Sour Grapes

I wish that I had been born of a strong Patriarchal family with a mother who dedicated her life toward supporting her children and husband in their processes of maturing into happy and effective human beings. I wasn’t. Oh well. This sub-optimum genesis of mine might have something to do with my general dismay when it comes to female-dominated groups. I’m somewhat loath to myself dominate such a group, except as absolutely necessary. That is, I would be delighted to be enlisted to work for a clear practical objective rather than something that gets me all hot and tingly.

I’d need a strong patriarchal advisor in order to keep me on track.

It is entirely possible that my reasons for largely shunning the company of women or pussy-whipped men are of the “sour grapes” variety, because, after all, I’ve tried, and tried, and tried, became repulsed, and stopped trying.

Now here I sit typing, basically a captive of my current circumstances, and otherwise more than a little bitter about the world around me. However, on the positive side, rather than living in a glass house, throwing stones does seem to make my life a bit more tolerable particularly since when stones are thrown back at me it adds excitement and challenges to my existence such as to distract me from misery. Lovely compliments are nice too as well as meeting of the minds and otherwise discovering that I am not actually alone in the universe even if physically I am mostly alone.

All that said, I think it is high time that people recognize on both sides of the Feminism spectrum (the pros and the antis) that most “misandry” and “misogyny” is just sour grapes. Persons who have not made heterosexuality into an overall success story tend to have some bitterness, justifiable or no. In my view, a lot of that bitterness is justified to be thrown at the feet of Gynocentric Utopianism which spawned Monogamy, Feminism, and centralized power over diverse belief systems such as to constrain them into those ideologies. Therefore, I’m more comfortable blaming those ideologies over blaming entire sexes, or “outlaw” adherents of sexuality/gender identity themselves, or races, even though the regressive elements of all demographics have been swept into the Leftist/Fabian agendas.

When it comes to belief systems however, as much as I may criticize Christian Churchians for their Gynocentrism, Utopianism, Monogamy, and thereby susceptibility to regressive agendas of all sorts, I do not want to see them fall to either Judaism or Islam, with Islam, in my view, being the more maniacal scourge like some sort of Candidiasis of anaerobic destruction.

I don’t think that sort of yeast would make for a very palatable wine.

7 thoughts on “Sour Grapes

    • What do you want for a free blog? Thanks. I’ll fix it. I’m constantly finding all sorts of errors in this thing. Sometimes I just leave them because ‘eh?’ authenticity.

  1. I’ve tried, and tried, and tried, became repulsed, and stopped trying.

    Most women are repulsed by effeminate men – after all, evolution is involved and women want a man that will slay the beast, or kill the “other” to protect what is his.

    most “misandry” and “misogyny” is just sour grapes

    People who call names generally have an agenda they are pushing. Men are men, and women are women. I am as I am, and enjoy women who don’t try to be men. After all, women have everything that I’m attracted to – for all of the obvious reasons. I tend to think the ones that yell, are the ones that wish they were the ones being “categorized”…

    Islam, in my view, being the more maniacal scourge

    Yet, the loonies will blame a tool, like a hammer, or a saw, or a gun just because it can be used to kill. I have many guns, and none of them have ever tried to kill me. Not a one… They are tools – useful for many things, and if anyone tries to take them, they will find it isn’t the gun they should fear – but the man behind it.

    On a related topic, I enjoy taking young women out to the pistol range. Almost all of them enjoy firing off a few boxes. Some find it more than a little stimulating.

    • All so true.

      In all fairness, if we did not have such a strong societal meme of Monogamy, some of the Western World’s “extra” women would be just fine as a secondary wife/girlfriend/whatever, perhaps with a lesbian girlfriend too, and thereby wouldn’t be quite so gung ho about castrating all the men that they can’t have.

      As much as I support some sort of patriarchal prostitution, it would have to offer some sort of retirement plan. Something like a “marriage” to one’s pimp. Better than relying on government for everything. All that would have to be worked into the business plan/price.

      Cock deprivation is serious business!

      Causes lethargy and disregard for one’s appearance. Certainly happening to me. My last was Axel’s. Well over a year ago. I’m not counting oral sex. Definitely sliding more and more into not giving a shit. I promise that I won’t turn into a feminist or misandrist however. I’d rather be a “cautionary tale” or “object lesson” than a feminist.

      The first man to take me to a shooting range was a security guard at the hospital where I worked, about 30 years older, over 30 years ago. He insisted! I probably would have given it up for him but since he was determined to teach me how to defend myself I think he would have been overly surprised and it would have compromised our working relationship. Too many women were getting assaulted in the hospital parking lot. He was genuinely concerned for me.

      I think the gun which I then carried, entirely illegally I might add, gave me some sort of Mo Jo. I radiated Dirty Harry. It was San Francisco, as a matter of fact. If I missed the bus, I’d walk home through the Mission District or Tenderloin. Rough spots. Particularly back then.

      I would love to go on another shooting range date. Maybe I should find one I like and haunt it. Seems to me that would not be such a bad way to meet protective men.

  2. With pregnancy hormones I’m finding myself in a place I never expected. Normally I prefer the company and conversation of men and, although I have developed a greater appreciation for the feminine in the last few years, women were not for daily interactions. But now I’m finding that although I still prefer men for conversation, I feel a natural slight repulsion towards them in person and a slight pull towards women. My body knows that I would need female support through pregnancy, childbirth and nursing, and I can’t seem to counter that. I feel a little trapped, to be honest.

    • That’s an interesting aspect. I can see how that would happen. I’ve known pregnant women who sort of develop a lioness persona which isn’t all that “submissive”. Any possibility of taking in a boarder? Wife of a friend of your husband who would like a break? Family member? His mother? It must be very difficult to be sandwiched between very different dynamics. Not that I would know personally.

      • His grandmother lives just down the road. Only issue is that my introversion and desire for male conversation still kicks in after a few hours. My best female friend is more tomboyish like me and lives a town over, but she’s a massive introvert too, and a bit busy right now, otherwise I might stay with her for a week or so. May even see if I can stay with her when Jon does festival work. It’ll work itself out in the end, though.

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