Lotharios Have Their Weaknesses

I read of various theories that The Sexual Revolution and Feminism were designed to eliminate or otherwise impair the White race. I think that there is some merit to those theories.

If good-looking “masters of the universe” can be persuaded that the world is their sexual playground, and foolish women continue to throw themselves at them, then, over time, more and more women are going to be corrupted by them. That corruption could take several forms:

  • If she is an “independent” and “sexually-liberated woman” then she can buy time to take advantage of his stud services.
  • If she is a more submissive sort who desires to be one-half of a whole, then she may become bitter at manhood in general, and switch allegiance to The Government as husband.
  • If she’s calculating, then, a pinprick in a condom is all it would take to lash this Lothario to her forever, as a money tree.
  • If she’s more interested in the long game then there’s always the tried and true “cat and mouse”, “damsel in distress”, or even to offer this Lothario what has likely been missing his entire life: a warm mothering embrace.

These games that women play aren’t necessarily destructive however likely as not a genuine Lothario is going to find himself so burned that he becomes positively adamant in his own behavior, i.e., continuing to do exactly what got him burned in the first place until he’s so bitter and angry that he’s likely to turn to even more destructive pursuits.

I find that I feel sorry for all players in this drama. Unfortunately, sympathy is not for me an aphrodisiac.


I’m not entirely unsympathetic to Lotharios. One could even say that Axel was one of them. However, Axel was kind and didn’t desire to hurt anyone but rather help these poor souls discover themselves, and then (as negotiated) sent them on their way. However, in the law of the jungle, predictably, three of the women in his life effectively did him in, using me as the proxy. I guess Axel was too kind to them. Soft even. I guess that’s my fault for “softening him” with Love.

I’ve gotten my just deserts. Just the same, I’m even less interested in friendships with most women than I was before.

If my own usual patterns prevail however I’m due for a cruel Saturnian creature who will finish me off. I hope that my usual patterns do not prevail. I hope that I’ve matured enough not to fall for a charismatic archetype.

If I’m wrong however then I truly hope such a man will be thorough. I’m very tired of these patterns. I miss Axel so much.

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