Brownie, a Horse show judge?

Since when is Bush not a Big Government advocate? Hello?

They wouldn’t let cameras near some of the stadiums, gymnasiums, etc., so we’re never going to know what happened in there. Could well have been rapes. Could have been all sorts of things. Running out of toilet paper in some situations can be its own crisis. A plumbing crisis is a crisis. It all depends on how many people were in there and whether supply lines were cut. Sound familiar? How many donations were turned back? How about White Christians on boats carrying donations turned back?

Since we don’t know what happened because the press was kept at bay, people are going to invent stuff. Now, what do we have but another Holocaust narrative that can’t be questioned? Don’t tell me that this wasn’t by design. Swing Right/Swing Left/Swing Right/Swing Left. Whose heads will be swinging this time?

As for Bush’s comment: A few bad words were his all time low? What’s Bush’s IQ? When the Twin Towers fell, that was just ducky?

“West complains that charities are building schools in Africa without helping black Americans get out of debt to the tune of 17 times what their debt is.” How about we help all U.S. citizens rather than breeding rapefugees?

I agree that West is a wack job but Mr. McInnes doesn’t make the case here. This is a hatchet job. By design?

My comment with regard to this song:

Here’s the thing, I’m going to be playing closer attention to what McInnes writes in terms of inciting Trump supporters to make anti-Black comments on Taki Mag. This whole, entirely unrealistic Kanye “campaign” could be designed by either the Bushes or the Clintons to drive away Black supporters of Trump.

As for what this celebrity or that celebrity says, I don’t really care. I love the song. I think that Feminism and Parental Rights are larger issues than Racism, but Racism and Feminism are both being used to create divisiveness, generations of fatherless children, and here comes Big Government to the “rescue”. Oh great.

I’m not asking you to LOVE BLACK PEOPLE because that’s infantile. Everyone is entitled to their standards of association or non-association or who they have sex with etc.

But be f-ing civil to BLACK CONSERVATIVES. ARE TRUMP SUPPORTERS F-ING NUTS? Or are there Provocateurs in our midst who are working for Clinton or Bush?

I would prefer also to be protected and sheltered in my puppetry, because I do not crave any more attention than I already garner, just walking down the street. What’s more, I don’t even need to ever be on stage as I could be a puppet behind the scenes. That’s probably a better gig for me, particularly given that I am, in real life, somewhat notorious in the BDSM scene, and already had my time on stage (you can probably picture it).

Personally, I would be very cool if someone invented an Anti-Immigration Burkha.

Speaking of fatherless children. I reproduce my own Disqus comment to this brilliant piece by the incomparable Janet Bloomfield:

My comment:

I’ve been delaying my reading of this article because I’m tired of the abortion debate such that I understand that I hold a minority view and don’t feel the need to defend it ad nauseum nor respond to shaming tactics by ideologues. However, to my surprise (I shouldn’t be surprised as Janet Bloomfield is brilliant) this article is very reasonable.

One of my discus friends (you know who you are if you want attribution here please tell me) made a lyrical slogan:

“For every lovely on the dole mandatory birth control.”

In my view, “dole” ought to be extended to those who require the force of the state (and thereby taxpayer money) in order to extract money from the parent who the state calls the “responsible party” which of course is going to be the father 99.999 % of the time (I don’t know the exact percentage but I feel this and that is all that matters).

And “birth control” ought to be fool proof that is incapable of failure, sort of like a steering wheel lock that the municipality installs on cars that have too many unpaid parking citations. Although of course if the “lady” doesn’t “wike” it, then surgery. I want it 99.999% incapable of failure.

I understand that many women believe that their ova are like a bucket full of quarters that she can stick in a slot machine while she’s wearing a pair of diapers, and drinking liquids (one would hope), such that she never even need leave the slot machine until she’s out of quarters…but…I don’t care. These creatures are not human. They never developed the mammalian brain that distinguishes them from a mommy scorpion.

When mommy scorpion gets hungry and there’s nothing around to eat, guess what’s for dinner?

By the way, since scorpions cannot see, hear, or smell, they navigate the world solely by feel.

Why Do Women Hate Each Other?

I am inspired by Rise of the Victim Conquerors by David Cole.

He asks “Why” would mixed-race actresses such as Francesca Quartey desire to obliterate indigenous Swedish genes and culture. I would like to address that question here.

I believe that women who exhibit dominant genes are threatened by women who exhibit recessive genes at a deep instinctual level. Men are always going to be more attracted to women who exhibit recessive genes because they can confirm their own paternity. See Harvard PhD student finds a correlation between race and IQ. Harvard students says even if it’s true, it shouldn’t be a topic of research. Everybody is wrong by Janet Bloomfield a.k.a. Judgy Bitch:

Here’s a little pet theory of mine I’d like to throw out, just for the hell of it.  I think humans prefer lighter skin and hair and eye colors because those tend to be the result of recessive genes.  A man with darker tones who has a child with a woman of lighter tones will almost always see his genes expressed in the children.  Dark tones tend to be dominant.  The preference for lighter skin is a natural paternity test.

Moreover (my theory now), men raised by single-mothers are going to pick up on their mother’s discomfiture and envy of all women who appear to have higher sexual value, and transmit that rage onto those women as some sort of subconscious attempt to make mommy happy (because as the “sonsband” it’s his job). This is how male SJW’s are born.

Some of these men eventually come to transcend such a notion however it isn’t a given for the more marginal populations.

Nowadays, thanks to technology, Black women can subject themselves to skin bleaching, hair straightening, and otherwise “pass”; however, then they are in conflict with the “pride” of their own mothers who they subconsciously feel that they have betrayed. Rather than deal with those feelings, the more likely scenario for a weak individual (and most humans are weak) is to continue to transmit rage onto her own mother’s genetic competitors.

As for Francesca Quartey, however, judging from her own comments as quoted by David Cole (in the top link), we’re talking pure Electra Complex here such as to desire to eliminate her own mother’s culture and racial lineage. Does she have any recessive gene girlfriends? I doubt it. Is she an insufferable prima donna? Obviously.

A similar situation applies to all women who exhibit dominant genes. They possess deep primitive urges that one day all women with recessive genes are degraded, enslaved, and eliminated, even if such wishes are effectively subsumed, transcended, atoned for, etc. However, all women—regardless of genes—age, and thereby their sexual and social value is going to be threatened by any prevailing standard of beauty that they can’t meet. It is a function of maturity, noblesse oblige, and privilege that prevents constant catfighting. Such attributes aren’t doled out equally.

Transmitting that rage onto the mythical concept of “The Patriarchy,” is another option.

As the value of women in general degrades such that “beauty” is the only benefit to man they’ve got going for them (while, charm, grace, domestic tranquility, and maternity go the way of the Dodo Bird), the intensity of this catfighting increases. When “The Patriarchy” (typically caught in the crossfire) is degraded, this results in the reduction of possibility that any man will find any woman attractive enough to dare to approach.

Of course these primal and instinctive feelings need not rule a person, particularly when such a person is educated, privileged, etc.. However, in marginal populations these feelings become obvious. In the case of overcrowding of persons relative to resources even more obvious.

Transcendence of primitive feelings is not available to all persons regardless of education or indoctrination. Thereby forcible integration of girls with recessive genes into such populations is going to, perversely, make those recessive genes more coveted, rarer, more desirable, and otherwise a greater target of envy. Even the debasement of such recessive gene girls or brainwashing them into “tolerance” doesn’t help. The only thing that’s going to help is when men who exhibit dominant genes are somehow incentivized to keep their women from ruling their own lives; and men who exhibit recessive genes keep their precious daughters protected.

Such behavior in men is only going to happen, however, I’m afraid, when we as a civilization have devolved into complete chaos.

As a representative of what I hope is that portion of womankind possessing maturity, reason, noblesse oblige, and common sense, I urge you men to start keeping your women down. Me too! I’m more than happy to be a slave to my kitchen, boudoir, and parlor. I am perfectly tamable.

I’ve left the doors and windows unlocked. There’s food in the kitchen, booze in the cabinets, and luxury cigarettes of my own blend rolled.

I invite women to chime in here with their similar sentiments, to include those who are younger, more beautiful, and possessing of more or less recessive genes. Have at it.

We prefer Patriarchal Slavery to chaos. Please!

On Being Childless and Not Exactly Married

An article by Judgybitch inspires a long winded comment by yours truly:

My response:

While I sympathize with all the viewpoints expressed in the article in one way or another (while rejecting others), the notion that we all have to live our lives as role models for children is fallacious. Obviously those who chose to do so are doing their part to shape the next generation. However, just how much progress has been achieved on that front? A few shining examples like Ms. Bloomfield notwithstanding, the future looks rather dim to me, and I am proud to not have perpetuated the dysfunctions. It wasn’t “selfishness” by a long shot unless the refusal to accept the paradigm of endless population growth is “selfish”.

All that said, in my own life, my most satisfying relationships have been without benefit or crutch of marriage, and have hardly been free of either obligation or responsibility on my part as well as his. Turning to the government as my “patriarch” has never been an option given my principles. I’m delighted to be living in “sin”, f-ing my “boss”, and caring for him in sickness as well as in health. I’m also not adverse to obeying him rather than some ideology that couldn’t care less about me.

Obviously, I’m no role model, in terms of traditional norms. However, should there be a total infrastructure collapse, perhaps I will be such a role model given that relationships will have to be redefined altogether for purposes of survival. Specifically, I believe in both the carrot and the stick approach in terms of enforcing negotiated gender roles. I’m not “oppressed” but rather empowered by my servitude to a man I admire.

I’m also an example that not all social renegades need end up in destitution or flagrant self-destruction. My very existence is somewhat of an embarrassment to ideologues of all persuasions. Such ideologues would jump to hold me up as either a cautionary tale or a rags-to-riches success story for which they can take credit. Lacking either option, I used to be happily invisible, as a self-preservation strategy. However, as my purpose in life, caring for my terminally ill partner, draws to a close, I’ll be shifting my purpose.

Meanwhile, he would appear to be actually thriving and full of life.

Therefore, instead of waiting for him to end this chapter in my life, I’ve decided to embark on a project I’ve had in mind for quite some time which is to write a second book. Although I have actually written many books as a technical writer and ghost writer/editor, this will be only my second under my own nom-de-plume. Therefore, if I seem to disappear for long periods it is either because I am working on my book or am perhaps grieving.

Thank you for stopping by.

5+ hours of video all about me? Yeah, no thanks.

I’m just reblogging this so that I can re-read it over and over and over.


Some YouTuber who goes by the name RazorBladeKandy has thus far dedicated more than 5 hours of his life to examining whether I am a lying, filthy whore who hates men and only wants them for money and sperm.

Guess I haven’t been obvious enough? I wish that were a joke, but it’s not. I have not watched the videos, nor do I have any plans to. What I did do was offer to talk to RBK and answer any questions he might have. I was planning on agreeing with everything he said, as a flummoxing technique to highlight the absurdity of his apparent arguments.

RBK:Is it true that you are a whore who fucks your husband so he will buy you things?


RBK:Is it true that you only value men for money?


RBK:Is it true that you think men should die in…

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My response to Joseph Gordon-Levitt on what feminism means to me

A positive spin on mainstream feminists of the Roe v. Wade era back when men still believed that feminism was on their side. The Mighty Wurlitzer has gone discordant as eventually all Wurlitzers must. What will the new Wurlitzer sound like? Anything but the cry of hopelessly hungry babies or whistling bombs would sound like music to me. Laughter in the face of devastation is more powerful than any weapon big or small for it deflates the bellows.


Many thanks to @Bremstone who did the editing on this one for me.

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A decade of dishes will turn a girl into a woman, and a sensible one, at that.

Personally, I find this reasonable advice for “girls” of all ages. A little humility would be a fine thing to see even among the shrill, dried up harpies. It worked for Governor Jerry Brown. In goats and cows, we call them “settled” when they finally first give birth and lactate. There are biochemical reasons for this.



According to Business Insider, the highest unemployment rates for people who graduated from college are for architecture majors (13.9 % unemployment), arts majors (11.1%) and humanities and liberal arts majors (9.4%).

Hmm.  Just the disciplines women tend to cluster in.  How perfect.  Spend $50 000 plus dollars on a degree that doesn’t even get you a job.  Too bad the Gawker site has been affected by Hurricane Sandy, because they run a regular feature about unemployment, and you should hear the moany liberal arts graduates blaming everyone but themselves for their unemployment.

Yeah, because normally there are tons of jobs for cultural anthropology/women’s studies majors.

It’s called being a barista at Starbucks.


So what is a young lady to do when she’s ready for college but has no real idea of what she wants to do or be or how to support herself once she’s done?  Easy.

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Are you coming to Detroit? Good! I’ll see you there!

In spirit.



AVfM is hosting the First International Men’s Conference in Detroit on June 27th and 28th and I am super excited about it!  I will be attending the conference along with my husband and I am really looking forward to meeting all the people I regularly read or interact with on the internet in person.  The speaker line up is impressive, and I can’t wait to hear them all, but I am honestly hoping that commenters show up in droves too.  I won’t be presenting at the conference, I’m just there to listen and learn and I hope I will be surrounded by many like-minded others.

Actually, I hope we get some petulant feminist protesters, too.  That should be fun.

The speaker lineup includes Dr. Warren Farrell, author of the Myth of Male Power and he is really good at getting feminist panties tied in knots, based on a

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Diet, Behavior, and Violence in Under Nourished Creatures

Judgy Bitch wrote an article which reminds me of what I learned from breeding and raising German Shepherds and dual-purpose goats in Venezuela.

She talks about how fathering differs from maternal instinct and dispels a lot of myths with regard to sexual choices, monogamy, and primacy differences between the sexes. Feminists will probably be outraged and indignant to see their sacred cows so well-skewered.

Is women’s sexuality profoundly narcissistic? That would explain a lot.

She describes how alpha males do indeed care for and invest in their children contrary to myth of philandering and child abandonment being primal to males. Whereas females seem more concerned with hypergamy (at least today) and their own vanity than the best interests of their children. This is a reverse of the feminist narrative which says that men wander and women nurture.

She hypothesizes that “rape culture” grows out of rape fantasies which are the only sexual outlet for females who are simply no longer attractive, in any sense of the word.

For me, the elephant in the room is nutrition because I believe that both sexes have the capacity to be either nurturing parents or narcissists. However, nutrition and character in general has suffered more in the female world due to an obsession with dieting and therefore resulting in nutritional deficiencies in women being the norm rather than the exception at least in The West. It would seem to me however that some men are catching up with women in the narcissist pendulum, being just as obsessed with their bodies and food as women are. This does not bode well for children and I suppose it is Nature’s way of reducing the population of Earth. Of course, propaganda and industry have a role, and–like it or not–are evidence of human nature as well and therefore also responsive to the economic realities of there being more humans than resources to sustain them.

I had a male German Shepherd sire who was just as protective of outside pups as his own (saved one from drowning) and a female German Shepherd who was happy helping out a non-relative female with her pups, caring for them tenderly.

I fed those dogs mostly meat, organs, bones, eggs, and milk, plus a little commercial dry food for convenience and insurance.

I had a billy goat who was castrated after giving birth to a son with superior genes (due to a higher lactating female than the sire’s mother). I caught him drinking his son’s urine and once he was stoked with testosterone, he killed his own son.

So much for vegetarians being more peaceable than carnivores.

The goats had access to a broad array of pasture, fruit, tree bark, weeds, etc., but I had purchased the sire from another farm, who kept him confined with a bucket of grain.

Naturally, I had to purchase a new sire and this time didn’t castrate him after his possible heirs had been born–but rather just slaughtered him outright. His heir grew up to be a far more manageable goat with humans. Furthermore, all the females loved him so much they fought over who would sleep beside him. He, however, was just as dominant (and sexually prolific) as the other billy goats.

What these two experiences taught me is that a good diet results in both patience and dominance, hallmarks of high testosterone. For a dog, that diet is primarily carnivorous; whereas for a goat, that diet is diverse forage rather than captive grain. By the way, the alpha male dog described earlier would insist that the contents of the stomach of a slaughtered goat be his, leaving only the barest remnants as his noblesse oblige for the rest of the pack.

Perhaps the obesity epidemic is responsible for the rape culture hysteria. Perhaps the commodity-driven dietary advice including that which supposedly slows global warming (it doesn’t) is entirely the wrong one for a more peaceable culture.

A well-nourished society is a more peaceful one–until it is time to hunt. Perhaps this ability to compartmentalize peace and hunting or war is what makes for a good father who in turn passes on his nurturing impulses to the females in his realm–by example–and by giving them some of the fruits (or rather meats) of his labors.

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