Drag Queen Envy

A Disqus poster who, I’m going to guess would not personally prefer attribution here (if I’m wrong you know where to find me) inspires me to write about my admiration and envy for drag queens. I represent that this population is distinct from the less than flamboyant transgendered, transvestites, homosexuals, and bisexuals, according to the generally accepted norms of my own lifetime and era of acceptance of vast ranges of sexual experimentation not comparable to my current status, which is mostly celibate.

During that long ago period of my sexual prime in the U.S., largely in coastal urban population centers but with significant exposure to urban and rural environments and populations in or from northern, central, and southern populations, I believe I developed enough familiarity with the various sexual outlaw types to be of sufficient authority on the matter such as to write about it herein.

My sexual prime took place in an era not nearly as poisoned by Leftist political correctness as today, in that most people who were interested in having sex, no matter how strange one’s preferences to that effect may have been, were more interested in honesty than non-offensiveness given that all persons were considered entitled to exclusivity even if, as always, less attractive, less intelligent, and less wealthy people probably necessarily were inclined to broaden their reach more than those with more of those attributes.

I’ve long envied drag queens, even if that envy is obviously misplaced. Whereas I had complete freedom to indulge myself given a lack of parental restriction or protectiveness, drag queens of my experience confined themselves to small, protective, exclusive realms such as entertainment venues, bars, clubs, and neighborhoods, complete with bodyguards whether they be professional or ad hoc, and often such of the latter possessing the same sorts of physiques and psychological make-up of men of my desired target demographics. In short, while Feminism was telling women that they could do anything and go anywhere, drag queens knew that they were not just vulnerable but inflammatory toward certain populations, and therefore took the appropriate measures to protect themselves whenever possible to include removing all appearances of “drag” in favor of a more masculine albeit usually meek appearance; notwithstanding that there were many bodybuilder and weight training drag queens who sacrificed their convincing shapeshifter qualities for self-protection and protection of other vulnerable persons.

However, in such protective “drag queen friendly” environments, costumerey and artifice were celebrated. As a theatre person of sorts myself (not to any great degree personally but I associated with such types and have performed in front of small and medium-sized audiences in various capacities) but without the deep abiding need for crowd approval or fame in terms of theatre alone, it was a given that my dedication to theatre was less than propelling. However, playing dress up and getting attention is awfully fun. I used to have far more interest in masquerades and costumery myself prior to such pursuits being poisoned by the current prevailing Leftist infantilism. Nowadays I use something like costumery just to fit in when necessary as studious naturalistic unconventional looks stand out in certain crowds, paradoxically.

When so-inspired I can effect a drag queen persona with the best of them such that some people might even wonder whether I have a penis. I don’t. Never did.

So which bathroom does a male-to-femme drag queen use? That would depend on the venue. If it is a drag queen friendly environment, then, the choice is nuanced, and largely depends on how the individual prefers to urinate and whether an erection or inability to manage or have one might steer that choice.

However, a drag queen who steps out into the world in drag is engaging in risky behavior and as such every bathroom break is an exercise in risk assessment. Laws or lack thereof will not assist in that risk assessment. Circumspection and respect for the traditionally gendered aids in risk aversion. In short, every drag queen must learn one way or another just how convincing she is as a female and whether wearing a dress in public is in poor taste or not. However, with enough girdles, breast and/or butt prostheses, rubber skin, make-up, wigs, and costumery, even the most burly football player can be made to appear female, even if such a person need not be as concerned with being beaten up by persons who resent the charade.

Expecting strangers to trust drag queens in the presence of young people, both boys and girls, is a travesty. Codifying such trust in law or in propaganda as “tolerance” is an even greater travesty. If a person is convincing or trusted then these issues never need be raised; otherwise, a wise drag queen not entirely convincing is wise to always carry a man’s hat that can be swapped for the wig, to wear men’s shorts under an easily removable skirt, wear unisex shoes, and a unisex handbag such as a messenger bag which is not easily gendered such as to be able to safely use the men’s room especially when among populations who may be especially sensitive to perceived sexual threats. Not all excursions need be attention-seeking!

Some drag queens are “intact” and have fully functioning penises used for sex with the preferred partner and some only have sex as the receiving partner with the penis either removed, placed in a chastity device, or otherwise subsumed. These poles (ahem) of sexuality are on a spectrum rather than absolutes in given populations. However, the major difference between drag queens and transvestites or transsexuals is that the costumery is “the thing” irrespective of actual sexuality. That is, the “true” motivation of a drag queen is to charm and entertain, i.e., the last bastion of the glorification of nonsexual feminine strengths not available to “the empowered woman” within earshot of her “sisters”.

Rather than a narcissistic celebration of “self”, drag queens are supplicants and servers even if ostensibly being served by their sponsors and bodyguards. They are eye candy and ear candy whether the attraction is pleasurable or toying with the audience’s revulsion. The best drag queens I’ve known can charm a tip right from an Evangelist’s or Republican politician’s wallet, and that’s all the relationship need be given that adults are expected to manage their own behavior and risk, regardless of the seductiveness of a drag queen’s charms.

Not everyone is an adult in terms of behavior. Some have poor impulse control. Forcing men upon girls in their vulnerable state of undress and bodily functions is an example of poor impulse control by The Left, regardless of whether such a man is wearing a dress!

Nowadays, however, given that beauty-consumerist-narcissism has poisoned the field, I generally prefer to conduct myself sans costumery and low key below the din of me-first Femme-centricism. However, I suppose that in the right protective atmosphere, I could be persuaded to fling a boa and mince for the right appreciative small audience. Do I have to put on the press-on nails and stumble about in the skyscraper heels? You cruel brute! I’ll need a good cry first. Boo Hoo Hoo! Is there a gentleman with a hankie anywhere? Why, most certainly a bandana will do. Might I lean on your shoulder while I dab? Thank you, kindly, Sir.



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