18 thoughts on “Why Aren’t You Breeding?

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  2. Women today are in “TOTAL” Rebellion against men, against God, against their nation, and as we know against children (58 million abortions). Everything has become a VIOLATION of their feminists rights. Many call this “being a STRONG woman”…”…being an aggressive, bold woman”. In reality it’s being a mean, evil, and demonic woman.

    • The inevitable demographic effect of War, Monogamy, Improved Maternal Mortality, and Universal Suffrage is rule by widows and spinsters, whether they like it or not.

      Given that it was The Church who, in contradiction of The Bible, instituted monogamous marriage as the standard, were they expecting that all spinsters were to become nuns? Or whores?

      How about the Protestants, or more modernly, The Rockefellerians?

      Were the laws and modifications to common law further increasing women’s civic and financial power while continuing to slaughter men enacted with full understanding of the resulting demographic imbalance? Or is math “demonic”?

      I’m not defending Feminism, but remember, it was men who gave these termagants everything they said that they wanted–which I call failure to rule and failure to live up to their own Bible.

      So, which way to the man of my generation capable of taking on a second (or third or fourth or fifth) wife whose existing wives are not themselves “demonic” or if not them then his daughters?

      The Hindus call this time, the era of Kali, who is one ugly woman who eventually defeats Shiva a.k.a. Lucifer.

      I hope you Christians prevail. Really I do. I enjoy beef, pork, shellfish, all the beautiful cathedrals, all the families you’ve made, and so on. I’m on your side. However, The Church saw to it that I would have no interest in being subsumed to it given its propensity to support the very wars that effectively destroyed all chances of my own theoretical family.

      By the way, that song of mine you reblogged? It’s a rebuke to a culture who demanded men be produced like meat for the grinder in order to fuel its own excesses. Pass.

  3. Interesting, very interesting. I respect your views, I may NOT agree with some of them, I see how you come to the conclusion you are NOW at. Government does NOT make women HATE on men the way they HATE on men (masculinity) today. Yes, that is called (Rebellion) women are in TOTAL (rebellion) against male authority and dominance today unless you a radical leftists like Bill Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama.

    • Please refrain from referring to “women” as a uniform class acting in lockstep. Otherwise, I may decide to post pictures of my vagina. Kidding. I’m not going to do that. I submit to no rhetorical authority because rhetorical authorities are not interested in loving and protecting me.

      As for what other women do, I’m not in charge of them. Fresh out of give-a-fucks.

      Poor Bill Clinton is a domestic abuse survivor, but that doesn’t mean that I want anything to do with him. It’s a difficult concept for many, but pitying a man does not inspire me to submit to him.

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. I don’t understand how a feminist who rebels against men, trashes men, and bashes men every way she can. Hates on men looks at ALL males as dominating PIGS who objectify ALL women knowingly and willingly dresses like men, wears men’s clothes, cuts their hair short and man-like, and walks and talks masculine. If I hated someone the last thing I’d want to do is look and act like them.

    • Butch behavior is filling a deep seated need for masculinity in their lives.

      There are also plenty of women (and men!) who desire for yours truly to be their “butch”. If I were the least bit interested I would never be lonely or poor again.

      Sorry, I’m straight.

  5. THAT is “demonic” I don’t care how good your math skills are, or where you are trying to pin the BLAME (i.e. The Catholic church, men, war, The Pope, etc.) People today are in TOTAL rebellion mostly against God. This “rebellion” is orchestrated by Satan, a.k.a Lucifer. Who has been using “divide & conquer” skills and techniques since his fall.

  6. Not exactly sure what you mean by “balance”? You are correct to a degree men and women are TOTALLY not living according to the laws of nature (God) their sinful flesh, and wicked perverted minds are turning them against Almighty God. It saddens me to witness this, I pray daily for their souls. Many Blessings Caprizchka

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