Beating the Gay out of Boys

In my insistence on defending homosexual male behavior in Disqus discussions, I’ve come upon some theories with regard to men of my generation, and others, who grew up being beaten by their fathers.

In some cases, Dad was just trying to “toughen up” junior, which considering our dystopia might have had really good intentions. In other cases, it was to ensure that junior wouldn’t turn out to be gay. In some cases the idea that junior could possibly be gay was offensive or of conflicting appeal to Dad when it came to religious ideas of either abomination or the temptation of vice. There may also have been a chivalry component.

If society would appear to be crumbling such as to diminish possibilities of outcomes for little princess, then it might just be junior’s fault for not “manning up”, but instead succumbing to “vice” with the “abomination” of homosexual sex. In other words, in this view, male homosexual sex is an evidence of poor character or otherwise not having the ability to resist “temptation”.

However, the beating itself, being a violation of boundaries, might be the factor to initiate narcissistic or codependent sexuality, whether translated as homosexual or not. It is the violation of boundaries of the self which causes the feedback loop of requiring validation of self from another, in order to feel “whole”.

Axel was beaten badly by his father. Not because his father thought he was gay or to toughen him up, but because Axel’s mother had somehow persuaded his father to translate all of her dissatisfaction arising from her narcissistic insecurity onto his son. In other words, it was a perverse form of chivalry.

I tend to believe that these pathologies of both mother and father arose out of memory of The Great Depression. Instead of blaming the appropriate causes, I think that men blamed men and themselves and women blamed women and themselves in response to propaganda from Church, State, media, and marketing. It is easier to blame character in others (and oneself) for traumatic events than it is to realize just how helpless we are as citizens in the face of overwhelming corruption in industry and government, and the weight of demographics that diminish the possibilities of satisfactory outcomes for all.

It’s rats-in-a-cage syndrome.

Monogamy, in my view, is the most basic cause of this corruption. Female hypergamy and male chivalry are human characteristics that make life worthwhile in my view. Leveling the field, despite the fanciful notions of equalists, is not likely to actually teach women anything because I don’t think most women have the capacity to understand, regardless of how well they are educated or how “intelligent” they are.They’ll just get meaner, demanding more and more provisioning from the State.

I say, “they” because my own experiences well outweigh my historical education in terms of learning how these dynamics work, specifically, the overall lack of protectiveness from my father, which is not so different from being fatherless, but without having a strong female group to turn to either, or mother, and so effectively motherless. In a lot of ways, I have more in common with transwomen than I do cis-women; specifically, transwomen who are nonfeminist and are sexually attracted to men.

The regular and severe beatings that Axel suffered may or may not have had an effect on Axel’s growth. He started out in youth as “above average” and then just stopped growing. Extreme stress combined with possible injuries to his adrenals can do that to a child. Fortunately, he was able to put on highly efficient muscles and broad shoulders, otherwise he would not have been able to finally succeed in defending himself against these assaults, definitively, even though his father remained much taller than he was. Axel had a deep well of viciousness capable of direction to appropriate targets, as well as a highly developed sense of biomechanics and physics, which became part of his courses of study.

On the opposite spectrum, in my case, I think that the very different stresses that I was subject to as a child caused me to overproduce cortisol which converted in my body to testosterone, giving me an ability to put on mass, in terms of muscle and bone, which make my body different from most White women. Therefore, being confused for a transwoman, particularly in the modern age, is not so uncommon for me. I’m not offended. I think it’s funny.

It would seem however that this condition of mine is becoming more common not less.

Part of the reason for my humor in being mistaken for a transwoman had to do with Axel’s attraction to and from them. I got to meet quite a few. As per Axel’s taste, they were all fairly convincing such that they would have no trouble using a ladies’ room in that no one would notice.

In terms of the chivalrous hostility toward gay men stemming largely from Conservatives, Axel was thereby a continued recipient of it by proxy. Since he wasn’t provisioning women, men knew that they could gain brownie points from weak women by virtue-signalling their disdain for Axel, rhetorically. This trash talk didn’t stop women from throwing themselves at Axel however. On the contrary. Moreover it did provide a teaching moment to straight women in terms of why they ought not to expect provisioning from Axel, even though Axel was plenty chivalrous particularly in terms of feats of strength, counsel, and any of the many mechanical and physical skills he could put to bear for practical purposes. He just wasn’t going to take any of them in and marry them, much less pay the lion’s share of expenses. Besides, he had no use for the trappings of suburbia or urban appearances.

In terms of how God looks at gay male homosexuality, I regret that I do not have enough faith in men’s use of language to put much credence in modern interpretations of scripture. I believe that a certain level of male homosexuality in society is inevitable even though its existence indicates a demographic to opportunity imbalance of some sort. Since we’re never going to have a perfectly balanced world, then gay male sexuality is normal and expected. That doesn’t mean that I believe that it should be advocated. I just find it to be, as Gore Vidal believed, more of a financial issue than a “moral” one, in that patronizing competing temples where prostitution of all sorts was offered was supporting other religions. In other words, it was idolatry.

Whereas certainly narcissistic behavior of any sort is pathological, I fail to see the narcissism of a Conservative gay man who desires to build a better world by his own output rather than the provisioning of taxpayers. In a sense, such a man is not only manning up but is likely supplementing the lives of women through his taxes. That’s not fair.

If Jews decided that there was no allowable percentage of gay men allowed in their midst, I wonder if this was due to pressure from their wives and daughters to force such men to provision them. This would typify “Jewish American Princess” behavior. It would certainly seem so. What if the whole interpretation of scripture is wrong, based on generations of “empowering” women through Monogamous marriage?

Axel on the other hand was very kind and paternal toward gay men although he had no sexual attraction to them. A transwoman on the other hand who was convincingly feminine was attractive to him.

I suspect that as cis-women become more obnoxious, more transwomen will be displacing them in romantic relationships. This competition just might be the teaching moment to heterosexual women, because it engages their competitive nature.

Men with traditional ideas about putting women on pedestals are going to be particularly resistant to gay rights as being contrary to the provisioning of heterosexual women. It is not “phobia” but rather a threat to the worldview of female free choice and independence. However, I don’t believe that women are actually happy with this free choice. Rather, it is a projection on the part of men subconsciously urging women to “man up” to meet the void of men and masculinity in the world.

It is not going to work and certainly will not forestall invasion by La Raza or Islam.







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