Decadence and Islam

I haven’t been very active lately on FetLife and I’ve closed all my online dating profiles months ago.

Occasionally I get an offer to be sexed/beaten by a male with demonstrated incapacity in deferred gratification, or to be the one to do the sexing/beating by an aspiring supplicant, or to do either including “getting to know you” purely electronically.

These offers provide me neither comfort nor titillation.

I remember my history in the greater BDSM community, whatever that is, which I suppose officially started when I was accepted as the submissive of a closeted bisexual man in San Francisco shortly after I turned 18. The “closet” part was his heterosexual side.

He later went “straight”. I think I can take some credit although that wasn’t my intention particularly given his carefully hidden ambition to farm babies with the state paying for that “freedom” of his. I don’t regret declining that offer.

Fast forward after an adulthood in my physical prime replete with men pretending to be Dominants and Masters who were merely interested in being thought sexy or powerful as a salve for previous life grievances, or were even merely squirreling away political influence and money (sometimes mine!) so as to have the means of decadent fulfillment to their taste once their charm failed to attract sufficiently juicy parasitic hosts, or were already the hosts themselves to a parade of emotionally/financially manipulative blood suckers.

But then I met Axel—the love of my life. I thought this meant that once again, the BDSM community was my tribe. It wasn’t. Probably never was. Axel died. I’m still around though and unfathomably healthy such as to be free of all known disease of physical origin.

My brain however provides poisons that most are best advised to forego.

I’ve likely “peaked” at least in the U.S. Even so, the idea of watching the U.S. from afar with live human beings with attention span, entirely irrespective of private sexual practices, even if that means celibacy for yours truly appeals more and more.

Stale virtue signallers and dating-by-catalogue types are invited to read the following before you determine that Islam is an option preferable to self-restraint. Probably too long for you to read though.

Best you just click on the online dating profile of an Equal Opportunity vagina or someone else less discerning with regard to your brand of rhetoric—with or without clever memes:

Sybaritic West Surrenders to Islamists

Please do not assume that my inclusion of the above link means that I’ve succumbed to mainstream propaganda with regard to conspiracy theories. Rather, I’m developing one of my own. It’s quite the long game.

13 thoughts on “Decadence and Islam

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  2. Like the image. Islam is the “religion of peace of the grave.”

    Check this out for a little “history” lesson…

    Of course, all it would take to end this non-sense is to allow every man and woman over 18 to carry. A well-armed society is a safe, and polite, society…

    I regularly take women in my core group to Las Vegas for conferences each year – and we stick around afterwards doing things – one of which is taking them to fire sub-machine guns – that is a staple as we do it early in the day, and they are ready to jump me for the rest of the day. Who says there is no dependable way to get a woman’s juices running?

    Anyway, one of them called my attention to the wuss NYT journalist that whined about his shoulder after firing an AR-15. What a coward… The AR-15 fires a bullet about the size of a .22 – something I started shooting when I was 5… Sounds about right, a grown liberal of today can’t handle something a 5 yo old back in the day was given as his first real gun. And just for the record and AR-15 is one of the lightest weapons around. You want to get winded – try lugging a Barrett around – that puppy will leave a bruise if you aren’t used to firing it. Best sniper rifles on the face of the Earth. The weapon of choice for reaching out and saying “hello” to a Muslim.

    Now note that none of the women I’m presently with are more than 100 lbs dripping wet… And they enjoy shooting… Shows me that the NYT’s guy really doesn’t deserve to be called “male” as he, like Obama, gave up his nuts long ago…

    Just my opinion mind you… But such XY individuals disgust me… Can’t really call them “male”…

    • The idea that anyone would call Islam either “Peace” or “hypermasculinity” is such a joke.

      In addition to raving regressive Muslims (a redundancy), there’s also the matter of raving regressive Leftists (like BAMN), and raving regressive “youths”.

      The latest sneaky tactic is somehow make “mental health issues” exclusionary. Not loving Islamists, Leftists, and regressive young men is somehow “insane.” Not being wholly deferential to women and Jews is also “insane.” These people are cult indoctrinated zombies! As I imply in my latest piece.

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