Inconvenient Truths

One of the reasons that I decided to be a technical writer rather than a journalist or political wag was that I suffered under the conceit that the truth had value.

When it comes to a valuable software and/or hardware package that costs a fortune to install, the time of all parties concerned has value. Therefore, it was my mission to make all of the technical publications I created accurate, efficient, and well-indexed. To that end, music to my ears was the voice of a product manager bellowing over the phone within my earshot:

“Did you read the manual? Read the manual!”

Persons on all ends of the product experience would congratulate me on the wonder of picking up a manual (of some 200 to 500 pages, depending on the product), thumbing through the index, finding the topic of interest, turning to the page, reading the short series of instructions, performing those instructions, and having the correct result achieved. This was my peak. I am today nowhere near as efficient or clear-headed.

Naturally, I put my heart and soul into this objective. Actually achieving recognition other than professional respect and of course the bottom line was never my aim. In other words, I was a fool.

To be placed upon a pedestal that one does not want is a prison. However, in a world where media and celebrity is king, such a concept does not compute to most people. Just the same, I appreciate living in a world where I exist. I write therefore I am.

There exists no attorney or district attorney who would want me on a jury. I’m all about consistency. Such a thing is rarely politically convenient except by providence.

Given my professional success it is somewhat of a mystery to many why I am not a Feminist and am even an outright regressive. Why would I deny other women the professional success I have achieved? What kind of monster would?

The answer is that this world does not actually materially, professionally, or socially reward truth. Therefore, putting the most vulnerable in positions such as the voting franchise such as to arbitrate “truth” is a gamble on the resilience of hope.

A Leftist “religion” has arisen such as to reward those who are in possession of the correct feelings with regard to truth. However, the mystique which surrounds its various priestesses—and femininity and emasculated men well prevail—is starting to become undone. It is my hope that in reaction women start to voluntarily withdraw from social arbitration and decision-making. Madison Avenue may tremble from such a prospect, but, I believe, is all for the best.



5 thoughts on “Inconvenient Truths

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  2. The left tell you that your hard work doesn’t mean anything because it “triggers” them. When someone is more successful than them, they bring up 1000 reasons as to why it’s illegitimate and not one reason why they haven’t reached such a level. They are the children who complain about not reaching the top while doing nothing to try to get there.

    • I think that fatherlessness in general leads to an expectation that some sort of magical leader will arise out of government and television that will show the way toward success. On one hand it is probably advisable not to have too many leaders in a society. However, in service to the destruction of all alternatives to Marxism, the destruction of all incentives to leadership proceeds apace. The result is sort of a cult-psychosis.

  3. I had precious glimpses of the same sort of writing while studying science in college. The methods sections of papers where the authors welcomed reproduction of their experiments were the specific source. Elegant, accurate, specific instructions are beautiful.

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