Caprizchka is the author of the autobiographical cookbook, Nourishing the Predator: Recipes to Preserve and Enhance Virility in the Dominant American Male, 2012 Lulu Press.

The book was written in service to the love of her life now deceased.

She resides in Southwest Florida and is available for engagements large and small provided that she is allowed to smoke her cigars, while seated, and reasonably protected from the elements while doing so, should the desire to smoke arise.

Contact Form: https://caprizchka.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/about-caprizchka/

She can also be contacted for consultations of various sorts by persons capable of seeing to their own privacy on FetLife.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Just read a comment of yours that I thought was sufficiently insightful to come to your blog. Alas, I see no private way to contact you here except for something called fetlife which I won’t bother to look up and see if it’s real because it will undoubtedly require some sort of sign up.

    Anyhow, you have my email address if you care to hear my compliments but I’d suggest that your “about” page carry it as well which, at least in mobile version, it doesn’t appear to.

    • Ah, I see now that the comment I read wasn’t reflective of the totality of your thinking. Still, a very worthwhile bit of writing there but boy is the content of this blog surprising!

      Either way, the compliment will be forthcoming as promised if you email me an address. Conversing in public with strangers is something I’m not entirely partial towards.

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