Excess Guilt

When unmarried women “of a certain age” outnumber available men, it would seem that a peculiar psychological effect occurs. This, to me, would be the widespread social expectation of guilt for the straits of these “ladies”. It’s an anti-sexual, emasculating effect which affects everyone, including persons belonging to other demographics. I believe that it is the primary driving force behind Feminism, to include “rape culture”.

While certainly greedy persons not belonging to this demographic may choose to encourage, fan, foster, and exploit it, it is a case of the truism: for every excess biomass there exists a predator. (Paraphrased from memory from Against the Grain: How Agriculture Has Hijacked Civilization by Richard Manning.)

Fortunately, there are a few generous men who make it their business to service this demographic, and by “business” I don’t necessarily mean monetarily although of course that’s the case as well. For Axel, it was more like “a hobby”.

Since I am in good physical health, apparently still attractive to men, and am in the upper echelon of measurable intelligence, I too am supposed to feel guilty for utterances which do not take into account the surplus of victims of all sorts in my midst. At the least, I am frequently admonished of this. Since I am a white female, I am assumed to be privileged by extension unless I am physically deformed, stupid, or gay. Well, those privileges ran out some time ago and therefore if I were to pretend to “virtue-signal” it is likely to come out hollow. That doesn’t stop the ironically “paternal” admonishments that I should start to do so. I wonder if any of these busybodies will even notice if I end up homeless in a ditch due to lack of opportunities for my less-than-capable-of-farming-pity self.

Of course, men have it worse.

At least there are still a few men who make it their business to cater to the likes of me, sometimes to obscene degree, and then wonder why their fawning obsequiousness doesn’t result in my sexual arousal. Does excessive flattery work on other women?

As for the prevailing abundance of gigolos, I’m just not interested, even if I could afford them. I’ve had it too good already to settle for anything less than stellar besides.

Since most people don’t have the attention span to bother to probe beneath the top layer of an archetype, represented by appearance, class, and origin, I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised that various local men are starting to get up their courage to give me a shot. After repeated casual exposure I must look like a reasonable prospect.

It doubtless does not even occur to them that I have led the broad and exotic life that I’ve led and therefore merit a degree of caution. I find that men who are not in the least bit cautious about me earn my disdain. There is every reason to be cautious of anyone with my broad experiences. The big question is, of the pool of men willing to take the plunge and who exhibit the proper caution, how many of them are off the scale in terms of Dark Triad characteristics?

Are these not the very men who have developed resistance to the prevailing climate of guilt? I don’t doubt that enslaving men outright is next on the agenda. The idea that their “mistresses” will be either wise or capable is ludicrous. Should the tables be turned, I hope that I am either found to be of use or quietly put out of my misery.



5 thoughts on “Excess Guilt

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  2. Interesting post… you might want to break up the post’s content if its mean for different audiences

    I was commenting on Heartsie about this. What advice to give to more mature women. I made the flippant comment on his site:
    I tell women to date a plummer since he’ll keep her pipes clean.
    at 35 they say “ewww”
    at 37 they say “well if he’s cute”
    at 39 they say “I haven’t had a good pipe cleaning in a year”
    at 41 they say “you know a plummer?”

    It’s all about timing really. What looks unworkable today is a maybe tomorrow and a certainty by next week.

    And all predators learn to be patient… time is always on their side.

  3. I’ve dated quite a few older women. And younger ones. I don’t care what the sphere says, older women who are still fit and attractive are a hell of a lot of fun. They know what they like and they aren’t inhibited.
    I also date younger women. They often have sexual hang ups or insecurities together with lack of skill in some key areas. I’ve learnt to yell ‘Do it gently! It hurts! No teeth!’ in three languages. On the other hand, young ladies’ skin feels like that of a baby and they smell like peaches and cream.
    I found your observations interesting because these are mine: older women prefer a gentler, more polite approach. Young girls need you to be a horrid psychopath.
    I’m seeing a young girl at the moment. She asked me if I was seeing anyone else. Eventually I told her no. BUT, I told her this was only because I was too busy, not because I wasn’t cool enough. I think this satisfied her.
    Her guess before I told her? In the weeks since we got together she imagined that I’d been with ‘two or three’ other girls. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be the calibre of guy worthy of her romantic attentions.

    • Interesting and flattering besides. It would seem that given my penchant for sadistic assholes (I toned it down a notch from “horrid psychopath”) would make me young at heart by your book. Of course being that I insist on sadistic assholes with hearts of gold would reveal my maturity.

      I can’t maintain interest in men who expect me to be the center of their world while they flatter and cater to me. Not only do I expect that he’ll have an interest in other women, at my age, he would have to be a feeble troll to not gain the interest of other women my age at the least. And there are lots of us. Too many. It’s really no big demographic mystery why I decided to marry a Chinese even though I regret it.

      I might feel a twinge of insecurity should a man of my interest be involved with a younger woman but if he’s worthy of my heart he is going to want to come back to it, with perhaps a spring in his step (and hopefully not an STD).

      I remember my first lesbian experience and remember how surprised I was just how soft she was. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the only thing young women have going for them, which, to me, is just no longer enough. That would prove conclusively that I’m not male.

      That said, just about every man with whom I’ve had a relationship has made the declaration that he’s grateful to my first Dominant, who was bisexual, and therefore perhaps had unique insight on how to teach me how to please him. That skill is at least as valuable as a brain in a woman and keeps us from talking besides. 😉

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