Man Shortage

I’ve been reading up on Margaret Sanger lately, reputedly the inspiration for Wonder Woman:

Superman débuted in 1938, Batman in 1939, Wonder Woman in 1941. She was created by William Moulton Marston, a psychologist with a Ph.D. from Harvard. A press release explained, “ ‘Wonder Woman’ was conceived by Dr. Marston to set up a standard among children and young people of strong, free, courageous womanhood; to combat the idea that women are inferior to men, and to inspire girls to self-confidence and achievement in athletics, occupations and professions monopolized by men” because “the only hope for civilization is the greater freedom, development and equality of women in all fields of human activity.” Marston put it this way: “Frankly, Wonder Woman is psychological propaganda for the new type of woman who should, I believe, rule the world.”

—Jill Lepore, author of the book The Secret History of Wonder Woman writing in The New Yorker.

Lepore continues:

In May, 1942, F.D.R. created the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps. A hundred and fifty thousand women joined the Army, filling jobs that freed more men for combat. The corps “appears to be the final realization of woman’s dream of complete equality with men,” Sanger wrote in the New York Herald-Tribune. But she was dismayed that the government didn’t provide contraceptives for WAACs and adopted a policy of dismissing any woman who got pregnant. “This new women’s Army is a great thing, a real test of the woman’s movement,” she said. “Never before has the fight for woman’s equality narrowed down to the real issue, sex.”

In 1943, Marston wrote a Wonder Woman story called “Battle for Womanhood.” It opens with Mars, the god of war, angry that so many American women are helping with the war effort.

“There are eight million American women in war activities—by 1944 there will be eighteen million!” one of Mars’ female slaves reports, dragging a ball and chain.

“If women gain power in war they’ll escape man’s domination completely!” Mars thunders. “They will achieve a horrible independence! . . . If women become warriors like the Amazons, they’ll grow stronger than men and put an end to war!”

Later in the article we learn about the evil male machinations which prevented women from creating a Wonder Woman utopia, in both fictional and historical fashion.

As I write this, there have been a rash of shootings of male police officers. These are the men who women rely on to keep us safe in an unsafe world, given that our own fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons have been hamstrung from doing so, legally, sociologically, politically, “morally,” and demographically—in some states more than others.

Recently, I tried to watch an hour-long videotaped conversation between Christina Hoff-Sommers and Camille Paglia, two women who have had a great influence on me. One, a wife and mother, and the other who calls herself “gay”. In her landmark book, Sexual Personae, Paglia describes her own persona as “male,” particularly as related to sex with women.

Try as I might, I could not concentrate for an entire hour on the mutual love-fest, which attempts to distinguish their versions of Feminism to the fright which Feminism has become.

In a sense, they are blonde Wonder Women, whose invisible and uncredited powers are men.

Some of the fawning and outright worshipful comments that I have heard and read from men of my generation and older with regard to the creative output of these two Amazons give me pause.

Similar remarks have been made about me, a “strong, independent, intelligent” woman. What? I have never been independent. I have no idea how to even navigate this world that I’ve been dropped in after 17 years of being isolated from it by The Han.

If being casually sexually serviced did it for me, I’d be in great shape. It doesn’t. The preponderance of offers to do just that leaves me cold.

These same men were delighted to live in what was once a Wonder Woman utopia of beautiful women giving out sex freely and seemingly taking over the responsibilities of men. What did they imagine was going on in the rest of the world at the time? Was their existence really that protected and insulated from demographic reality?

Where the policemen and security guards who enabled that utopian existence invisible to them?

The men sent to Vietnam certainly were.

Paglia of course has blatantly and “controversially” repeatedly identified within her independent works that it is men who create and maintain our world. However, in the above video, reminiscing of how good Feminism used to be, Paglia and the camera keeps the focus on the “feminine” woman with the invisible husband, in a lovely hairdo and make-up.

It’s the gentlemanly thing to do.

Black Lives Matter has been framing the protection and enforcement of laws by police officers as racist or of operating out of a disregard for the lives of Black Men. However, under our current methods of taxpayer-paid compensation to nonworking women, the life of a Black Male fails to have value to a Black Baby Momma when he is either not impregnating her or slipping her protective or monetary provisioning. In other words, he has a short shelf life.

However, the political and economic value of being a celebrity widow would appear to be worth a whole lot. Especially if the Hillary Clinton campaign guarantees it.

The movie I recommend on the phenomenon is Bonfire of the Vanities, particularly the character Annie Lamb. I’ve heard that the movie bombed at the box office. Gee. Any idea why?

Poor Morgan Freeman.


Once all protective and strong men of The West of any color have either been sent overseas, slaughtered, or disincentivized from lifting a finger to protect women, the entire West will inevitably be a Muslim Caliphate, unless some magic Atheist Scientology-loving Technocratic force decides that such a thing is contrary to their own interests, or Vladmir Putin decides that our lives matter.

As Brad Pitt’s character explains in the last scene of Killing Them Softly, the United States is “just a business.”

Margaret Sanger Was Framed!

I am inspired by a Mike Wallace interview of Margaret Sanger today and wonder how many quotes attributed to her were planted and fabricated by entrenched interests with less than holy agendas:

The video starts out as an ad for unfiltered Phillip Morris cigarettes. I love the ad.

Filters on cigarettes disguise the presence of cheap fillers and substandard tobacco. Cheap product is inevitable after all the taxes added in by overblown agendas of all sorts, in order to pay for their overblown agendas. It is a tax on smokers to pay for Dogooderism, specifically, “anti-smoking bureaucracy” which tends to attract women as employees and administrators.

The smoke itself is also more likely to offend. It’s stale and cheap.

Smoking cessation chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers step in to form public/private partnerships. They hire women preferentially too, such as to force prisoners, mental hospital inmates, school children, and all other captive individuals to listen to these product shills promoting fabricated statistics.

Must listen to the women! Doesn’t matter that they’re peddling complete crap. Not allowing them uninterrupted access to our minds is somehow “unchivalrous”.

Nicotine, like any phytochemical, is no more addictive than any other phytochemical. Some phytochemicals are estrogenic; whereas nicotine is testosterogenic and provides benefits to cognition, mental focus, and anti-plaque of the brain. Hence it has been the preferred contemplative aid to writers and storytellers since it came to exist.

Whereas women who demand that everyone listen to whatever they have to say regardless of their own addiction to affirmation that they are paid to indulge is a matter of values not Science.

If nicotine was so addictive, so many smokers would not find it possible to quit smoking with no “help” from Dogooders or chemicals at all! Besides, there’s always the nicotine in tomatoes, eggplant, and califlower if one wants to stimulate one’s brain to produce anti-Dogooderism wit, assuming that comedy can survive forced pandering to regressives demanding that entertainment and expression of all sorts be “filtered”.

When smokers are unable to afford cigarettes except those comprised of stale tobacco, then two things are likely to occur:

  • Foul-smelling cheap cigarettes reinforce the idea to Dogooders that “tobacco is bad”.
  • Bootleg cigarettes containing better quality tobacco appear, as promoted by criminals, by definition. ‘Criminals are bad! Tobacco is bad!’ shriek the regressives.

Men idly contemplating anything rather than pandering to the women around them looks like a problem that “Science” can solve. The cigarette becomes the hot, slim, and sexy competitor to the Feminist agenda of universal male enslavement, along with the enslavement of all attractive young women to monopolist agendas.

However the regressives also say that Black is good and White is bad! Therefore, when a very small time tobacco criminal dies, then, it must be White people’s fault! Bad bad White Men!

I think it is hilarious that it turns out that a Black female sergeant has been charged with not effectively supervising the arrest of Eric Garner. Her fellow officers of course chivalrously defend her because she is an attractive young woman. Perhaps she is not intrinsically qualified to supervise anyone simply from Blackness or Femaleness. Or perhaps she is not tall enough to see!

Chivalry is not quite dead…yet.

What Pro-Lifers and Pro-Choicers can both agree on is that regressives, single women with children, young women driven by hormones, and most failed women in general, are easy to pander to by rhetoric alone, or you can lift them up on your shoulders.

Thank God for Citizen Ruth. The bottom line is money, honey. Even a glue-sniffer could figure that out.

Women are good! Men are bad! Women need more babies! Women whose only claim to societal usefulness is reproduction are, as Ann Coulter points out, narcissistic.

Here’s a little uncomfortable demographic trend math from my lips to your ears, Dear Reader:

As regressives increase in numbers, they engage in mob actions such as BAMN. Regressives can be found among each and every ethnic group.

Throwing more babies at regressives who depend on mob knee-jerk reaction to all “bad” ideas defies rationality, unless one is profiting from mob knee-jerk reactions.

As I continue to watch the Margaret Sanger interview, I take note that Sanger has a stronger grasp of Arizona agricultural conditions than do most virtue-signalers condemning the words of Russell Pearce:

“A lot of lazy people seem to have mistaken the government for a charity. That’s not how things were meant to work,” Pearce said. “And food stamps are draining the budget faster than it takes a drunkard to kill a bottle of whiskey. And this is not the case with Arizona alone, this is going on nationwide. We need to put this under control or else we’re looking at bankruptcy. And everybody is making jokes about it instead of trying to find a solution. Well, I have.”

Pearce then went on to explain how “we need to limit food stamp access to women who have been sterilized,” and how “that’s the only way of separating the ones who are willing to work for food from those who aren’t.” Asked whether that means women will, effectively, be made to give up the prospect of having children in the future simply because of the fact that they’re poor, the former state senator replied, “In order to be able to feed a baby, you first need to be able to feed yourself. That’s a pre-requisite in this case. What can I say, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

Senator George McGovern apparently disagreed with Margaret Sanger’s mathematically-driven conclusions that there are limits on what land can produce in terms of crops. Chemical fertilizers and gas-guzzling machinery comprised his “Green Revolution” in order to produce crops as promiscuously as regressive babies popping out of regressive mothers.

The “filter” on nutrient deficient food such as to disguise its empty taste is the suppression of taste buds by means of poor training of those taste buds from formula to commercial baby food. Even if that junk is free.

If you have no taste then you don’t miss what you’ve never had, except that it will be forced upon you with promiscuous consumption movies and “entertainment” such that all it takes is a sledgehammer to your neighbor’s door and all that yummy “taste” can be yours.

Arizona as a state, then as now, defies quantity of agricultural yield (paid for by monopolist multinationals with an eye toward generations of dependence), except that which is trucked in.

Sheer numbers of regressives benefit a host of entrenched interests, from The Church to The Bureacracy, from the Democratic Party to Lotharios, from the door to door saleswoman (or her son), to the one collecting for “charity”, from Industrialists to Slavers.

Elite investors of course benefit from the volatility of forcing inflated populations upon each other.

How many women does any society need? Lots of them! The stupider the better. In that sense Muslims Are the True Feminists.

Anything that might disturb the quietude of regressive women must be filtered away or covered in a burkha. There there. You don’t have to look at or listen to that! Now spread em, Baby.

The Government Harem awaits you with open arms. All you need to do is make more of you, and money like goodness will rain down upon you.

Pay no attention to bad women like Margaret Sanger who understand simple math. Math is bad.

She just had to be a bad eugenicist. Right? I was wrong. I admit it. I was fooled.

Trucking in regressive population overflow from Latin America and Islamic countries won’t cause the Arizona desert to bloom with anything good-er than bodies.

Television and Katrina

When I watch what is happening in Venezuela these days I remember what it was like living there, particularly in Caracas which is where most of the action occurs. The Han and I lived in the sector known as “Altamira” for six months. Also stayed in some other parts briefly before moving to our farm in Estado Barinas.

For what it’s worth, there has never and probably never will be a fireworks spectacular that can beat what I’ve experienced on numerous occasions in Caracas.

For most of that six months, The Han and I stayed in a penthouse, which, sounds nicer than it was although the view was incredible. By incredible, I do not mean breathtaking, although fortunately the near view, that is, the part less obscured by smog, was a park and so the air quality was not quite horrific.

When we left the San Francisco Bay Area, putting all of our belongings to include two cars into two shipping containers, Katrina had just happened. HDTV-ready television sets were also on their way. I listened to talk radio frequently to include Democracy Now, and left-of-center commercial programming. Public service announcements with regard to the need to trade in one’s television interspersed with man-on-the-street commentary within the sphere affected by Katrina, to include the travails of persons herded, moved, and abandoned, would inspire the mantra which The Han and I developed:

Time to Go!

I’ve been a student of cult-indoctrination and mind-control techniques ever since I determined that I was particularly susceptible to the latter. Whereas, close-knit groups in general held limited appeal for me—not because I didn’t hope to find one that I liked but rather that they would continuously disappoint me as overly female-dominated—therefore I shied from actual rather than reluctant “leaders” of such dynamics, for the most part.

It was evident that I was susceptible toward a hypnotic thrall when it came to individuals with less than overriding group domination ambitions, that is “outsiders”. I’m fairly certain that this susceptibility is a combination of genetics and childhood experiences, to include a vivid imagination and thereby susceptibility to daydreaming. Specifically, a low natural endorphin level plus high intelligence makes directed hypnosis from a highly intelligent individual particularly enthralling. By “intelligent” I mean high brain wave activity presumably capable of high-level thinking, whether of mechanical or rhetorical nature.

Since I recoil from most group dynamics and am otherwise suspicious of all reflexive conditioned “belief systems” that result in sort of a look of rapture on the believer’s face as the rhetoric is chanted, when I first started hearing about television which was about to instantly become more hypnotic than it used to be, I was gravely concerned.

Ironically, at the time, I was unaware that I was being hypnotized and otherwise manipulated on a regular basis by The Han himself. I’m certain he found it amusing just how perceptive I was on one hand and blind on the other. This is a function of what is known in Hypnosis study as “sealing”. Sealing prevents both hypnosis from competing parties and knowledge that one is being hypnotized. I still haven’t figured out how the sealing process was performed with me only that the seal became loosened over time as a function of my relationship with Axel.

Trauma and disruption of various sorts is all a part of the hypnosis and sealing processes. The trauma of Katrina for those persons affected, or any mass disruption which causes loss of identity and mass migration, can cause heightened susceptibility to charismatic personalities and rhetoric.

These factors are a matter of daily life in Venezuela.

One of the ways that I am “different” from most women my age in the U.S. is that I have come to recognize symptoms of trance as relates to television programs. In person, a sort of rapture appears on the face as a childish voice describes the wonders of a particular television program; or, conversely, an authoritative voice repeats some piece of Leftist/Globalist/Socialist rhetoric, which is anti-Christian, anti-male, and anti-White; or unquestioningly Healthist or Science-ist.

In terms of my influence over Axel, persuading him to leave the television off and to not install one when we moved I consider to be a high achievement. He would remark occasionally how much better he felt not having one around. Instead, we would entertain ourselves in other ways, to include streaming of movies and clips, alternative media, and pornography, as well as a hefty DVD collection of that last.

That said, it is evident to me that those U.S. men who I would call masculine would appear to have less in the way of hypnotic mannerisms when discussing television, if television is discussed at all.

In terms of the development of masculine identity, it is my understanding in terms of psychology that it is a continuation of the separation of self from caregiver that begins at about aged two in both boys and girls. Whereas girls never fully separate from mother in terms of separate identity, heterosexual masculine men do. Those who fail to make this separation essentially operate with a stronger or more overriding Oedipal complex, which is regressive, or narcissism.

Lack of mothering, perversely, can be as regressive as excessive mothering, with both lack and excessive mothering a symptom of regressive impulses in the mother. It would appear to me that daughters of regressive mothers, which is the norm in the West, particularly desire maternal affirmation between each other, and that various rote affirmations are learned and repeated from television.

Men, as a means of controlling women, for good or ill, learn to mimic these maternal television affirmations. It is like a rooster who imitates the sounds that a mother hen makes, and this is what good roosters do. All the hens will prefer to follow the rooster who makes the nicest sounds such that the alpha rooster won’t tolerate another rooster who dares to compete at that level within close earshot. Essentially, this gives men who have the greatest rhetorical skills disproportionate power over susceptible women.

Combining hypnotic rhetoric with the high-density television image would appear from my vantage point to be particularly effective, and off-putting to me. It is an essential element of my own alienation from Western Women. It also is the ingredient which makes me the most “unknown” to men. Since there are no magic out-of-the-box affirmations which serve to control me I am perhaps wisely considered to be not worth the risk.

I am “sealed”.

Decadence and Islam

I haven’t been very active lately on FetLife and I’ve closed all my online dating profiles months ago.

Occasionally I get an offer to be sexed/beaten by a male with demonstrated incapacity in deferred gratification, or to be the one to do the sexing/beating by an aspiring supplicant, or to do either including “getting to know you” purely electronically.

These offers provide me neither comfort nor titillation.

I remember my history in the greater BDSM community, whatever that is, which I suppose officially started when I was accepted as the submissive of a closeted bisexual man in San Francisco shortly after I turned 18. The “closet” part was his heterosexual side.

He later went “straight”. I think I can take some credit although that wasn’t my intention particularly given his carefully hidden ambition to farm babies with the state paying for that “freedom” of his. I don’t regret declining that offer.

Fast forward after an adulthood in my physical prime replete with men pretending to be Dominants and Masters who were merely interested in being thought sexy or powerful as a salve for previous life grievances, or were even merely squirreling away political influence and money (sometimes mine!) so as to have the means of decadent fulfillment to their taste once their charm failed to attract sufficiently juicy parasitic hosts, or were already the hosts themselves to a parade of emotionally/financially manipulative blood suckers.

But then I met Axel—the love of my life. I thought this meant that once again, the BDSM community was my tribe. It wasn’t. Probably never was. Axel died. I’m still around though and unfathomably healthy such as to be free of all known disease of physical origin.

My brain however provides poisons that most are best advised to forego.

I’ve likely “peaked” at least in the U.S. Even so, the idea of watching the U.S. from afar with live human beings with attention span, entirely irrespective of private sexual practices, even if that means celibacy for yours truly appeals more and more.

Stale virtue signallers and dating-by-catalogue types are invited to read the following before you determine that Islam is an option preferable to self-restraint. Probably too long for you to read though.

Best you just click on the online dating profile of an Equal Opportunity vagina or someone else less discerning with regard to your brand of rhetoric—with or without clever memes:

Sybaritic West Surrenders to Islamists

Please do not assume that my inclusion of the above link means that I’ve succumbed to mainstream propaganda with regard to conspiracy theories. Rather, I’m developing one of my own. It’s quite the long game.

Sour Grapes

I wish that I had been born of a strong Patriarchal family with a mother who dedicated her life toward supporting her children and husband in their processes of maturing into happy and effective human beings. I wasn’t. Oh well. This sub-optimum genesis of mine might have something to do with my general dismay when it comes to female-dominated groups. I’m somewhat loath to myself dominate such a group, except as absolutely necessary. That is, I would be delighted to be enlisted to work for a clear practical objective rather than something that gets me all hot and tingly.

I’d need a strong patriarchal advisor in order to keep me on track.

It is entirely possible that my reasons for largely shunning the company of women or pussy-whipped men are of the “sour grapes” variety, because, after all, I’ve tried, and tried, and tried, became repulsed, and stopped trying.

Now here I sit typing, basically a captive of my current circumstances, and otherwise more than a little bitter about the world around me. However, on the positive side, rather than living in a glass house, throwing stones does seem to make my life a bit more tolerable particularly since when stones are thrown back at me it adds excitement and challenges to my existence such as to distract me from misery. Lovely compliments are nice too as well as meeting of the minds and otherwise discovering that I am not actually alone in the universe even if physically I am mostly alone.

All that said, I think it is high time that people recognize on both sides of the Feminism spectrum (the pros and the antis) that most “misandry” and “misogyny” is just sour grapes. Persons who have not made heterosexuality into an overall success story tend to have some bitterness, justifiable or no. In my view, a lot of that bitterness is justified to be thrown at the feet of Gynocentric Utopianism which spawned Monogamy, Feminism, and centralized power over diverse belief systems such as to constrain them into those ideologies. Therefore, I’m more comfortable blaming those ideologies over blaming entire sexes, or “outlaw” adherents of sexuality/gender identity themselves, or races, even though the regressive elements of all demographics have been swept into the Leftist/Fabian agendas.

When it comes to belief systems however, as much as I may criticize Christian Churchians for their Gynocentrism, Utopianism, Monogamy, and thereby susceptibility to regressive agendas of all sorts, I do not want to see them fall to either Judaism or Islam, with Islam, in my view, being the more maniacal scourge like some sort of Candidiasis of anaerobic destruction.

I don’t think that sort of yeast would make for a very palatable wine.

Milo vs. Roosh

Two of the more controversial figures in the greater field of anti-feminism conservatives all too easily distance themselves from for ideological and religious reasons. Perhaps that distancing is not entirely of political or ideological necessity in my view but rather could have none too hidden economic motivations.

Ideologues of all sorts tend to dismiss these iconoclastic thought leaders.

Of course the religious considerations are important; however distinguishing modern religious propaganda from historical propaganda to include that purveyed by The Church is tricky! The wisdom of Solomon would be required to separate such concerns from economic, utopian, and power considerations. After each of us die, perhaps such motivations can be extracted by historians. However, good luck in the modern age framing that narrative dispassionately.

Part of the appeal to me of these two characters, Milo and Roosh, is their “outsider” status. As an “outsider” or iconoclast myself I’m prone to identify with them. That does not mean that I believe that the views of outsiders are necessarily objective or benign. We all have “self-interest” at our core to perhaps include interest in future generations, nations,  humanity itself, and even “God’s Plan”. There are also “useful idiots” and “good intentions”. The heart or soul tends to reveal itself over time to intimates. The camera, in the era of “crisis actors” is not a reliable witness. Neither is the human eye.

Only God sees the entire picture, hence the belittling of Theists by all those who are burdened with the disability of Paranumerophobia: Fear of irrational numbers.

As a treatment for this affliction, I recommend a course of study in Calculus, and if I may, I shall say a prayer of thanks to my maternal Grandfather and Grandmother for all the tools provided me of both rational and irrational nature by that Calculus professor (and Swiss immigrant Freemason!) and renegade late-marrying (in secret!) math teacher, respectfully.

However I do not hold them forth as archetypal idols worthy of emulation but rather very human iconoclasts in an era burdened by both The Great Depression and the debut of the magic big screen parade of Idolatry.

Speaking of Idolatry, in my view this is a problem which magnifies with State-mandated monotheism, by sheer volatility, rather than being effectively discouraged by it, regardless of how thick may be the burkha placed upon the mesmerizing figure or ban on graven images. Archetypal facets of the human condition are always going to be personified whether by myth or media, subject to the interpretation of the particular culture or age. The Greeks knew this and so do the Hindis. Camille Paglia, mysteriously  “Jewish” like Italian American Catholic Philadelphian Transsexual (FtM in her mind) that she may be, figured this out.

These Deities or Celebrities tend to have particular magnetic appeal to children regardless of whether one’s house of worship contains images of human forms, or actual humans.

Denying the poor access to such a powerful physical force in the way of Dieties by way of the senses does not diminish such a force. Television, in a vacuum of Religious Dieties may have too much power. In the case of all the monotheistic religions, in my view, visual deprivation of “Dieties” (except perhaps the dour, suffering, and chaste) propounds the scourge of child rape, whether by heterosexual or homosexual mien. It further provides energy to the cause of violent assault of infidel, whether sexually or not a.k.a. Jihad.

Visual (or any other sense!) assault by pornography or mere advertising is not an improvement over censorship when imposed over a broad array of geography or culture such as is found in Globalism. Given that we have little in the way of independent States rights, thanks to Federalism, various international trade and military pacts, and porous borders, it would seem to me to be within the rights of any small community to impose their own local standards of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in terms of the public sphere as concerns idolatry, celebrity, pornography, and advertising.

However, having a mayor of London who admittedly hails from a regressive religion such as Islam impose such “community standards” offends me. He can pander to Feminists and Christian Churchians all he wants but I have to say that temptation is most pernicious when it is soft and mild.

Speaking of idolatry, there is a certain cigar bar around here which contains an image of Thomas Edison with a low-tech graphic alteration of a picture of a cigar taped to the photo. I love to sit in a certain chair and just stare up at him. I think that photo is sexy! I’d love to stand up and do a little strip tease for the man however I suspect that will get me thrown out of the cigar bar.

That said, my ideological heart is with Nicola Tesla even if I do not find his visage quite as hypnotic. His name however I find appealing and exotic even though I have to wonder about the long term trade protectionism objectives of having an entirely different standard of electrical power in the United States (along with a history of strange plumbing fixtures, etc.) as opposed to the rest of the world. That might sound like an off-beat segue but let’s say that my mind works in mysterious ways not entirely within my control.

Speaking of placating, pandering supposedly “secular” Islamists, I find myself increasingly suspicious of the sheer volume of obviously “Semitic” figures appearing in the public sphere as concerns actors, activists, talking heads, politicians, etc., even in the case of those who would appear to be singularly vilified; because:

Every crowd has a silver lining.

Every Crowd Has a Silver Lining

It may be entirely my feminine irrational sense of intuition, but, given a choice of salons in which to converse, smoke, or drink, headed by any of the live human celebrities mentioned or intimated in this piece, I would choose that of Milo Yiannopolis myself.

I’ll keep reading Roosh and Return of Kings because I believe I have the ability to filter out what may be stealth Islam conversion methods. I’m just going to put that out there. Not to throw the baby out with the bathwater or anything but is he the best that the Americas can do in terms of a Masculinist icon? How about one with perhaps just a little less of the Islamic beard? Hmmmm?


A “Real” Anti-Feminist

“Please respond, only if you’re real.”

The above is the tagline to be found in men’s online dating profiles to include the BDSM world with such regularity as to be hilarious. What is “real” when it comes to irrational romantic and sexual fantasy? Standards vary coast-to-coast as well as era-to-era, and that’s just in the United States.

I hate online dating by the way. I got married to the wrong man thanks to the rise of online dating, which confounded and intimidated me. More.

Nowadays I’m wholly jaded and entirely disabused of the validity of online dating. Hell is an online dating site. Church however is a polite catfight. Pass. Yeccccch.

I’d rather marry my martini shaker.

In terms of my “real” Dominant man? I suspect that the last shining example of such a creature died just over a year ago. That’s right. I’m almost 55, attractive enough for men on the street to approach me, but, as an “Alpha Widow” my hopes are so shot in terms of finding romance again, that I might as well be honest, right here, in my blog, in terms of the truth of Feminism, Statism, Healthism, and Churchism.

It’s all I’ve got.

It’s a lousy seduction strategy.

I am inspired to write this piece today in response to the latest from Roosh V. However, my response is not going to be an overwhelming love fest. Honesty from a woman is like that. I suspect that some men never receive honesty from a woman in their lives.

In his latest, Roosh issues a challenge in terms of how to flush out a “real” anti-feminist among women. Unfortunately, it is not without bias. However, on balance, I think he makes some good points, particularly given the examples he has used. I’m on board with his examples as such that I agree that these particular women are not anti-feminist for the reasons he’s outlined.

In defense of somewhat hypocritical anti-feminist women, I’ll say that most of them are interested in either building a brand and thereby making money, and/or finding a husband. I regret that these objectives are somewhat in conflict. Such is the way of the world. One day, perhaps, I’ll make up some up-to-date slick videos myself for those objectives. However, I haven’t done so. Does that mean that I’m a dried up old hag? Or does it mean that I’m tired of being physically attacked by both men and women who’ve decided that I’m some sort of she-devil because I don’t have the same damage that they do? Misery loves company. How could I not be a miserable man-hating shrew or so completely cynical that I drink myself to death? It must be because I am the enemy. Been there!

There is also the matter of the paradox between attention-whoring and modesty. If an anti-feminist woman never speaks up, how do you know whether or not she exists?

For the moment, I am blessed such that I do not have to solicit donations or otherwise curry favor with interests who may not have the same philosophical bent that I do. That situation may well change, and soon! Meanwhile, if you would like to donate to my survival, let’s get together and meet over a cigar or drink or something because you deserve to know who I am and what I will or won’t do for just a tad more security than I have now.

No I will not peg you. No you may not eat my pussy. No I will not find deep fulfillment by means of mechanical orgasms.

An intimate connection takes time! Have you got time? If not, please move on.

For a pick-up artist turned masculinist, is it definitive that Roosh is an anti-feminist? Or is that merely expedient for his age transition, in terms of his target demographic?

Does he spurn feminist or fake-anti-feminist pussy? Hmmm. I sense a conflict of interest.

That conflict of interest does not however make Roosh a rapist!

Roosh provides a list of questions with which one can determine whether a woman is a “real” anti-feminist or not. Here they are, with my answers:

  1. “Are you against homosexual marriage?” I’m against homosexuals raising or farming children. Sterilization ought to be paid by taxpayers, plus throw in a big screen TV or something, plus provide some sort of civic or do-it-yourself retirement/geriatric care package that does not require guilting one’s progeny into wiping one’s ass. It would be cheaper in the long run. Besides, homosexuals perform a service. What’s wrong with Domestic Partnerships? I think they are terrific vehicles. Now that homosexual marriage is here, however, good luck putting it back in the box, Roosh. Therefore this argument is facile.
  2. “Do you believe its [sic] ideal for a woman to remain a virgin until she gets married?” Depends on the environment. In some places, yes. In other places, no. It would depend largely on whether men have some sort of sex-training so that they can get good at it. If not (such as today or under the influence of the fairy tale of “peer romance”) then she is expected to teach him. Facile again. Not a real world hypothetical. I think that The Oneidas had the right idea in terms of teaching both parties how to enjoy sex; however, I won’t elaborate here given the current climate that has everyone up in arms even while disagreeing on terms. By the way, I’ve been the privileged guest at a number of similar alternative lifestyle communities. They’re not all bad.
  3. “Do you believe that its [sic] best for children to be raised by a stay-at-home mother?” Yes.
  4. “Do you believe a woman’s choices should be constrained by her husband, tribe, or church with the intention of doing what’s best for her?” Yes. Even me. Would love to be so constrained. Sigh. At least I have my memories.
  5. “Do you believe it’s wrong for a young girl to find herself by traveling around the world and trying new experiences?” Certainly not ideal. Effectively orphaned young girls however, do whatever they have to do to survive and get ahead, to include slutting it up with whoever will pay her for whatever value she may be able to supply.

Now here’s my challenge for male anti-feminists to determine whether they are “real” anti-feminists:

Please justify Monogamy for me and supply me some civic purpose for the women left behind in a “monogamous marriage is the only marriage” environment, after wars devastate the male population, and those remaining men beat the gay out of their boys.

The convent? Hah. How many ex-Catholic schoolboys are now Atheist SJW’s thanks to abuse from nuns? The whorehouse? Better. Lifetime employment within government bureaucracy? That’s how we got into this mess. Fail.

Please feel free to make an argument I haven’t heard already with regard to Monogamy that shows that you are capable of adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying numbers, that doesn’t sound all whiny with regard to “assholes” who get all the women. Those assholes are going to get all the women anyway, one way or another, if you guys insist on romancing women in a pussy-whipped manner.

Go for it. Show me how “real” you are.

Beating the Gay out of Boys

In my insistence on defending homosexual male behavior in Disqus discussions, I’ve come upon some theories with regard to men of my generation, and others, who grew up being beaten by their fathers.

In some cases, Dad was just trying to “toughen up” junior, which considering our dystopia might have had really good intentions. In other cases, it was to ensure that junior wouldn’t turn out to be gay. In some cases the idea that junior could possibly be gay was offensive or of conflicting appeal to Dad when it came to religious ideas of either abomination or the temptation of vice. There may also have been a chivalry component.

If society would appear to be crumbling such as to diminish possibilities of outcomes for little princess, then it might just be junior’s fault for not “manning up”, but instead succumbing to “vice” with the “abomination” of homosexual sex. In other words, in this view, male homosexual sex is an evidence of poor character or otherwise not having the ability to resist “temptation”.

However, the beating itself, being a violation of boundaries, might be the factor to initiate narcissistic or codependent sexuality, whether translated as homosexual or not. It is the violation of boundaries of the self which causes the feedback loop of requiring validation of self from another, in order to feel “whole”.

Axel was beaten badly by his father. Not because his father thought he was gay or to toughen him up, but because Axel’s mother had somehow persuaded his father to translate all of her dissatisfaction arising from her narcissistic insecurity onto his son. In other words, it was a perverse form of chivalry.

I tend to believe that these pathologies of both mother and father arose out of memory of The Great Depression. Instead of blaming the appropriate causes, I think that men blamed men and themselves and women blamed women and themselves in response to propaganda from Church, State, media, and marketing. It is easier to blame character in others (and oneself) for traumatic events than it is to realize just how helpless we are as citizens in the face of overwhelming corruption in industry and government, and the weight of demographics that diminish the possibilities of satisfactory outcomes for all.

It’s rats-in-a-cage syndrome.

Monogamy, in my view, is the most basic cause of this corruption. Female hypergamy and male chivalry are human characteristics that make life worthwhile in my view. Leveling the field, despite the fanciful notions of equalists, is not likely to actually teach women anything because I don’t think most women have the capacity to understand, regardless of how well they are educated or how “intelligent” they are.They’ll just get meaner, demanding more and more provisioning from the State.

I say, “they” because my own experiences well outweigh my historical education in terms of learning how these dynamics work, specifically, the overall lack of protectiveness from my father, which is not so different from being fatherless, but without having a strong female group to turn to either, or mother, and so effectively motherless. In a lot of ways, I have more in common with transwomen than I do cis-women; specifically, transwomen who are nonfeminist and are sexually attracted to men.

The regular and severe beatings that Axel suffered may or may not have had an effect on Axel’s growth. He started out in youth as “above average” and then just stopped growing. Extreme stress combined with possible injuries to his adrenals can do that to a child. Fortunately, he was able to put on highly efficient muscles and broad shoulders, otherwise he would not have been able to finally succeed in defending himself against these assaults, definitively, even though his father remained much taller than he was. Axel had a deep well of viciousness capable of direction to appropriate targets, as well as a highly developed sense of biomechanics and physics, which became part of his courses of study.

On the opposite spectrum, in my case, I think that the very different stresses that I was subject to as a child caused me to overproduce cortisol which converted in my body to testosterone, giving me an ability to put on mass, in terms of muscle and bone, which make my body different from most White women. Therefore, being confused for a transwoman, particularly in the modern age, is not so uncommon for me. I’m not offended. I think it’s funny.

It would seem however that this condition of mine is becoming more common not less.

Part of the reason for my humor in being mistaken for a transwoman had to do with Axel’s attraction to and from them. I got to meet quite a few. As per Axel’s taste, they were all fairly convincing such that they would have no trouble using a ladies’ room in that no one would notice.

In terms of the chivalrous hostility toward gay men stemming largely from Conservatives, Axel was thereby a continued recipient of it by proxy. Since he wasn’t provisioning women, men knew that they could gain brownie points from weak women by virtue-signalling their disdain for Axel, rhetorically. This trash talk didn’t stop women from throwing themselves at Axel however. On the contrary. Moreover it did provide a teaching moment to straight women in terms of why they ought not to expect provisioning from Axel, even though Axel was plenty chivalrous particularly in terms of feats of strength, counsel, and any of the many mechanical and physical skills he could put to bear for practical purposes. He just wasn’t going to take any of them in and marry them, much less pay the lion’s share of expenses. Besides, he had no use for the trappings of suburbia or urban appearances.

In terms of how God looks at gay male homosexuality, I regret that I do not have enough faith in men’s use of language to put much credence in modern interpretations of scripture. I believe that a certain level of male homosexuality in society is inevitable even though its existence indicates a demographic to opportunity imbalance of some sort. Since we’re never going to have a perfectly balanced world, then gay male sexuality is normal and expected. That doesn’t mean that I believe that it should be advocated. I just find it to be, as Gore Vidal believed, more of a financial issue than a “moral” one, in that patronizing competing temples where prostitution of all sorts was offered was supporting other religions. In other words, it was idolatry.

Whereas certainly narcissistic behavior of any sort is pathological, I fail to see the narcissism of a Conservative gay man who desires to build a better world by his own output rather than the provisioning of taxpayers. In a sense, such a man is not only manning up but is likely supplementing the lives of women through his taxes. That’s not fair.

If Jews decided that there was no allowable percentage of gay men allowed in their midst, I wonder if this was due to pressure from their wives and daughters to force such men to provision them. This would typify “Jewish American Princess” behavior. It would certainly seem so. What if the whole interpretation of scripture is wrong, based on generations of “empowering” women through Monogamous marriage?

Axel on the other hand was very kind and paternal toward gay men although he had no sexual attraction to them. A transwoman on the other hand who was convincingly feminine was attractive to him.

I suspect that as cis-women become more obnoxious, more transwomen will be displacing them in romantic relationships. This competition just might be the teaching moment to heterosexual women, because it engages their competitive nature.

Men with traditional ideas about putting women on pedestals are going to be particularly resistant to gay rights as being contrary to the provisioning of heterosexual women. It is not “phobia” but rather a threat to the worldview of female free choice and independence. However, I don’t believe that women are actually happy with this free choice. Rather, it is a projection on the part of men subconsciously urging women to “man up” to meet the void of men and masculinity in the world.

It is not going to work and certainly will not forestall invasion by La Raza or Islam.







Sodomy vs. Polygamy

It would seem to me that Christians are so determined to hang on to monogamy that a global Caliphate is practically inevitable. Apparently, to all too many Right-wing Christians, a society that allows Sodomy is [edit] intolerable, but questioning the goodness of monogamy as the only legal standard of marriage, even though there’s no scripture basis for monogamy, is unthinkable.

As for Left-wing Christians, they would appear to be appeasing and abetting Islam in record numbers.

I mean, really? Is that how Christianity will end? I’m not a Christian but I’m starting to feel sorry for all the henpecked Christian men, in a strictly maternal sense. Whereas most Arabic men I’ve known are essentially chemically castrated (epigenetically) given the completely decadent predation by their oligarchies; therefore, Islam is not an improvement, except on a highly piecemeal basis.

It just goes to show that there’s such a thing as too large of a harem, just for the sake of one that is. No man in his right mind would want more women than he can control, and by control I’m not talking about sophisticated surveillance, security, or even mind-control technology which comes increasingly necessary in a dystopic world.

In my world, game would suffice. Women of my world, love irrational control, and such can benefit from competition with other women rather than appeasement.

I’m not entirely opposed to decadence, don’t get me wrong. I just know that it’s love that makes life worthwhile. I’m not entirely certain that it would be worth it to collect an overlarge harem/coven without love, although doubtless those who do so can rationalize or irrationalize it (that is, “For Allah”).

Even sodomy can be irrationalized (“For Allah”) which is not to say that Islam allows for ordinary men to do what they want, ever, unless it’s for purposes of forcing submission or degrading infidels.

Among Christians, monogamy is what produces the decadence, demographically, in the long run. This causes that love they seem to believe they have a monopoly on to lose its savor. Love shouldn’t have to mean, “worship the woman!” That’s positively Egyptian!

Meanwhile, every over-inflated bubble produces a correction, and the bursting of the gynocentrism bubble will not be pretty.

Gay men don’t worship women! At least not sexually. Women demanding to be the center of attention get tiresome to mature gay men who take responsibility for their own outcomes, specifically, those on the Right.

I sympathize with the Lesbian-adverse views of Milo, among everything else he says in this video: Milo at Orlando Shooting Site (Queued at 12 Minutes)

I’d kiss him too! (Then he, like Gavin McInnes, might be the one to gag afterwards, but hey, what do you say, Milo?)

In a sense, the Jews perform a tremendous service for the Christians determined to demand that either children be produced within all populations or celibacy imposed, women be worshiped, and gay men reviled. That service, specifically, is to oppress the peasantry. Otherwise, farm nutrition plus reproductivity can cause the peasantry to over-expand their numbers, particularly when the ovulation cycle has been disrupted by grain-dependence. The engineered solutions which Jewish economics, sociology, and demographics have devised keep that population in check, to a point. In a technocracy however, there’s no check on either oligarchic or Jewish power. The balancing act has therefore become broken, and largely due to Feminism.

Overpopulation relative to resources not only produces homosexuality (and thank goodness!) but other sorts of abnormal sexuality to include behaviors which destroy culture, eventually, such as pedophilia, narcissism, Communism, and Anarchy. A preponderance of homosexuality is, in my view, the first piece of evidence that there are too many people relative to resources and opportunity, compounded by stale, entrenched oligarchy. It’s the canary in the coal mine. It can be found among all animals for the same reason.

But killing the canary won’t solve a thing! Besides, gay men and bisexual women are very useful to society! Lesbians (sorry!) less so. However, under monogamy, lesbianism is inevitable, followed by far worse, as demographic imbalance proceeds.

For more on Anarchy, I recommend Steve Sailer: Anarchy in the U.S.A.

My comment to the piece held in moderation due to my spelling out of the word “asshole” I assume, is here:

Whereas gay men and bisexual women are the canary in the coal mine, when lesbianism in society becomes more and more obvious and obnoxious, it’s only a matter of time before the canary dies.

Meanwhile, the Jewish version of monogamy is no improvement over the Christian version. But they have made themselves essential to the Christian oligarchy, who in turn have made themselves essential to the Islamic oligarchy. For now.

The Left, of course, is just fine with Islamic and Jewish money, and imposes their own ideology on pain of starvation and homelessness. When will Christians, Jews, and the unaffiliated Right come up with a legal challenge in terms of Islamic monopoly on polygamy? In my lifetime? Are they prepared to die for monogamy???

The Left however is fine with female-dominated group-marriage, and welfare to subsidize the reproductivity of single women, while many secretly hope that some handsome sheik will come along, and give them some of that “magic” they’ve been craving, such as is available to decadent European divorcées in Morocco for a price. Effectively castrated married men in the U.S. are mostly being homosexually serviced by Peggers and “Bulls” with the latter I suspect having more than its share of convicts. Convicts of course convert in order to gain some protection against being predated upon while in prison, as well as for a host of benefits such as better food.

Black American Muslims are blatantly used as tools in order to advance the Caliphate, for their largely stabilizing influence on communities predated upon by Leftism. However, if history repeats, Arabic Muslims will castrate them when no longer useful. Meanwhile, there’s no harm in pandering to them as well as to Leftist institutions of all sorts.

Speaking of Black American Islam’s views on homosexuality: Farrakhan responds to Pres. Obama endorsing Gay marriage.

Leftists who believe that Islamists have to “Hate” in order to slaughter homosexuals aren’t paying attention. Rather, one only needs to love Allah in order to commit Jihad. However, don’t expect a straightforward answer from an Islamic spokesperson on how that works, as they are required by Islam to lie to us.

Detain and Question that Woman!

There are many theories going around as to the two recent shootings in Orlando Florida. This is an urgent call to demand the detaining, questioning, and otherwise inconveniencing of one infamous vixen by the name of Dita Von Teese.

Miss Dita Von Teese is the former wife of Marilyn Manson, the artist responsible for the Columbine massacre. Miss Von Teese is thereby an appeaser of the chief bewitcher of Goth-music-loving young men who sadly became so disturbed by listening to this music, that they shot up a school. She’s “The Devil’s Music” muse!

The Climate of Hate brought about by Donald Trump is a similar menace.

It is this Climate of Hate which caused, one, or perhaps two confused young men, according to some accounts, or even three, to fire off guns within a closed building for a surprisingly long time, just like at Columbine.

With a reputation like hers, Miss Von Teese, is a highly suspicious person who needs to be questioned immediately. There is no time to waste. She could be appeasing who knows how many horrible straight men who would dare sell a gun to a poor confused son of an immigrant Afghanistani politician who just happens to have a security clearance. She might even be a Trump supporter!

That Columbine is a weapons-manufacturing town is of no concern whatsoever. Neither are the preponderance of Gay Republicans in Orlando. That information should have no bearing on Miss Von Teese’s highly suspiciously tight corset.

Fortunately, all places where people who gather in order to learn, play, listen, or whatever, can protect themselves from the cruel influence of Miss Von Teese by installing extremely expensive thought-control devices at their entrances, and frisking all corset-wearers…

And cigar smokers! (See comments).