Margaret Sanger Was Framed!

I am inspired by a Mike Wallace interview of Margaret Sanger today and wonder how many quotes attributed to her were planted and fabricated by entrenched interests with less than holy agendas:

The video starts out as an ad for unfiltered Phillip Morris cigarettes. I love the ad.

Filters on cigarettes disguise the presence of cheap fillers and substandard tobacco. Cheap product is inevitable after all the taxes added in by overblown agendas of all sorts, in order to pay for their overblown agendas. It is a tax on smokers to pay for Dogooderism, specifically, “anti-smoking bureaucracy” which tends to attract women as employees and administrators.

The smoke itself is also more likely to offend. It’s stale and cheap.

Smoking cessation chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers step in to form public/private partnerships. They hire women preferentially too, such as to force prisoners, mental hospital inmates, school children, and all other captive individuals to listen to these product shills promoting fabricated statistics.

Must listen to the women! Doesn’t matter that they’re peddling complete crap. Not allowing them uninterrupted access to our minds is somehow “unchivalrous”.

Nicotine, like any phytochemical, is no more addictive than any other phytochemical. Some phytochemicals are estrogenic; whereas nicotine is testosterogenic and provides benefits to cognition, mental focus, and anti-plaque of the brain. Hence it has been the preferred contemplative aid to writers and storytellers since it came to exist.

Whereas women who demand that everyone listen to whatever they have to say regardless of their own addiction to affirmation that they are paid to indulge is a matter of values not Science.

If nicotine was so addictive, so many smokers would not find it possible to quit smoking with no “help” from Dogooders or chemicals at all! Besides, there’s always the nicotine in tomatoes, eggplant, and califlower if one wants to stimulate one’s brain to produce anti-Dogooderism wit, assuming that comedy can survive forced pandering to regressives demanding that entertainment and expression of all sorts be “filtered”.

When smokers are unable to afford cigarettes except those comprised of stale tobacco, then two things are likely to occur:

  • Foul-smelling cheap cigarettes reinforce the idea to Dogooders that “tobacco is bad”.
  • Bootleg cigarettes containing better quality tobacco appear, as promoted by criminals, by definition. ‘Criminals are bad! Tobacco is bad!’ shriek the regressives.

Men idly contemplating anything rather than pandering to the women around them looks like a problem that “Science” can solve. The cigarette becomes the hot, slim, and sexy competitor to the Feminist agenda of universal male enslavement, along with the enslavement of all attractive young women to monopolist agendas.

However the regressives also say that Black is good and White is bad! Therefore, when a very small time tobacco criminal dies, then, it must be White people’s fault! Bad bad White Men!

I think it is hilarious that it turns out that a Black female sergeant has been charged with not effectively supervising the arrest of Eric Garner. Her fellow officers of course chivalrously defend her because she is an attractive young woman. Perhaps she is not intrinsically qualified to supervise anyone simply from Blackness or Femaleness. Or perhaps she is not tall enough to see!

Chivalry is not quite dead…yet.

What Pro-Lifers and Pro-Choicers can both agree on is that regressives, single women with children, young women driven by hormones, and most failed women in general, are easy to pander to by rhetoric alone, or you can lift them up on your shoulders.

Thank God for Citizen Ruth. The bottom line is money, honey. Even a glue-sniffer could figure that out.

Women are good! Men are bad! Women need more babies! Women whose only claim to societal usefulness is reproduction are, as Ann Coulter points out, narcissistic.

Here’s a little uncomfortable demographic trend math from my lips to your ears, Dear Reader:

As regressives increase in numbers, they engage in mob actions such as BAMN. Regressives can be found among each and every ethnic group.

Throwing more babies at regressives who depend on mob knee-jerk reaction to all “bad” ideas defies rationality, unless one is profiting from mob knee-jerk reactions.

As I continue to watch the Margaret Sanger interview, I take note that Sanger has a stronger grasp of Arizona agricultural conditions than do most virtue-signalers condemning the words of Russell Pearce:

“A lot of lazy people seem to have mistaken the government for a charity. That’s not how things were meant to work,” Pearce said. “And food stamps are draining the budget faster than it takes a drunkard to kill a bottle of whiskey. And this is not the case with Arizona alone, this is going on nationwide. We need to put this under control or else we’re looking at bankruptcy. And everybody is making jokes about it instead of trying to find a solution. Well, I have.”

Pearce then went on to explain how “we need to limit food stamp access to women who have been sterilized,” and how “that’s the only way of separating the ones who are willing to work for food from those who aren’t.” Asked whether that means women will, effectively, be made to give up the prospect of having children in the future simply because of the fact that they’re poor, the former state senator replied, “In order to be able to feed a baby, you first need to be able to feed yourself. That’s a pre-requisite in this case. What can I say, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

Senator George McGovern apparently disagreed with Margaret Sanger’s mathematically-driven conclusions that there are limits on what land can produce in terms of crops. Chemical fertilizers and gas-guzzling machinery comprised his “Green Revolution” in order to produce crops as promiscuously as regressive babies popping out of regressive mothers.

The “filter” on nutrient deficient food such as to disguise its empty taste is the suppression of taste buds by means of poor training of those taste buds from formula to commercial baby food. Even if that junk is free.

If you have no taste then you don’t miss what you’ve never had, except that it will be forced upon you with promiscuous consumption movies and “entertainment” such that all it takes is a sledgehammer to your neighbor’s door and all that yummy “taste” can be yours.

Arizona as a state, then as now, defies quantity of agricultural yield (paid for by monopolist multinationals with an eye toward generations of dependence), except that which is trucked in.

Sheer numbers of regressives benefit a host of entrenched interests, from The Church to The Bureacracy, from the Democratic Party to Lotharios, from the door to door saleswoman (or her son), to the one collecting for “charity”, from Industrialists to Slavers.

Elite investors of course benefit from the volatility of forcing inflated populations upon each other.

How many women does any society need? Lots of them! The stupider the better. In that sense Muslims Are the True Feminists.

Anything that might disturb the quietude of regressive women must be filtered away or covered in a burkha. There there. You don’t have to look at or listen to that! Now spread em, Baby.

The Government Harem awaits you with open arms. All you need to do is make more of you, and money like goodness will rain down upon you.

Pay no attention to bad women like Margaret Sanger who understand simple math. Math is bad.

She just had to be a bad eugenicist. Right? I was wrong. I admit it. I was fooled.

Trucking in regressive population overflow from Latin America and Islamic countries won’t cause the Arizona desert to bloom with anything good-er than bodies.

4 thoughts on “Margaret Sanger Was Framed!

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  3. Chivalry is not quite dead…yet.

    Almost – but the women I see still enjoy being women. I admit that it’s sad that they have to be taught that doing what comes naturally is good, and to punt on all of the BS they are sold.

    Margaret Sanger’s mathematically-driven conclusions that there are limits on what land can produce in terms of crops.

    Richard Feynman wrote an intro to a study on how increased carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere had increase crop yields per acre, and how reducing it will actually cause starvation – mostly because there are all ready too many people – most of whom would be best ground up and used as fertilizer – but the SJW’s go bat-shit crazy when you tell them that… I do admit to enjoying seeing them sputter… I just enjoy dropping a Nuke and being on my way…

    I tell people back in the 70’s they (the leftists) were spouting non-sense about the impending ice-age, but couldn’t figure out how to make money, so they cooked up global warming a generation later.. Since that was been debunked, now it’s “climate change”. I told a young lady not that long ago, “the climate has been changing for 4.5 billion years and will continue to change – we have as much influence over that as a piss-ants shit does on you arm to throw off you balance.” That isn’t to say we can’t destroy the planet for the next several thousand years if we wanted to – one of my past jobs was to come up with cost-effective ways to do just that. Most of that work is now classified (wouldn’t keep Hillary from shouting it from the roof-tops, but I keep it on the down-low). Basically, it’s easy if you just want to eradicate all life and don’t care if it takes a generation or two – that’s only 20-40 years… Several ways to do it cheaply and efficiently with today’s technology, and it’s only getting easier….

    So these people that worry about things getting warmer have never enjoyed the smell, and sight, of female flesh covered in sun-tan lotion on a beach, and they really need to get the sh*t out of their eyes and ears and enjoy what’s important in life…

    Math is bad.

    One of the reasons I like math is it does not lie, you can change what you input into an equation, like the non-sense that you aren’t part of the work-force if you gave up on looking for a job. Nope – that’s BS, if they calculated unemployment today like it was done in Reagan’s time it would be 23% – not the non-nonsensical numbers they spout today, so they change the assumptions and like magic the media tells everyone don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain…

    One of the reasons I liked hard science – either it is right or wrong. And they can try to persecute you like the did in the Dark Ages for having inconvenient ideas against their accepted horse-sh*t but it doesn’t mean you aren’t provably correct… That’s why they are trying to be able to prosecute you for saying inconvenient truths – like those Muslims that raped a 5 year old girl in Idaho… They are doing everything they can to shut that up… Like you can hide that an animal is an animal…

    Anyway… all of those things are why I have one foot out the door when it comes to this country. It’s doomed, sad that the last-best-hope has been destroyed, sacrificed on the alter of political-correctness, but c’est la vie… Those that want it can live with it, I’ll head somewhere warm where women are still feminine and don’t try to be mini-inept-men.

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