Ego Clusterfuck

I am perversely flattered with the sheer number of players obsessed with my writings—on my blogs, in private correspondence—and even my private phone calls.

There has even been a made-for-Netflix movie about me which is uncanny in its eye for detail while getting the story completely mismatched wrong.

Given that I have apparently survived three men—a missing international con artist, Axel’s father, and Axel—then it would stand to reason that there are currently a host of interests who have made it their business to intercept and analyse my life, often to my great inconvenience and expense.

These players and groups of players apparently operate by various codes and rules, which are frequently bent. I wonder how often they step on each other.

When a man’s paradigm of women of my demographic is as an extractable resource, much like a mine, from which resources such as money, caregiving, and pussy juice flow, then why are so many of them so surprised and even angry that the mine is already depleted? (OK. Not completely but not worth all the sturm und drang either.)

I’m just a writer. Don’t date a writer.

Surely, I must be overflowing with missing and dead men’s money or at the least engaging with them as a sorceress bewitching the dead and undead. Surely I must be desirous of a toilet slave who shall lick all of my orifices clean whether that pleases me or not. Surely I must be desirous of wiping old people’s asses for fun and profit.


Since these suppositions are not true, the various aspirant miners sometimes get angry that I am not what they expect or that I am not afraid of them. This also makes other types of aspirant miners a wee bid trepidatious. Everyone is all offended that I exist. Well, SorrRREEee.

Online relationships suck however nothing sucks quite as bad as a jilted state trooper. My advice to those who desire to date a state trouper are as follows:

  • Choose a state trooper from a prosperous conservative community, such as say Punta Gorda, Florida, rather than one with way too many ways to waste taxpayer money than to pay their troopers enough to attract pussy on their own merits.
  • Choose a state trooper who admits to being a state trooper rather than one who pretends to be a successful investor now slumming in a college town as a means of attracting lonely widows/aspirant gold diggers and then hitting them up for money while pretending to suffer from acid reflux.

In addition to these lessons I impart herewith, now learned the hard way, I would also like to herewith eliminate all persons from consideration who believe the following:

  • The internet is a private medium incapable of being intercepted and thereby a perfect medium in which to have electronic sexual or BDSM relationships as if such relationships are at all private.
  • Only criminals are subject to illegal wiretaps.



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