What I Need Are More Women Friends

And then I could see just how well-intentioned women are.

If only I were to accept the goodness of Feminism, the truth of Global Warming, and the evil of tobacco, then more women would like me, and this would give me peace and satisfaction in life.

I’ve been treated recently to the entitlement delusions of my late Dominant’s sister. She decided that my Dominant owed his adult daughter something other than what he had willed to her, which was pointedly nothing. She therefore decided to come after me using legalistic intimidation tactics and emotional appeals while ostensibly holding out the possibility of warm acceptance should I decide to cough up the cash.

The sister’s own economic position well exceeds that of her brother or me and in fact all of her entitlements from her own parents were at the expense of her brother and yet I should somehow feel responsible? Sheltered all her life, with a father who was on one hand an excellent provider, but on the other hand catered to the narcissistic delusions of his wife such as to channel all of his frustration onto his son, the daughter remains blissfully unaware of the privileges she garnered as a result.

Her father physically and psychologically abused his son badly, until the day that the son lifted up a lead pipe, looked his father dead in the eye, and the father backed down.

Meanwhile, the Pollyanna-ish social-climbing mother used emotional and financial manipulation to cajole her son into marrying a woman he did not love. He agreed on the condition that there be no children of the marriage. Naturally, the mother and wife had other plans. There was a child, a contentious divorce, a vindictive wife, and a prison sentence for “contempt of court” based on a manufactured tax evasion charge leveled at first by the ex-wife who didn’t feel that the house, car, bank accounts, alimony, and child support were enough; and then backed up by the force of the state. The tax evasion charges were then defeated successfully. My Dominant’s “contempt” for the process was genuine.

Meanwhile, the daughter’s own economic position well exceeds that of her father or me. She’ll be fine, thanks to the parents of her ne’er-do-well husband.

Perhaps my Dominant’s sister will wish to extend to her niece the largess she recently acquired as a result of the passing of her father, with emotional strings of course. The way I see it, if she does such a thing, then the two narcissists deserve each other. I hope that this happens. I’m sure it would make terrific reality television in a sort of deadpan “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman” sort of way.

The odd thing is that I don’t believe that either party is even self-aware enough to realize their own contribution to my good man’s demise in terms of financial, emotional, as well as physical health. They’re angry that he stopped living and giving them service! It must be my fault? I saved his life! Temporarily, I’m afraid. Eventually, the cancer which had been in him before I met him or either of us realized it was there (it was a skin anomaly that none of several medical doctors could accurately identify) consumed him.

These women harbor this massive delusion that all men are bottomless piggy banks of money and energy. (And furthermore, all women who men like are by default bottomless piggy banks themselves.)

I accepted him, loved him, and admired him. No amount of “affection” from narcissists is any consolation or substitute.

The friendship of most women is overrated.

4 thoughts on “What I Need Are More Women Friends

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  2. You mean you DON’T crave the warm acceptance of the American dovebuzzard?!
    Keep an eye on the sky-they can float lazily for YEARS on that rising current of greed.

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