3 thoughts on “Gang Stalking

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  2. The question, I’m afraid, is still “Why?”.
    WHY did it start?
    WHY did it stop?
    WHY ME, fer chrissakes?!

    41 minutes of hints and generalities, like horoscopes for the paranoid.
    And it was nearly forgotten.

    • Why? The Cold War, i.e., the “terminal” experiment, which is a misnomer because they don’t care if the subjects live or die particularly, but rather the term means that they also don’t care whether the subject’s mind ever comes to function normally again, or really whatever he or she does to include harming themselves or others.

      They’ll just record the data at least until it no longer makes sense for them to do so. Or there’s mere administrative incompetence, etc.

      In a way, the breaking down of the mind’s boundaries, that is a “termination” of “the self”, is a type of death.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if most target victims are entirely random or fit the profile-of-the-day to target, even haphazardly. Even mind control office employees have quotas and fear marginalization themselves. They must do some great drugs or otherwise have tools of rationalization or compartmentalization not available to the rest of us. To be the executioner of Hope is Evil.

      Of course there’s always the “demonic possession” or “reptile aliens” theories. Or it could be simply a matter of a bankrupt government loaded with unconventional technology now playing the tune of foreign money in order to create chaos, paranoia, and fear as sort of a general way to break down society, or the U.S. Dollar, particularly when it comes to independent thinkers.

      Independent thinkers have Hope.

      I do not believe, even if they would like for us to, that what they do severs us from God. Loss of self has got to be the ultimate test of faith and I feel privileged myself to have been given this test of faith and then have my self returned to me, somewhat frayed but quite capable of Joy and Laughter, and ironically, liberated from some of my other programming which I’ve been burdened with for nearly two decades now courtesy of my husband. How’s that for lemonade?

      You too! You’ve been given a tremendous test! Welcome to God’s in crowd.

      Thanks for commenting. Find something to laugh at. The darker the humor the better. Evil hates to be laughed at. It makes it feel all insignificant.

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