Traditionalism is Not a Dirty Word

Unless one is a futuristic equalist idealist, then, of course, all challenges are toxic.

While some “tradcons” may get their cues from some sort of idealized post-World War II, ticky-tacky where men take the morning train, and women are consumerist princesses, in the D/s world of my experience, the whole point is for the man to be not only the leader but to set the tone, morals, and spirit of the relationships to include religion or the lack of it. The woman is expected to not only work to earn whatever protection and provisioning the man’s presumably (but not necessarily) excess capacity for same might allow her, but to maintain a charm and grace as a means of competing with other women who may similarly garner his attention, in a polygynous framework. In recognizing his leadership and superiority, her role is supplicatory rather than predatory.

The idealized Star Trek alternative of complete equality in all things is, I contend, an Oedipal adaptation such that men are not required to exert themselves any more than the strongest woman is capable of exerting herself, and to subvert their presumably superior rationality and intelligence in favor of joint decisions with their equalist princess. In this way, they best their own fathers, that is, metaphorically castrate them, while simultaneously castrate themselves.

Government, in its grand perfection, steps in to modernize this technological adaptation over biology.

In short, they put their women on pedestals as superior to “tradcon” women. Hey, whatever gets you pussy, fellas, but, don’t expect the rest of us to buy it.

In my view, the point of all romantic relationships is to bond beyond the mere rational such as to form a relationship with God. If God does not exist however, then the sexes are completely equivalent, except when they aren’t, and there is no conflict within the Oedipal mind in terms of his own status as a superior being. For only a superior being would be able to attract a Goddess completely free of all the psychological baggage of mere mortal women, who raises her young men like a reformed Rhea Silvia would have raised Romulus and Remus, had it not been for their evil uncle Amulius.

Romulus and Remus thereby grow up completely protected and coddled and otherwise indistinguishable from Rhea Silvia herself.


2 thoughts on “Traditionalism is Not a Dirty Word

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  2. Men and women alike seek a pool to drink from. Men seek the biggest pool with the fewest competitors. Women seek the big pool with the clearest water.

    Men will overvalue any distant or legendary pool and attempt to access it so long as they believe that once they reach it the water is abundant and the competition is scarce. They do not care how clear the water is, as long as there is plenty of it and they get their faire share. They will leave a communal pool with clear water, and climb mountains and cross deserts to seek an even bigger pool that they do not have to share.

    Women do not idealize the pool across the mountain or the desert. They do not care how big the closest pool is, nor how strong the competition, so long as it is sufficient and the water is clear. They will stay for even a single glass. Yet when the water is dirtied or becomes insufficient they will also climb mountains and cross deserts for a glass of water from the next clearest pool.

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