Feel Nothing

With each attack on humanity, out comes a wave of commands to feel sorry, guilty, forgiveness, passivity, and submission. Those on the Left are commanded to feel afraid of anyone white who doesn’t unquestioningly obey such a command. Anyone who is white and does not unquestioningly obey the Leftward leaning mainstream media is Hitler and therefore must be crushed.

At some point, surely, the treacle will become unpalatable.

I’m sure it won’t do any good to say this but treacle is not an aphrodisiac to a normal person. Maybe I’m biased to presume that I am at all “normal” in this revulsion. Hostile humor likewise causes me to recoil even if it is probably the natural backlash to a world of treacle.

Humor is also about the only acceptable outlet even if or even especially if it offends the Left, as dangerous as that may be in terms of the possibility of a special snowflake feeling so offended as to sue.

Attacks on the mind and heart by The Left, aided by attacks on bodies by the Islamists, tell me that these two interests are not mutually exclusive. It would even be expedient to their interests for Leftists to encourage, train, and equip vulnerable Islamist nutcases, i.e., the only population permitted to both hate and do violence onto the enemies of The Left.

These enemies are Nationalists, White Heterosexual Male Supremacists, Christians, entrepreneurs, rational thinkers, and anyone else apparently immune to the hypnosis purveyed by George Soros and all organizations being funded by or desirous of funding by him.


5 thoughts on “Feel Nothing

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  2. It’s hard to be too sympathetic to those who should be able to see the problem right in front of them – and who insist on pretending it doesn’t exist. Like it or not, the problem facing Europe and soon to be facing America is Islam. I didn’t say “Islamic Terrorism” or “Radical Islam” because those are meaningless distinctions. The problem is Islam. Period.

    Churchill said that Islam in a man is as dangerous as rabies in a dog. My personal line is that the West can no more coexist with Islam than your body can coexist with cancer. You either kill it or remove it or it kills you. There are no other answers to this question.

    Those who quote you the peaceful verses in the Koran are doing it either out of ignorance or deception. Again there is no other answer to that question. The peaceful verses were written when Mohammed was in Mecca before he had accumulated many followers. They are essentially a plea for peace with a stronger group while his own group was weak and unable to defend itself. Later, after his army was built, he wrote the violent passages that better suited winning the wars he was starting.

    To resolve conflicts between verses that don’t seem to work together, Islam developed the “Law of Abrogation” which means that later verses are considered a fuller revelation and thus superseded earlier verses that are in conflict.

    Muslims know this well enough – Westerners don’t. Westerners quote peaceful verses out of ignorance more often than not and Muslims quote them to deceive infidels.

    I told someone a few days ago that the time when we will be fighting these people in our streets with our guns and our knives is closer than he thinks. He seemed resigned to the idea that we would never fight them. I replied that he would be shocked to find out how many of us are looking forward to that day – and if he wanted to stay on the porch, I’d take care of his share.

    Ultimately this is where it’s going unless we choose political leaders that see it and head it off by sending them back to their sandbox. The Muslims must go – regardless of citizenship. The mosques must be closed, and the book relegated to the curiosities section of libraries.

    My solution may be more radical than yours, but we are alike in our rejection of treacle. It will only get people killed.

    • I am sympathetic only inasmuch as I understand the power of hypnosis. That doesn’t mean that a hypno-robot is benign only that it is probably best to only trust those within your own control.

  3. Anyone who is white and does not unquestioningly obey the Leftward leaning mainstream media is Hitler

    Guess I’ll relish being Hitler then. Someone was talking about Trump and water-boarding, and I said, “As long as I have copper wire, a blowtorch, and pliers, I would get every bit of needed information out of anyone. And when I was done they wouldn’t be a threat to anyone else. So in my book, that’s a win.” But I’ll forgo the tiny mustache – too effeminate for me.

    As to the Muslims, the Crusades was a response to hundreds of years of invasions, and atrocities by the Muslim against the Christians of Europe, Of course you won’t get that out of any left-wing history books – even though it’s true. It’s just a question of time till those little Hitler’s get PO’ed enough to finish what the Crusaders started long ago.

    • Should you ever need any information from me, stranger, no need to get out the copper wire, blowtorch, and pliers. I’m easy! All it usually takes is a couple of drinks and pour on the flattery.

      That said, I don’t believe there has ever been a leader interested in wholly eliminating the enemy–there are too many political uses to having an enemy. Population control is but one. Eliminating one’s near rivals is another.

      Isn’t “left-wing history” a self-cancelling phrase? 😉

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