Television and Katrina

When I watch what is happening in Venezuela these days I remember what it was like living there, particularly in Caracas which is where most of the action occurs. The Han and I lived in the sector known as “Altamira” for six months. Also stayed in some other parts briefly before moving to our farm in Estado Barinas.

For what it’s worth, there has never and probably never will be a fireworks spectacular that can beat what I’ve experienced on numerous occasions in Caracas.

For most of that six months, The Han and I stayed in a penthouse, which, sounds nicer than it was although the view was incredible. By incredible, I do not mean breathtaking, although fortunately the near view, that is, the part less obscured by smog, was a park and so the air quality was not quite horrific.

When we left the San Francisco Bay Area, putting all of our belongings to include two cars into two shipping containers, Katrina had just happened. HDTV-ready television sets were also on their way. I listened to talk radio frequently to include Democracy Now, and left-of-center commercial programming. Public service announcements with regard to the need to trade in one’s television interspersed with man-on-the-street commentary within the sphere affected by Katrina, to include the travails of persons herded, moved, and abandoned, would inspire the mantra which The Han and I developed:

Time to Go!

I’ve been a student of cult-indoctrination and mind-control techniques ever since I determined that I was particularly susceptible to the latter. Whereas, close-knit groups in general held limited appeal for me—not because I didn’t hope to find one that I liked but rather that they would continuously disappoint me as overly female-dominated—therefore I shied from actual rather than reluctant “leaders” of such dynamics, for the most part.

It was evident that I was susceptible toward a hypnotic thrall when it came to individuals with less than overriding group domination ambitions, that is “outsiders”. I’m fairly certain that this susceptibility is a combination of genetics and childhood experiences, to include a vivid imagination and thereby susceptibility to daydreaming. Specifically, a low natural endorphin level plus high intelligence makes directed hypnosis from a highly intelligent individual particularly enthralling. By “intelligent” I mean high brain wave activity presumably capable of high-level thinking, whether of mechanical or rhetorical nature.

Since I recoil from most group dynamics and am otherwise suspicious of all reflexive conditioned “belief systems” that result in sort of a look of rapture on the believer’s face as the rhetoric is chanted, when I first started hearing about television which was about to instantly become more hypnotic than it used to be, I was gravely concerned.

Ironically, at the time, I was unaware that I was being hypnotized and otherwise manipulated on a regular basis by The Han himself. I’m certain he found it amusing just how perceptive I was on one hand and blind on the other. This is a function of what is known in Hypnosis study as “sealing”. Sealing prevents both hypnosis from competing parties and knowledge that one is being hypnotized. I still haven’t figured out how the sealing process was performed with me only that the seal became loosened over time as a function of my relationship with Axel.

Trauma and disruption of various sorts is all a part of the hypnosis and sealing processes. The trauma of Katrina for those persons affected, or any mass disruption which causes loss of identity and mass migration, can cause heightened susceptibility to charismatic personalities and rhetoric.

These factors are a matter of daily life in Venezuela.

One of the ways that I am “different” from most women my age in the U.S. is that I have come to recognize symptoms of trance as relates to television programs. In person, a sort of rapture appears on the face as a childish voice describes the wonders of a particular television program; or, conversely, an authoritative voice repeats some piece of Leftist/Globalist/Socialist rhetoric, which is anti-Christian, anti-male, and anti-White; or unquestioningly Healthist or Science-ist.

In terms of my influence over Axel, persuading him to leave the television off and to not install one when we moved I consider to be a high achievement. He would remark occasionally how much better he felt not having one around. Instead, we would entertain ourselves in other ways, to include streaming of movies and clips, alternative media, and pornography, as well as a hefty DVD collection of that last.

That said, it is evident to me that those U.S. men who I would call masculine would appear to have less in the way of hypnotic mannerisms when discussing television, if television is discussed at all.

In terms of the development of masculine identity, it is my understanding in terms of psychology that it is a continuation of the separation of self from caregiver that begins at about aged two in both boys and girls. Whereas girls never fully separate from mother in terms of separate identity, heterosexual masculine men do. Those who fail to make this separation essentially operate with a stronger or more overriding Oedipal complex, which is regressive, or narcissism.

Lack of mothering, perversely, can be as regressive as excessive mothering, with both lack and excessive mothering a symptom of regressive impulses in the mother. It would appear to me that daughters of regressive mothers, which is the norm in the West, particularly desire maternal affirmation between each other, and that various rote affirmations are learned and repeated from television.

Men, as a means of controlling women, for good or ill, learn to mimic these maternal television affirmations. It is like a rooster who imitates the sounds that a mother hen makes, and this is what good roosters do. All the hens will prefer to follow the rooster who makes the nicest sounds such that the alpha rooster won’t tolerate another rooster who dares to compete at that level within close earshot. Essentially, this gives men who have the greatest rhetorical skills disproportionate power over susceptible women.

Combining hypnotic rhetoric with the high-density television image would appear from my vantage point to be particularly effective, and off-putting to me. It is an essential element of my own alienation from Western Women. It also is the ingredient which makes me the most “unknown” to men. Since there are no magic out-of-the-box affirmations which serve to control me I am perhaps wisely considered to be not worth the risk.

I am “sealed”.

4 thoughts on “Television and Katrina

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  2. Television hypnosis remind me of Fahrenheit 451. A character in the novel believes television characters are “relatives.” I thought it was pithy hyperbole. More than a few people have deeper relationships with television characters than they do with real people. Of course it’s not confined to television (here I am talking about a novel), but television including movies is undeniably still the dominant medium for fiction.

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