My Mission

An article by the iconic Jim Goad inspires me to reveal myself:

Will Feminism’s Next Big “Wave” Finally Be the One That Drowns It?

My Disqus comments therein are available to anyone with the initiative and know-how to search for them.

How on earth would someone like me, an incest, familial abuse, domestic abuse, “bullying”, survivor be an Anti-Feminist who supports, defends, and promotes the notion of a “Traditional” that is, extended family and community of like minds with or without benefit of religion?

Isn’t that the case of a “victim” identifying with her “abuser”?

Well no.

My birth family was “led” by a weak failure of a human being whose only shining moment of “power” and “dominance” was over his little girls, and now his hysterical wife, through largely psychological means, but also some physical and sexual means.

He’s still at it.

Fortunately, he doesn’t have any contact with children.

My father, the Reverend’s, actions resulted in my alienation from the religion known as Christianity, albeit I do not hold him as some sort of paragon thereof. Quite the contrary. I can coexist with Christians just fine. Buddhists and Hindus too. Even Judaism.

I invented my own religion.

It’s not terribly dogmatic.

The men who I am attracted to are not only strong and courageous, open and honest, but unabashedly Dominant over me, an adult woman with a mind of my own. It tends to get physical, and psychological, and wonderfully, deeply intimate. There’s no comparison with my childhood traumas.

The State is an intruder and annoyance and I’m aware that I therefore need to be secretive. Having a blog like this is a paradox, but that’s because, all other options have been closed to me. I’m therefore not a good bet for any man except one who is somehow immune from State interference, is willing to impose upon me a brand new identity (I’m not adverse to that), or who just doesn’t give a flying fuck.

On the other hand, simply the existence of this blog effectively disarms me from any possibility of using the “rape” or “abuse” card within an intimate relationship with a man capable of hiring an attorney. I therefore have to be very cautious, I realize. I am.

Moreover, I would drop this blog like a bad habit for such a man, if that’s what he wanted.

Cowards need not apply.

Fools rush in.

I’m loaded with patience.

6 thoughts on “My Mission

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  2. Independent of U.S “cultural” assimilation, intelligent, and financially stable Spanish, Black, or Jewish men, within reason, sound like your best bet.

    • I admit to having had not quite enough of Latin American men. Blacks and Jews are more problematic for me (not for lack of experience), albeit non-U.S. born or as you say non-assimilated, and I have less baggage. Haven’t fully exhausted non-Chinese Asian, Eastern European, and then there’s the Irish. Met a lovely Portuguese man once. Italians! Oh Lord. Lived for a year with a Russian and almost did not survive ;). Almost definitely not a Frenchman. The Dutch certainly are worth a second look. Oh dear, then there was that South African. That accent! It’s a knee melter! Would jump for the opportunity for a Swiss, German, Austrian…Iceland! Now there’s a man…

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