Caprizchka is Coming Out

Welcome to my Free Blog. Take anything you want from it. Take it. Eat it. Meme it. Whatever the fuck. It’s all yours.

Beat that biotch at her own game.

I am so out of give a fucks.

If you’d like to friend, follow, or whatever the fuck on assface, send me a message and I’ll give you my fucking name.

This is how we make sausage in Venezuela you candy asses. And Philadelphia.

Don’t lock your doors.

Sister Schlage is Coming Out!

14 thoughts on “Caprizchka is Coming Out

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    • That it is! To quote a friend…”It is with a Very Sad and Heavy Heart I Ask for Prayers for this Lovely Women Laura. She has Gone to be with her Night in Shining Armour Mark (Axel)! May they Sail the Heavens together for all Eternity! I love you Both and Mourn your Passing”

  2. Capz, I know you are looking down from heaven! We won the first battle. Now we are fighting to right the wrongs. Wish you were here with us, but I know you are watching and hoping the best for us.

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