Milo vs. Roosh

Two of the more controversial figures in the greater field of anti-feminism conservatives all too easily distance themselves from for ideological and religious reasons. Perhaps that distancing is not entirely of political or ideological necessity in my view but rather could have none too hidden economic motivations.

Ideologues of all sorts tend to dismiss these iconoclastic thought leaders.

Of course the religious considerations are important; however distinguishing modern religious propaganda from historical propaganda to include that purveyed by The Church is tricky! The wisdom of Solomon would be required to separate such concerns from economic, utopian, and power considerations. After each of us die, perhaps such motivations can be extracted by historians. However, good luck in the modern age framing that narrative dispassionately.

Part of the appeal to me of these two characters, Milo and Roosh, is their “outsider” status. As an “outsider” or iconoclast myself I’m prone to identify with them. That does not mean that I believe that the views of outsiders are necessarily objective or benign. We all have “self-interest” at our core to perhaps include interest in future generations, nations,  humanity itself, and even “God’s Plan”. There are also “useful idiots” and “good intentions”. The heart or soul tends to reveal itself over time to intimates. The camera, in the era of “crisis actors” is not a reliable witness. Neither is the human eye.

Only God sees the entire picture, hence the belittling of Theists by all those who are burdened with the disability of Paranumerophobia: Fear of irrational numbers.

As a treatment for this affliction, I recommend a course of study in Calculus, and if I may, I shall say a prayer of thanks to my maternal Grandfather and Grandmother for all the tools provided me of both rational and irrational nature by that Calculus professor (and Swiss immigrant Freemason!) and renegade late-marrying (in secret!) math teacher, respectfully.

However I do not hold them forth as archetypal idols worthy of emulation but rather very human iconoclasts in an era burdened by both The Great Depression and the debut of the magic big screen parade of Idolatry.

Speaking of Idolatry, in my view this is a problem which magnifies with State-mandated monotheism, by sheer volatility, rather than being effectively discouraged by it, regardless of how thick may be the burkha placed upon the mesmerizing figure or ban on graven images. Archetypal facets of the human condition are always going to be personified whether by myth or media, subject to the interpretation of the particular culture or age. The Greeks knew this and so do the Hindis. Camille Paglia, mysteriously  “Jewish” like Italian American Catholic Philadelphian Transsexual (FtM in her mind) that she may be, figured this out.

These Deities or Celebrities tend to have particular magnetic appeal to children regardless of whether one’s house of worship contains images of human forms, or actual humans.

Denying the poor access to such a powerful physical force in the way of Dieties by way of the senses does not diminish such a force. Television, in a vacuum of Religious Dieties may have too much power. In the case of all the monotheistic religions, in my view, visual deprivation of “Dieties” (except perhaps the dour, suffering, and chaste) propounds the scourge of child rape, whether by heterosexual or homosexual mien. It further provides energy to the cause of violent assault of infidel, whether sexually or not a.k.a. Jihad.

Visual (or any other sense!) assault by pornography or mere advertising is not an improvement over censorship when imposed over a broad array of geography or culture such as is found in Globalism. Given that we have little in the way of independent States rights, thanks to Federalism, various international trade and military pacts, and porous borders, it would seem to me to be within the rights of any small community to impose their own local standards of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in terms of the public sphere as concerns idolatry, celebrity, pornography, and advertising.

However, having a mayor of London who admittedly hails from a regressive religion such as Islam impose such “community standards” offends me. He can pander to Feminists and Christian Churchians all he wants but I have to say that temptation is most pernicious when it is soft and mild.

Speaking of idolatry, there is a certain cigar bar around here which contains an image of Thomas Edison with a low-tech graphic alteration of a picture of a cigar taped to the photo. I love to sit in a certain chair and just stare up at him. I think that photo is sexy! I’d love to stand up and do a little strip tease for the man however I suspect that will get me thrown out of the cigar bar.

That said, my ideological heart is with Nicola Tesla even if I do not find his visage quite as hypnotic. His name however I find appealing and exotic even though I have to wonder about the long term trade protectionism objectives of having an entirely different standard of electrical power in the United States (along with a history of strange plumbing fixtures, etc.) as opposed to the rest of the world. That might sound like an off-beat segue but let’s say that my mind works in mysterious ways not entirely within my control.

Speaking of placating, pandering supposedly “secular” Islamists, I find myself increasingly suspicious of the sheer volume of obviously “Semitic” figures appearing in the public sphere as concerns actors, activists, talking heads, politicians, etc., even in the case of those who would appear to be singularly vilified; because:

Every crowd has a silver lining.

Every Crowd Has a Silver Lining

It may be entirely my feminine irrational sense of intuition, but, given a choice of salons in which to converse, smoke, or drink, headed by any of the live human celebrities mentioned or intimated in this piece, I would choose that of Milo Yiannopolis myself.

I’ll keep reading Roosh and Return of Kings because I believe I have the ability to filter out what may be stealth Islam conversion methods. I’m just going to put that out there. Not to throw the baby out with the bathwater or anything but is he the best that the Americas can do in terms of a Masculinist icon? How about one with perhaps just a little less of the Islamic beard? Hmmmm?


15 thoughts on “Milo vs. Roosh

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  2. You are picking Milo because he is not a sexual threat. Much safer.

    Also, this article is not about either of these guys since you barely talk about either of them.

    Also, you are forgetting about stealth homo conversion methods.

    Milo would turn you into a gay man.

    Otherwise, nice post.

    • I cherish the notion of being converted to a gay man. I would love to be converted to a gay man. I’m ready. o/~ Working out at the Y M C A o/~ Working out at the Y M C A o/~

      As for Roosh, I’d do him for a stick of gum.

      However in terms of listening to what either man says while in a state of disrepair, I choose Milo.

      Please use the search feature on my blog in terms of number of instances of “Milo” and “Roosh”, my dear incorrigible child.

  3. Boy, you responded fast. Hanging around the house clicking refresh are we dear?

    Is this your twisted little version of Okcupid?

    And also, exactly what stealth conversion methods do you claim?

    Have a nice day. Don’t forget to pet the flowers and sniff the dogs.

    • Hey I can say the same about you! I had just barely posted my piece when ‘voila’ my first comment.

      I can assure you that “twisted” does not even begin to cover the excitement that this blog yields me through private messages.

      My stealth conversion methods? Have you tried my lasagna? Extremely effective. (Perhaps a bit too effective.)

      • Your whole intellectual strategy seems to be:

        “No I’m not, you are.”

        My real question is:

        “Is it gum or lasagna? And will you hand deliver it?

      • Has this approach worked in the past for you such as to result in hand-delivered lasagna? If so, then, you most certainly do not need to be reading Roosh.

  4. I recommend a course of study in Calculus

    And Tensor Calculus if you want a real challenge. And then you can see how “black holes” fall out of the equations for General Relativity. Truly beautiful…

    my ideological heart is with Nicola Tesla

    A man that never got his due in life – too many thieves like Edison around… But at least neither tried to get things outlawed – although Edison’s advocating the “electric-chair” to kill the idea of alternating-current was a brilliant move – slimy as all heck, but from a PR perspective, brilliant…

    And I have always LOVED the Tesla Coil – I made one long ago in a science class in high-school…. Today I would have been arrested for trying to burn-down the school…

    having a mayor of London who admittedly hails from a regressive religion such as Islam impose such “community standards” offends me.

    Whenever I hear morons screaming that you can’t limit immigration, I want to bash their heads in with a history book about: The Immigration Act of 1924, and it’s specific caveats that were in effect till 1964… Here is a brief description: “In addition, it severely restricted the immigration of Africans and outright banned the immigration of Arabs and Asians.”

    Although I happen to like Asian women, but I get tired of hearing the “useful” idiots that know nothing of history and less about Islam… Most people don’t know that the Arabs were in cahoots with Hitler – you never hear about that – doesn’t take a genius to understand why… Of course, most people don’t know that Russia was also an ally of Hitler – till he invaded them as well….And if you want to understand why there were “Dark Ages” – look to the invasions of the Turks – read that as Muslims invading Western Europe.

    That’s why there were Crusades – it was an attempt to stop the repeated invasions of the Muslims into Europe… You won’t hear that little fact ever. This is just the latest invasion… Again – just look at history – of course today, finding books that tell the truth is difficult since they use cover terms to obscure reality – like in England – “Asian” means Muslim… Fortunately, there are still history books, before 1984 became reality in the US and they started to re-write history to obscure the truth.

    • I’ll take your word for it on Tensor Calculus. I studied Calculus because I had an aptitude for it and this got everyone all excited. Besides at the time I thought I was going to get a degree in computer science and this would cause both success and happiness. It turned out that I didn’t need the degree for the first part. The second part was elusive. Tutoring was sort of fun and so was getting approval from the teacher. I think this proves I’m female.

      Asian girls tend to be more math inclined. I’ve gotten a lot of grief from them in my life but that’s not your problem. As a somnambulist I have to be cautious around particularly adept skills of “charm”. I think it’s a function of some level of Aspergers. As I learn more about it I’ve learned some skills of resistance.

      Neurolinguistic programming however is particularly intimidating in terms of gradually shaping the mind, such that I wonder about some of the values which Roosh slips in between very easy-to-swallow ones. He is after all a seducer. Those skills are also being used on his customer base. Why not throw in a little “tolerance” for the “Right” sort of Islam in terms of class? By default, that’s a given. He’s special.

      So am I, I suppose, as an anti-feminist woman who identifies strongly with Paglia even if we disagree on certain points, who somehow turned out not to be a Lesbian. It could have gone the other way though.

      If I were getting sex in exchange for solving equations I’d probably go back to it. Meanwhile I’m grossly out of practice. If I found it worthwhile to brush up I suppose I would but I suspect that part of my brain is damaged today. That was all part of the mind control–to cede all of that stuff to my Chinese husband. But big picture concepts still stay with me and I see 3-D graphs in my head sometimes. That came in handy in a few of my technical writing jobs. But joy? I think that a lot of that comes from bonding, which boys and men do, while solving problems together. I wasn’t a part of that dynamic. I was happy for them but I was more of a solo intellectual rather than for group-approbation. I suspect that women and girls watching that geek male bonding think that it is some sort of boy’s club that is unfairly excluding females. That’s not true. They just have different rules in play than girls do. In other groups of boys and men doing different things I learned some of those rules and part of that was essentially keeping my mouth shut and doing what the effective leader told me to do. I’d make a fine gay man I’m sure.

      By the way, The Allies were also aligned with Hitler, until they weren’t. It was one big propaganda-spreading, people-moving, resource-grabbing, population reduction extravaganza. Lately I’ve been dabbling in “Revisionism” and found that the German people were particularly screwed from all directions. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Germany. That’s a lot of U.S. military bases. They’re an occupied country. I tend to think that was the whole point from the onset of funding Hitler’s rise to power in the first place.

      Speaking of the history of Islam, there’s a great piece on Return of Kings that inspired a little digging on my part with regard to the collusion of Anglo-American shipping interests with the Barbary Pirates:

      At the top, they’re always colluding with each other. More evidence that I’m female is that I would just assume try to go along to get along should I ever be captured by pirates of any stripe. I don’t throw that out casually having known numerous people who have had brushes with some of the worst of them. There’s a snorkeling excursion outfit in Aruba that I’ll swear is staffed by actual pirates gone legit. The fantasy of pirates as well as “Arabian Nights” well beats the reality. That sort of slow seduction over generations using fantasy in my view is all a part of a long game of Islamic creep.

      I wonder how many Anglo-American politicians and captains of industry have been seduced into compromising positions and then videotaped and photographed? That would explain a lot.

      Speaking of challenges, I’m sort of glad that there is the gulf of electronic distance between us, as you would doubtless be entirely too persuasive in person.

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