Matt Forney is Painfully Right on Older Women

I started to write a comment for this piece: 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Date Older Women

However, as my comment developed, it became more and more pathetic. Inexplicably, I decided to put my comment here instead.

Women my age don’t even make great friends with each other! I try to avoid them myself. I was privileged to hear Axel’s stories on the species as, inexplicably, he tended to prefer older women as he found desperation more interesting than guile. However, that’s not to say that these women weren’t also basket cases with vast resources of destructiveness. There’s nothing like a batshit female masochist to invent creative means of psychological torment.

I think that only a heterosexual male would have the motivation to put up with today’s middle-aged American woman, and only if she was wealthy. Generations of propaganda and brainwashing have taken their toll on both sexes but women have so many safety nets that they’ve survived in record numbers, well outnumbering the men.

I have to assume that Forney’s article is about American women especially, whose brainwashing is the most extensive in history. They’ve been inundated with so many messages about their specialness, along with a complete lack of accountability.

Fathers of daughters ought to be reading Forney’s article as a warning that one day their special little princess is going to grow up and think that that pedestal of hers is a birthright.

I’d love to know what we’re supposed to do for society at my age. Having us teach children is shortsighted. Even nursing is bound to backfire. So what do I see older women doing? Affirming each other endlessly, mailing off charity checks to Third World women (as if that won’t backfire), and buttressing the over-inflated beauty industry, which is recession-proof, by the way, just like booze.

My latest get rich scheme (so that I can buy a bunch of beauty procedures) is to offer tough-love consultations for the benefit of parents of daughters considering marrying foreigners. I’m the “object lesson” or “cautionary tale” as to why that is an exceedingly bad idea.

Alternatively, I’m available as a livestock caretaker; i.e., dog breeding, poultry, goats, sheep, and pigs. If your farmland has a place to stick a small trailer for me to live in, I’ll watch over your livestock while you’re away. I’d do this in just about any country.

On my downtime, I can assist another writer such as to pore through fan mail, moderate online comments, proofread, index, etc., or whatever my lightning fingers are good for. Of course, I’m also a cook, housekeeper, and personal shopper. For what it’s worth, Axel thought I was a pleasure to be around, and I’m sure that there are other middle aged women who don’t go around chasing after younger men like Forney and otherwise do not draw so much attention to themselves that their virtues may be under praised.

Chances are, however, of that demographic, I’m the least likely to find myself another American man. I guess that means that I’m a ripe target for the next foreign con artist. Beats sitting around alone and perhaps acquiring some cats.



6 thoughts on “Matt Forney is Painfully Right on Older Women

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