A “Real” Anti-Feminist

“Please respond, only if you’re real.”

The above is the tagline to be found in men’s online dating profiles to include the BDSM world with such regularity as to be hilarious. What is “real” when it comes to irrational romantic and sexual fantasy? Standards vary coast-to-coast as well as era-to-era, and that’s just in the United States.

I hate online dating by the way. I got married to the wrong man thanks to the rise of online dating, which confounded and intimidated me. More.

Nowadays I’m wholly jaded and entirely disabused of the validity of online dating. Hell is an online dating site. Church however is a polite catfight. Pass. Yeccccch.

I’d rather marry my martini shaker.

In terms of my “real” Dominant man? I suspect that the last shining example of such a creature died just over a year ago. That’s right. I’m almost 55, attractive enough for men on the street to approach me, but, as an “Alpha Widow” my hopes are so shot in terms of finding romance again, that I might as well be honest, right here, in my blog, in terms of the truth of Feminism, Statism, Healthism, and Churchism.

It’s all I’ve got.

It’s a lousy seduction strategy.

I am inspired to write this piece today in response to the latest from Roosh V. However, my response is not going to be an overwhelming love fest. Honesty from a woman is like that. I suspect that some men never receive honesty from a woman in their lives.

In his latest, Roosh issues a challenge in terms of how to flush out a “real” anti-feminist among women. Unfortunately, it is not without bias. However, on balance, I think he makes some good points, particularly given the examples he has used. I’m on board with his examples as such that I agree that these particular women are not anti-feminist for the reasons he’s outlined.

In defense of somewhat hypocritical anti-feminist women, I’ll say that most of them are interested in either building a brand and thereby making money, and/or finding a husband. I regret that these objectives are somewhat in conflict. Such is the way of the world. One day, perhaps, I’ll make up some up-to-date slick videos myself for those objectives. However, I haven’t done so. Does that mean that I’m a dried up old hag? Or does it mean that I’m tired of being physically attacked by both men and women who’ve decided that I’m some sort of she-devil because I don’t have the same damage that they do? Misery loves company. How could I not be a miserable man-hating shrew or so completely cynical that I drink myself to death? It must be because I am the enemy. Been there!

There is also the matter of the paradox between attention-whoring and modesty. If an anti-feminist woman never speaks up, how do you know whether or not she exists?

For the moment, I am blessed such that I do not have to solicit donations or otherwise curry favor with interests who may not have the same philosophical bent that I do. That situation may well change, and soon! Meanwhile, if you would like to donate to my survival, let’s get together and meet over a cigar or drink or something because you deserve to know who I am and what I will or won’t do for just a tad more security than I have now.

No I will not peg you. No you may not eat my pussy. No I will not find deep fulfillment by means of mechanical orgasms.

An intimate connection takes time! Have you got time? If not, please move on.

For a pick-up artist turned masculinist, is it definitive that Roosh is an anti-feminist? Or is that merely expedient for his age transition, in terms of his target demographic?

Does he spurn feminist or fake-anti-feminist pussy? Hmmm. I sense a conflict of interest.

That conflict of interest does not however make Roosh a rapist!

Roosh provides a list of questions with which one can determine whether a woman is a “real” anti-feminist or not. Here they are, with my answers:

  1. “Are you against homosexual marriage?” I’m against homosexuals raising or farming children. Sterilization ought to be paid by taxpayers, plus throw in a big screen TV or something, plus provide some sort of civic or do-it-yourself retirement/geriatric care package that does not require guilting one’s progeny into wiping one’s ass. It would be cheaper in the long run. Besides, homosexuals perform a service. What’s wrong with Domestic Partnerships? I think they are terrific vehicles. Now that homosexual marriage is here, however, good luck putting it back in the box, Roosh. Therefore this argument is facile.
  2. “Do you believe its [sic] ideal for a woman to remain a virgin until she gets married?” Depends on the environment. In some places, yes. In other places, no. It would depend largely on whether men have some sort of sex-training so that they can get good at it. If not (such as today or under the influence of the fairy tale of “peer romance”) then she is expected to teach him. Facile again. Not a real world hypothetical. I think that The Oneidas had the right idea in terms of teaching both parties how to enjoy sex; however, I won’t elaborate here given the current climate that has everyone up in arms even while disagreeing on terms. By the way, I’ve been the privileged guest at a number of similar alternative lifestyle communities. They’re not all bad.
  3. “Do you believe that its [sic] best for children to be raised by a stay-at-home mother?” Yes.
  4. “Do you believe a woman’s choices should be constrained by her husband, tribe, or church with the intention of doing what’s best for her?” Yes. Even me. Would love to be so constrained. Sigh. At least I have my memories.
  5. “Do you believe it’s wrong for a young girl to find herself by traveling around the world and trying new experiences?” Certainly not ideal. Effectively orphaned young girls however, do whatever they have to do to survive and get ahead, to include slutting it up with whoever will pay her for whatever value she may be able to supply.

Now here’s my challenge for male anti-feminists to determine whether they are “real” anti-feminists:

Please justify Monogamy for me and supply me some civic purpose for the women left behind in a “monogamous marriage is the only marriage” environment, after wars devastate the male population, and those remaining men beat the gay out of their boys.

The convent? Hah. How many ex-Catholic schoolboys are now Atheist SJW’s thanks to abuse from nuns? The whorehouse? Better. Lifetime employment within government bureaucracy? That’s how we got into this mess. Fail.

Please feel free to make an argument I haven’t heard already with regard to Monogamy that shows that you are capable of adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying numbers, that doesn’t sound all whiny with regard to “assholes” who get all the women. Those assholes are going to get all the women anyway, one way or another, if you guys insist on romancing women in a pussy-whipped manner.

Go for it. Show me how “real” you are.

16 thoughts on “A “Real” Anti-Feminist

  1. Alright you’re on!

    Hah, just kidding. I only stopped by to say that you’re a total prude for not liking pussy eating.

    It’s delicious. You’re just old fashioned.

    • Not a prude. Tried it many times. Enjoyed it maybe 10% of those times, sometimes fabulously. Overall. No. Not worth it. I’m referring to the receiving end. As for the giving end, sure, I’ve had some fun, but, not worth it. Women. The crap I’ve been through because I had the audacity to give a woman pleasure. Apparently such pegs me as a soft touch (cough) from whom some sort of provisioning can be extracted. Puhleez.

  2. I feel the Roosh is correct in a sense that the new trend will look something like #antifeminist as the pendulum swings back toward a more conservative (in the realest sense) side of things. In our society, everything is a facade, and the antifeminist will just be its 2 weeks of “trending” because its “cool”.

    And I agree with IMGrody, eating pussy is fun. Its like getting a lawn mower started. Takes time and patience and knowing just how to do it for it to work.

    • The first part I agree with and as for the second, you go right ahead and party on. You certainly don’t need my permission to engage in it with someone else. If you’re getting rave reviews, who am I to interfere?

      I’ve tried to teach a variety of men how to please me that way because they insisted that I do so, not because I was personally optimistic, even though, I’ve had some stellar experiences, with the frequency of comets returning to Earth, by men who didn’t even ask how I liked it, but rather did it for themselves.

      That attitude alone, however, is no guarantee of success.

      I’ve been told my anatomy is somewhat “unusual” by men who would have a sufficient field of experience to make that assessment. Or perhaps that’s a way of deflecting their failure onto me. Fine. But I warned them.

      Naturally, this comment of mine will result in even more anonymous letters offering to “be the one”.

      I suspect it is because my revulsion is a commodity sought after in preference to my enthusiasm. I’ve learned to laugh about it, but no, I’m not going to meet any of these challenges, and I take all sorts of precautions that I don’t publish in terms of meeting a stranger.

      As for you and yours, I’m glad that you’re enjoying each other. 🙂 As for some of the things I like to do with an intimate other, I’m going to guess that more than a few of them would make you recoil. Not planning on elucidating online. Shocking the citizenry might be my bag, but not that way!

  3. Alright Caprizhka, I’ll give it a shot.

    Monogamy is justified because cultures where monogamy is a moral norm are more advanced than cultures where monogamy is not a moral norm. Monogamous cultures out-compete non-monogamous cultures. Monogamous marriage is an elegant compromise that requires a man and a woman to each sacrifice something dear to their respective natures. The husband sacrifices the practice of sexual variety, and the wife sacrifices the practice of hypergamy. Both parties keeping a tough promise makes for a better marriage than just one party keeping a tough promise, as is the case with Artisanal Toad’s/Biblical polygyny.

    As for a civic purpose for the leftovers, I think you got it: the whorehouse is best. Whether it’s de facto or literal, the whorehouse as a place for the leftovers best fits human nature. At least the leftovers are overtly competing for male attention as the property of men. In the convent most women will counterproductively try to escape that reality. Lifetime employment within government bureaucracy bears a troubling resemblance to the whorehouse…

    But you can’t hold up American culture as an example of one where the men have been decimated by war and monogamous marriage for life is normal. Presently women are divorcing the men they have, not scrabbling for any man at all. Moreover “Til death” hasn’t really been a majority thing since at least secular unilateral divorce laws spread in the 70s.

    On a less dialectic but also less catfishy note, I went on a tangent in an attempt to meet your challenge. Inspired by the suggestion towards the end of your Monogamy Math Lesson post and by Artisanal Toad’s writing, I imagined a hypothetical culture that might be viable. The situation I propose plays by Artisanal Toad’s/the Bible’s rules for marriage, with the exception that monogamous marriage is the only marriage. Polygyny is forbidden. As for a civic purpose for the women left behind, the general, de facto, and/or actual whorehouse would necessarily predominate. However these monogamous-war-decimated-culture’s whorehouses would have two rules: the breaking of a virgin’s hymen is forbidden, and artificial insemination is forbidden. Non-virgins in the whorehouse would have to have had their marriages annulled, obviously. Virgins in the whorehouse can only licitly become married/have PIV sex/get pregnant if the also-unmarried john initiates it. This could happen with the approval of the alpha pimp, as it does in the scenario you explained in Monogamy Math Lesson, or the unmarried john could be the sole agent. If they wanted to marry, the alpha pimp’s leftovers would have to compete fiercely for a marital commitment from the beta johns. Obviously a virgin has an advantage because all she has to do is get a john to break her hymen with his member, but her marriage is still subject to Biblical annulment law. The whorehouse is where leftovers are the de facto property of men, and they have to compete to become more valuable property.

    • First of all, I use the term, “polygamy” as a synonym for polygyny, because it is better known and I’m not being provisioned such as to have any incentive to change my language–I’m not part of Artisanal Toad’s harem nor am I petitioning to become one. I’m not even certain where I belong but it is probably not among children. Being a part of an overinflated den of cats also fills me with dread. I don’t have all the answers. Least of all for myself. In my view, free choice by women is all a part of the problem that is initiated and inevitable under monogamy.

      In terms of celebration of entrepreneurialism, I would like to see the “best” of whores get a crack at marriage before they are forced into whoredom, regardless of whether said “wives” are put out as prostitutes or not, depending on economic necessity. No way to sensibly police that now is there? “Hey, you! How come you’re not renting out your wives?”

      I agree with you in terms of Monogamy serving as an engine for rapid growth and it certainly looks like a good deal for young men whose SMV has not yet risen. However, it’s a scam. I also advocate a considerable age gap such as to funnel young women appropriately early rather than later. That doesn’t look like a good deal to young men because patience is required. However, in the long run, their chances are significantly improved. Yes of course some nice whores will make that wait more pleasurable but no point getting too comfortable with the sybaritic life while carving out one’s destiny.

      Every bubble has a correction. We’re seeing it now and women initiating divorces is all part of it.

      Effective if not “legal” polygynists not being legally allowed to provision their second wives can easily lead to divorce. It used to be one of the leading causes of it. Now wives can merely threaten husbands should their eyes or bodies betray their attraction to another. It is young men’s youthful energy which is the prize in terms of the ambitions of utopianists. However, the sacrifice of the lot of them belies the “good intentions”.

      I believe that a third option between whore and lone wife mitigates volatility such as to elevate the genome of subsequent generations rather than diminishing it.

      Meanwhile, now that we’ve grown by leaps and bounds under Monogamy, we’re done growing! But let’s not be subsumed to The Caliphate either. Please?

      Those women who compete with other women for men have largely necessarily gone underground–it is simply not worth it to put one’s self forth in the public sphere without significant protection–from both the male and female variety of Feminist and regressive personality.

      The PUA’s however tend to find the sort of women who compete over men, particularly when such a man is over 30 with some sort of track record of prosperity, ideally in concert with other men of his community. Women are attracted to groups of men who seem to know what they’re doing, rather than merely on the prowl. The men don’t even have to go looking for the women. They come to them. Ideally however chaperones and cool-headed family members rather than pimps ought to have a greater hand in the process. The “finishing school” is another option. Perhaps that’s where I belong, “finishing” effectively unparented women before they’re flushed into prostitution or selected for marriage, such that either direction has a better outcome, perhaps.

      As for other widows, the tradition of the deceased’s brother marrying her is not such a bad one. Impossible however if already married and monogamous.

      Free choice for women has not turned out well! A woman-for-every-man is as ridiculous a political campaign promise as “a chicken in every pot”. It only works under conditions of increasing prosperity. Such is not the case today.

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment! I’m not convinced but I appreciate the creative civic thinking.

      However, given that it would appear that female choice is part of your reasoning, I’m going to have to subtract points from your “real” anti-feminism. 😉

  4. I hate online dating by the way.

    Ditto, but for the simple reason that women will look for what they think they should find attractive when all they are looking at is a profile, whereas in real-life that gets trumped by what really turns them on and excites them. I am no woman’s picture of their ideal, yet in real-life I have no issues, and since I tend to set things up to favor me, and the make it so that there are a number of women competing for my attention, it favors me. That is always a good thing from a male perspective.

    Please justify Monogamy for me

    Can’t. Seems out-dated and probably always was a “societal creation” to limit men (mostly) and favor women and child rearing. Now having said that, that doesn’t mean that you may not end up with one woman and have a number of liaisons that both of you enjoy. But even that is “risky” in that I’ve always felt that a man should have a number of options and never limit himself as that is too much of a risk. And from what I’ve found in life, women tend to enjoy this. I make few demands except that I am the only male they interact with sexually. Of course, they are free to leave when they want. I ask for some notice, but sometimes it doesn’t happen that way. But as I said, that’s why I like to keep my options open – so that when something like that happens, I have others to take care of my needs till I can fill the opening.

    I’ve found that 3 works for me, that I see once a week, that gives me 4 nights a week (Fri, Sat, Mon, Wed) to do what I want, and 3 that are spoken for. But all of that is fluid these days. Originally, i saw one woman on her night, these days some of them overlap – they have found the chink in my armor – I never turn down something that benefits me.

    I know that type of relationship isn’t for everyone, but it works for me. And really, I couldn’t care less about anyone else. My life – my rules. Simple, easy.

    “Do you believe its [sic] ideal for a woman to remain a virgin until she gets married?”

    No, I believe it’s ideal she be “slightly used” till she meets me. 😉

    • You sound like the man for me other than I always try to work in a “branching” clause for yours truly too which could be a friend of his who has agreed to take me on should he die, or in the case of Axel, I was free to “network” in limited fashion, which was not a limit which I felt “oppressed” me in any way. It was protective.

      Axel and I talked about what I ought to do when he died, but there was no one–a function of the fracturing of society–except on purely a casual basis–and I’m grateful for the friends of his who have extended friendship to me after Axel died. But given what is essentially the War on Men, my chances at this stage for anything meaningful are not optimistic. It is that sort of fracturing of society which almost makes my youth seem ill-conceived. Except that I had so much fun that I wouldn’t have traded that. Glad to have my memories (and yes I’ve been urged many times to write some sort of pornographic autobiography but it is not like anyone would believe it). I refuse to pretend it didn’t happen though. I’m proud of my skills. 😀

      This struck me though: “I hate online dating by the way.
      Ditto, but for the simple reason that women will look for what they think they should find attractive when all they are looking at is a profile, whereas in real-life that gets trumped by what really turns them on and excites them.” I could reverse the sexes there and come up with the exact same experience. I do not look like who I am, according to the television-archetype-fueled ideas of most American men, and I get these incessant demands to detail exactly what I like sexually to someone who I haven’t even met. No way! These things are individual and require extensive “getting to know you” and negotiation, or else I might as well order it delivered by a professional. I believe I come off somewhat better in person but only if he has been primed somewhat but not too much by the contents of my mind. The mind gets in the way. I really ought to consider making a ghost profile just for dating (tried it in a “vanilla” site and it was a disaster–I mean really a disaster–with a certain lonely hearts con artist who didn’t like being called on the table).

      However, since “hook ups” entirely lost their appeal to me some 30 years ago, and I’m truly under the protection of some guardian angel to have no biological “souvenirs,” and I like swingers fine but wouldn’t want to be one, my “Alpha Widow” status is pretty well sealed.

      Just in case this sounds like flirting, I’m willing to bet that you’re younger and your target demographic is at least 15 years younger than I am. I can’t compete with that. Besides, I’d probably think you’re cute and want to feed you soup or something rather than, you know, the main event. My archetypal facets are very well compartmentalized and maternal feelings just don’t translate sexually for me. It’s a shame but it is what it is.

      Thanks for your comment! My best to all of you.

      • I could reverse the sexes there and come up with the exact same experience.

        Probably, I have few data points from which to go on – only my own. I know that in general men are attracted to visually appealing women – I’m the same way, unfortunately some times. I’ve found more than a few women that don’t live up to the “promise” of their appearance.

        But that is why I have women that are friends (some with benefits) – most of the women that appeal to me sexually are much younger – and an opera is beyond them. Since I set the stage and chose my hobbies based on availability of younger women, my selections to the contrary are limited. And many women look to settle down around mid-20’s, so I’m worthless to them. Not that I haven’t enjoyed older women, but usually that is when in the company of one of my “core” women, where we use the female competition thing to our advantage. But that is off point – I’m sure that men are subject to going for the youngest, and most visually appealing women.

        I’m willing to bet that you’re younger and your target demographic is at least 15 years younger than I am.

        I’m mid-50’s – although none of the women have a clue about that when I meet them. (I shave my head, and tend to look much younger – thanks Dad.) Many times I’m the guy in a band that they want to get to know better – those are usually short-term, one evening, but sometimes things click. So, I’m old enough to know better, but still young enough to feel that I have a few years of play left. That is one of the reasons that I tend to target younger women – they have been sold the whole, “experience as many men as possible before you settle down” – and a much older man is apparently in vogue, I try to deliver on that. (I have one hobby that provides me with most of the women in my “core” group – so they are in my company for many weeks.) Expanding their horizons – sometimes too much, as I’ve been told more than once that I’ve “ruined” a young woman because guys her age don’t live up to what she now wants/needs. There is a lot to be said for experience and knowing what “your man” wants, and enjoys. But the problem for the younger woman is trying to hide the things she likes, if they are out of the “main-stream” lest she frighten the male children.

        I get these incessant demands to detail exactly what I like sexually

        Where has the sense of adventure gone? I do admit that I have little hope for today’s men – most seem overly feminized. And the few that aren’t act like criminals. I had to have a discussion with one that thought he could threaten the younger sister of one of my girls to get her into bed. Sometimes those kinds have to discover there are things in the dark that are more fearsome then them. That one no longer bothers her – a few words, a little gasoline, viola – problem solved (never give too many details). Although I was ready to pursue it as far as necessary – the first lesson was sufficient – I admit a part of me was disappointed. A part of me still likes to think of himself as the “king of beasts” – but I’m like that old gorilla that is set in his ways and some of the time, I just want to enjoy peace and quiet. So today even the criminal types act like pansies when faced with reality.

        Ah well… We are each the products of our past, and touch lives as we move through it. I’m not as young as I used to be – something that pops up in little things that I’ve always taken for granted. One of the reasons that I’ve been exploring other areas of the world. I figure the US is doomed, and I don’t want to see it’s death. Some would argue it died about 30 years ago, and the leeches are working on the corpse. But I can’t talk, as I’ve learned that you can get things you want by twisting the rules to your advantage easier than trying to fight the children who have embraced things that don’t work. At least I still work for what I have – I just had to remove some of the hurdles in front of me. Seems like these days that is what I spend most of my time at work doing – removing hurdles..

      • In defense of women misrepresenting their own appearance, there really is no objective standard. Since it would seem that your standards are high and I’m going to guess “urban” which is thinner than “suburban”, it might be worth it to have a friend scope out the meeting on your behalf. Since she’s not expecting him, he can hopefully report back with regard to your standards. If she’s not up to snuff, maybe he’ll take her on? Naturally, he could say something such as to politely deliver your excuses. Just thinking out loud.

        I know that if a man is not honestly attracted to me, I’d way prefer honesty rather than some sort of pity date. My physical perfection just isn’t. I don’t take the time like I used to, working out, etc. For what? For men of my usual age bracket who are largely either pussy whipped, on statins plus a host of other unnecessary medications, too liberal, too conservative, taken, dead, or offering nothing but sex and in a hurry for it besides?

        It might not be all that easy to distinguish a criminal from a man who is his own man particularly considering just how brutally entrepreneurial men are punished by our society until such might either be pushed into criminality, suicide, or unsexy compliance. I like to think that I can tell the difference although, I’ve most certainly been wrong before.

        I was wrong about you in that you and I are age peers. That said, I’ve had just about no luck with age peers. Axel was an exception only 5 years older than me. But then again, everything about him was exceptional. One of a kind. He pretty well ruined me.

        Since he died, I’ve tried dating peers and near peers. No dice. There’s a reason why I rejected them out of hand when I was younger (and hotter). It’s not because some aren’t great guys it is just that their cultural damage in our damaged culture is different from my cultural damage such that there’s no mutual empathy. The other issue is something like “sibling rivalry”. Constant intellectual sparring gets old for me fast. Here I do it online, for fun, not for arousal. In a relationship, I like some quiet time, but only if I trust him not to be either so hotheaded or determined to get the better of me somehow that he’s going to make mistakes that hurt us both, and worse, not take responsibility for them.

        I very much support the idea of female obedience/male responsibility as the smoothest and most fulfilling dynamic. That to me requires a significant power differential or “hypergamy”. For me, since material and professional success is just not that important to me, given that I’m not reproductive, that differential is usually age, experience, or both. I’ll never say never with regard to a peer but it will probably be a man from a different country than this one.

        That to me is a good enough reason to leave this country, again, myself. Not Venezuela though this time. LOL. I’m thinking more Spain, Eastern Europe, Hong Kong, or, if I find a good ex-pat community to join, elsewhere in Latin America–not alone. Travel tends to get me in shape besides. I like bringing along a big suitcase so that I can wear just the right thing for every occasion. If I’m confident I tend to be approached. Even now I get approached frequently but I have to concede that in my current neighborhood a lot of them are probably scam artists of one kind or another, preying on the wealthy widows of Southwest Florida. I look like I may be one of them, I guess, which I take as a compliment on my skincare program–the pampered spa look. But I do it myself on the cheap.

        First I have to unload this retirement community residence I inherited. Unfortunately it would appear that management are also scam artists. Open season on widows here in Southwest Florida.

  5. Roosh has some valid points, however most of his articles have a subtle undercurrent of negativity, defeatism and show a level of disenchantment.

    Roosh admits he has learned to manipulate, “trip the triggers,” of women, such is what players do. Many of his articles demonstrate the same ‘tripping’ of mens emotional ‘triggers.’ It’s garnered him quite a following, and apparently a decent living which should be used to overcome the issues instead of tucking tail and running.

    My issue with players; they hurt many women, then those of us who are picky, have a conscience, and are serious have to deal with all the damage and garbage they have left behind before we can claim all of a woman as our own. We have to heal and teach them. Will continue this in 2 below.

    I have to shake my head at most of the female so called anti feminists, and the men who claim to be gtow. Nice delusions though. Nice as in the original meaning of nice. 🙂 Said most, not all.

    Red pill questions indeed?
    1. Marriage is a state of being, an action, not an institution or privilege. wrong word usage therefore, Invalid question. Face palm.

    2. Setting aside the fact there is no such thing as a true virgin. for his question. Why are there so few virgins? Players-boys. Why are so many women jaded? Players/boys.

    Anytime most so called men hear some one is a virgin all they can think about is ‘hitting it.’ Why? Just to say they did. Does such a one plan on sticking around much afterward? No. Why? He’s a p.o.s.
    The problem with women is the men of 150 years ago. The problem with todays women is their fathers let their mothers fall for the hype in 20’s 40’s and 60’s.The reason they let them fall for it was the men fell for the hype of go out and conquer the world…………….women felt abandoned and became bored. Treated as a commodity what can be expected.

    3. A child isn’t a building.

    4. Depends on the context.

    5. Why would a woman need to? BoyS. Lack of truth and any sense of responsibility. See below:

    Laws against monogamy were originally put in place in u.s. to inhibit too large a voting block, and is now being enforced to keep women servile and dependent on the state.
    Most women see their man as their property. I know several women who cheat on their man, but that’s okay. He even looks at another woman and all hell breaks loose. Backwards society.

    As for christians saying it is god ordained. They don’t know the book they proclaim as their life guide. Polygyny is required at times if one wants to follow the true bible teaching.

    Adultery is only the woman breaking wedlock. נָאַף nâʼaph, naw-af’; a primitive root; to commit adultery; figuratively, to apostatize:—adulterer(-ess), commit(-ing) adultery, woman that breaketh wedlock. https://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?t=kjv&strongs=h5003

    Only way a man can be guilty of adultery is if the woman he is with is ‘married’ or betrothed to another man according to the scriptures.

    • You make some very good points.

      I too find virgin-seducers particularly repulsive. That said, I’ve been privileged to have been chosen a number of times in terms of assisting late-blooming men in the transition. They just wanted the experience and trusted me not to judge them for it. It was sort of an honor. Axel had had similar experiences.

      Accepting an offer is a far different thing than stealing via trickery. That said, putting that sort of stuff out in the open serves as a reminder that parents need to protect their children from seducers. It is always going to be the effectively unprotected or unparented child who is going to be the most vulnerable to sexual, propaganda, and advertising seduction. The State is a lousy protector.

      In terms of balancing some of the power which Feminists have seen to it that women over-command, then the PUA’s perform a service. If an under-parented young man learns just how easy it is to reverse the polarity of that power dynamic then there is the hope that character will eventually prevail such as Roosh’s more recent revelations in terms of neomasculinity. I just wish it was some other man who was framing these same concepts in a more European manner. Christian men however tend to take Church teachings of modesty and subsumption of pride in leadership a little too seriously. I see it as an ideological birth control method which, in the face of modern methods, is obsolete.

      Good point about caregiving not being confined to a building. I interpret Roosh’s challenge of “home” in a broader sense.

      Thank you so much for your comments.

  6. I probably fall in the moderate camp. I’ve never really had any of the above problems discussed by any of the commenters; meaning, I’ve dated non-virgins who I’ve banged the first night, but weren’t out and out jizz dumpsters. That seems to be how relationships start these days; just bang the first night, and continue to hang out with the implied agreement that we’re both too busy to really be concerned with finding more pussy/cock on the nights we don’t see each other. Every relationship I’ve had falls in the milquetoaste/normal/comfortable setting. The sex is fine, the jealousy is absent, I act like a man, taking command where command needs to be taken and I don’t have problems getting girls. I guess the trade off is I’ve never dated above an 8, but who needs the hassle? No girl I’ve ever dated ever considered herself a feminist on any mainstream metric, but they’d get a little annoyed when I said that women are beholden to their age or that women should probably abstain from voting. Most guys, if they want a satisfactory relationship with lots of sex, should date 6’s and 7’s who are normal, career girls, but don’t care about politics and still have relatively good relationsips with their parents (even if parents are divorced).

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