Demographic Destiny

Inspired by: Down on The Duke

When I was a schoolgirl, all of my classes were overfilled, and even some school buildings were warehousing children somewhat above fire code capacity with a rueful nod by civic authorities, pending the erection of trailers and outbuildings. This state of overcrowding was the case at each one of my schools, within the nine different school systems that I attended, but especially at the more “elite” ones.

However, given that I was “gifted,” rules were bent for me as well. The rule at some schools requiring children born in November to enroll with the students of the following year was also bent engendering in me a propensity for Calendar Math failure that persists to this day. I’m never sure which year was what or whether I should pretend to be an age-fudger except when such over-exaggerates my sexual precociousness (and makes statutory criminals out of my mentors).

Given that I was relatively privileged, I cannot even begin to blame “the man” for the school overcrowding state of affairs.

The frequent moves were due to my father’s career inability to make a viable career decision that did not offend my mother’s sensibilities. My mother’s sensibilities were as overdeveloped as that of a baby kangaroo, except she was never required to creep up a pouch all by herself. We all did that for her.

I have to thank Jim Goad here for introducing me to the term, “Sensitivity Creep,” no doubt a cousin of “Concept Creep“.

However, no one could possibly be more sensitive than my mother. Not even today. Fortunately, an over-inflated medical and pharmaceutical bubble steps in where I fail to shelter her.

School overcrowding in my case was due to too many children born the same year I was, which, unsurprisingly, did not mean that there were immigration restrictions. Some of my fellow students were immigrants.

Why would it be surprising that fitting too many people into an environment would create psychosis? Not to the partnership of the mental health and pharmaceutical interests of course. Is there a moral distinction between medicating a person out of his/her/its individuality and euthanasia? If not, why?

Is the “moral” law being bent civic or religious?

How about the Fundamental Laws of Thermodynamics?


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