Ruminant Politics

At my farm in Venezuela, I raised goats; chickens, guinea fowl, and waterfowl; a couple of cows; German Shepherds, and there was one cat.

I don’t have a lot of experience with sheep except from observation. In addition to my fascination with the populations that dot the Mendocino coast of California, I have stayed on sheep farms in France and Germany, but as a tourist not a volunteer. My observation is that Mendocino and Alsace-Lorraine sheep (I don’t know the breeds) are very efficient albeit shy lawnmowers.

I have not had much experience at all with intact rams, only whethers. Nor bulls.

I have six years of experience with intact male goats. Perhaps this explains my great affection for them.

My experiences with all of my animals inform many of my observations in terms of sex-dynamics of predators vs. prey, and were what spurred me to start blogging when I read a piece on race by the incomparable Janet Bloomfield a.k.a. “Judgy Bitch.” A second piece of hers inspired me to write: Diet, Behavior, and Violence in Under Nourished Creatures.

Although I don’t have a lot of experience with rams, I have for some reason been seriously romantically involved with more than my share of Aries men. I don’t inform my knowledge of rams exclusively by those experiences but I do see how it is that the characteristics common to the sign of Aries would be inspired by the archetypal ram. In retrospect, I believe that my record with Aries men illustrates my own historical lack of capability in distinguishing between Dominance and Authority. This deficiency of mine became clear to me after marrying a criminal Aquarius, escaping him, and then meeting the love of my life in a Capricorn.

I do not mean to cast aspersions on various astrological signs, only to create an analogy in terms of my own relationships with them. This piece that I write today is not about astrology, it is about Dominance and Authority as concerns The Left.

It is my understanding that when it comes to cattle breeds, the more docile females tend to be counterbalanced by the more aggressive males. For example, a darling little miniature Jersey cow female has a fiery little mate. I will venture a guess that the reason that Spanish Bullfighting doesn’t use Jersey males is because they are far too fast and dangerous with their sheer persistence. Therefore, it is contraintuitively safer to use larger breeds.

Not always, but, usually. Matador is mauled to death in horrifying footage showing first bullfighting fatality in Spain this century

What applies to cattle breeds also applies to sheep and rams. Specifically, one can be wandering along, minding one’s business, when suddenly one is rammed hard by a mean little fucker who has snuck up behind you while you are distracted and then tears forward like some sort of Kamikaze. It’s one good reason to both castrate and dehorn one’s rams!

I am speaking of the animal, not men who happen to be born under the sign of Aries. I think that my world needs more masculinity not less of it. Without it, we have a Man Shortage.

When it comes to the Parrot Sheep of The Left today, it would appear that the White breeds are largely self-castrating, and carry bullhorns. Whereas the Black breeds, if they survive long enough, are slaughtered about the time that they reach the age of being put out to pasture. There is definitely some overlap in these two types of populations. How about a little less of the vegetarian feedbag, guys, and a little more in the way of, say, lamb?

My late great Axel (Capricorn) drew this:

Parrot Sheep

By Axel (with Caprizchka), November 13, 2013

Just how long does The Left believe that it can survive an attack by wolves? Perhaps it is time to heed the German Shepherds who are trying to lead you guys to safety rather than merely assume that protection equates to predation.

Slaughtering your protectors is not going to change this dynamic for the better.





5 thoughts on “Ruminant Politics

  1. Equating protection to predation explains a lot; good analogy. Racism, sexism, ableism, classism, lampshadeism…anything in the cause of protection ist verboten. Be careful around the parrot sheep’s mouth, though…I hear they can crush even the hardest seeds of civilization.

    • Yes they do. Nice.

      Now as for lampshadeism, I think it’s high time we reduced the glare around this complex issue. Whether we’re trying to accent a sconce in a hallway or add mystique to a bare bulb, I think that we can all agree that lampshades add meaning to our lives. It is our responsibility as a nation to hold all lampshades as precious without regard to color, size, or changing trends in decor. Sometimes the light is flattering and other times not so flattering. We can still see and even, when necessary, change a light bulb.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me that idiots keep thinking that socialism will end differently. It really is simple – humans are inherently selfish. Capitalism allows me to do what is best for me, while helping others – it is the ONLY economic system that has ever raised people out of poverty, yet the lunatic left keep trying to kick-start their socialist utopia – which always ends in the same way… Venezuela is just the latest -Leftists never learn…

    • The old joke that a Conservative is a Liberal who’s been mugged has some basis. However, it doesn’t always take the first time. After a lifetime of violence, having one’s hard-earned possessions and status being wrenched away institutionally, and the experiences of friends and relatives then maybe eventually the trance is lifted. The ones whose conviction never budges are either so sheltered and deeply in trance that it’s a wonder they can tie their own shoes or whose investment in ideology is what they depend on for a metaphorical if not actual God who demands faith and belief in order to continue to rain down privilege upon them.

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