I Walk the Line

I’ve been practicing some of my old dance routines lately. No, I never had a “career” of it, but a childhood of constant social disruptions engendered in me an active solo self-entertainment-generation persona. I’ve even danced for an audience on more than one occasion, such as to raise money for a cause that I believe in, and, didn’t do half badly! Mostly, however, my audiences have been very small.

I’m less likely to get in trouble with it—dancing that is—when I dance all alone without even a mirror.

Sometimes I imagine that I am dancing on a tightrope. Lately, rhetorically, I am dancing between ideologists of two persuasions within the anti-feminist perspective, on several different tightropes, that is, several different rhetorical polarizations.

I believe that most of these sorts of polar opposite positions can be diagrammed mathematically such that when one side gains more political and economic critical mass than the other, there is a sudden, dramatic pendulum swing. I hope that when such a thing happens that I am not forced to choose between either of two ideological extremes who will not approve of what I may couch as ambivalence such as to violently either subject me to or withhold from me energy I may require for survival. For this would either result in my violent submission or violent rebellion, which is where my true ambivalence lies.

However, just the same, if I am to achieve any sort of willful orchestration of my future, I think it is time that I attempt to articulate my personal position, which, will doubtless result in the various ideologues attempting to rationalize me into changing it.

Generally speaking, I resist spending a lot of time with young people a.k.a. “minors”. I understand that even though this blog is flagged for adults only, there are plenty of young people who are capable of accessing it. However, I don’t have any particular motivation to be completely silent particularly when nearly all live human interaction I engage in lately tends to be dramatic, and so I ration those encounters according to my energy level, specifically in terms of the efforts required to maintain forbearance in the face of ideological atrocity.

This is not my way of saying that I don’t “like” children, only that it is not my desire to be a “role model” intentionally or accidentally to “children” of all ages, nor is it my obligation to either “educate” or “be educated” by them. The uncomfortable question that is likely to occur is not one that I have an answer for that won’t enrage somebody, or make somebody uncomfortable, or cause a parent or caring adult to violently remove that child from my presence or to do the same to me.

It has become apparent to me that in the Breeder vs. Nonbreeder ideological debates that there are blind spots that cannot be rationalized away or even rationally revealed to the holders of these blind spots.

It is useless to explain that one way to destroy a culture is to deliberately push the irrational blind spots into either extreme direction. Since I am incapable of obliterating my own knowledge and experiences in the world, then it is useless to attempt to force me to gaslight myself, even if, everyone would feel better if I did.

It is useless to attempt to shame me into believing that I am not a woman, not loved by God, selfish, physically flawed, obligated to be silent, obligated to commit suicide, obligated to be either a childcare giver, prostitute, or celibate for the crime of choosing not to reproduce.

Ironically, I believe that the tension of my tightrope is due to the tripartisan consensus between The Church, the Secular Feminist State, and the Anti-Feminist “Equalist” resistance to outlaw the following:

  1. The marital state of what is commonly referred to as “polygamy,” to mean more-than-one-wife-at-the-same-time, albeit perhaps more accurately referred to as “polygyny.”
  2. Patriarchal privatized prostitution.
  3. Slavery.

I’d be OK in either of those scenarios but only if all three were legal. Since that is not the case, I decline to articulate my personal choice, such as to limit my opportunities for survival and love, or to allow blind ideologues to rule over me.

10 thoughts on “I Walk the Line

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  2. Cap we need to clone you.

    One thing about the pendulum that I’m sure you already know. The further it swings in one direction the harder, faster and further it’s going to swing in the other. I kind of hope it does so as to discourage another feminist uprising. We have all of this on record in print, video and photographs unlike in past centuries so it should be easier to warn generations centuries in the future of what happened during our life now.

    • Thanks I guess (be careful what you wish for). There’s just one thing, not to put a damper on your enthusiasm and all, but digital archives can be erased in an instant.

  3. Well, I don’t know if it’s enthusiasm but I do think it’s becoming much harder for TPTB to just mask history anymore.

  4. I”m not sure your idea of what is “legal” has a definition that comports with any specific spot in the real world, but the idea of what is and what is not legal is actually pretty murky.

    You realize, of course, that slavery in the United States is alive and well don’t you? The 13th Amendment only outlawed private slavery, not slavery by the government. I certainly have no problem with slavery, but I think the government should be forbidden to own slaves and private individuals should have that right instead of the way it’s currently set up with Unicor and the prison system.

    Polygyny is completely legal and actually a far better model of marriage for men and women in today’s legal environment. I’ll go so far as to say that societal recognition of polygyny is probably the only thing that can save monogamy at this point, but that’s a long story and would require refreshments. And dancing girls. Maybe even a hot tub.

    I’m not sure what “patriarchal prostitution” is (old-fashioned marriage?) but if it’s some form of value traded for sexual gratification, it isn’t the issue you might think it is these days.

    Everything related to the “legality” of prostitution devolves to payment, and WallyWorld makes a great payment facilitator. The customer sends a money transfer through Walmart and the amount, name, store number and the transaction ID are all that’s needed to collect. They don’t require ID and that information is rather negotiable, so a third-party with a telephone can work wonders. Without a way to prove a transfer of value from service provider to client, prostitution is almost impossible to prosecute. It is amusing to me to contemplate the “legality” of something one can purchase at WallyWorld.

    My point, however, is the “legality” of slavery, polygyny and prostitution are all relative. Give me a quick tour through your home and 15 minutes of questions and I’ll bet I can come up with at least 5 regulations you’re currently violating that carry felony-level penalties.

    So, how’s the rope now? And please explain how “violent submission” works. I’m curious.

    • “The 13th Amendment only outlawed private slavery, not slavery by the government.” In a sense, that goes across the board. Loads of women and plenty of men are “married” to the government, and wherever prostitution is legal, the government is the pimp one way or another. Definitely a sad state of affairs.

      I’ve no doubt that it is possible for all parties to legally protect themselves in a polygyny situation, only that such knowledge isn’t widely available nor would the situation be possible for most, under an overreaching government which effectively prevents anything that challenges its power.

      I have a hot tub, but, as for the dancing girls, I can’t imagine any way that would go well in my retirement community, unless of course you like ’em geriatric. If it were just me dancing, and maybe a few other handpicked, well-preserved residents, those who rule us would have a fit.

      As for patriarchal prostitution, I distinguish it from marriage in that the purpose is to earn money from “clients”. Not to say that some prostitutes aren’t married to their pimps only that wouldn’t necessarily be the case. Yes, of course, some clients marry prostitutes, and I certainly have no objection to that. Sweet gig. Regretfully, I’m not equipped for such a scenario and therefore am forced to provide added-value such as cooking, housework, clerical, etc., a.k.a. “real work”. That isn’t to say that I haven’t known prostitutes willing to put in extraordinary energy who would probably be marketable. I just don’t have that kind of stamina or mindset, albeit, of course, I do have some special skills for the right fella.

      As for explaining how to get away with prostitution, of course, there are numerous ways. Under our current legal system however, good men are disincentivized from being the managers regardless of how they manage to work the system because of vulnerability to extortion by either the prostitutes or the johns. Some, of course, are willing to take the risk albeit far be it from me to provide instructions on how to do so.

      Come on over, stranger, determine my crimes, and put me under house arrest. The worst that could happen would be “violent submission,” a.k.a. suicide with or without collateral damage, theoretically, of course, because that’s not legal either, unless one is an Islamic Terrorist. /sarc.

  5. I’ve no doubt that it is possible for all parties to legally protect themselves in a polygyny situation, only that such knowledge isn’t widely available nor would the situation be possible for most, under an overreaching government which effectively prevents anything that challenges its power.

    I’m working hard to change that. I’ve been told I’m somewhat obnoxious about it, but it’s one hell of a bomb to casually drop in conversation and leads to the most interesting of discussions.

    If it were just me dancing, and maybe a few other handpicked, well-preserved residents, those who rule us would have a fit.

    Get the old biddies drunk and they’d have a blast reliving the 1960’s. Female competition does have its uses when there’s an appreciative audience, so pick them well. It’s always easier to get several women to pull their clothes off than it is to convince just one. As to your “rulers” having a fit over such a thing, why do I suspect that you wouldn’t have it any other way?

    “violent submission,” a.k.a. suicide

    Nope, we’ll have none of that. Not only is the old-fashioned submission healthier, but you’d have a hard time saying “yes master” if you were dead. In fact, it’s impossible to be patriotic if you’re dead because I have it on good authority that rigor mortis prevents humming the Star Spangled Banner.

    When I said I had no problem with slavery, I was talking about the kind found in the Bible, specifically Exodus 21:2-11. The point about the women not being turned loose only applies if their father sold them, but the real point of all that is the only slave worth having is the slave that chooses to be a slave. Most people are born slaves and spend their lives trying to find a master. Some are not, and interestingly, there’s another passage that says if a slave runs successfully escapes he is not to be returned to his master by the people he takes refuge with. However, the system was set up to give the servant 7 years to make up their minds before choosing their freedom or permanent slavery. Which is why indentured servitude (up until the time it was abolished) was always limited to 7 years.

    House arrest? Are you claiming to be housebroken?

    • If everything goes well, then there would be certainly no need to pull the nuclear option. However, I thought I’d be considerate by outlinng the worst case scenario and then chart the odds the best I can with a stranger, which isn’t very accurate. However, even with a vague idea of possibility, I can still say that to be enslaved by the state would increase those odds given the hopelessness of the situation.

      Having already been nonconsensually enslaved, and while uncertain whether I even had a possibility of life outside of it, I had to consider whether ending it that way might be preferable.

      After the horrible lingering death of yet another animal who I was very attached to, I realized that I couldn’t save the remaining animals no matter what and that we would all likely be killed eventually. That realization reversed my hopelessness such that I garnered the courage to escape.

      Most slavery need not end up quite that bad as it is impractical for a sane owner. Ideally it can even be deeply spiritually rewarding. I’ve had that situation as well.

      My conclusion is that I’m well suited for a master of character who rewards me for my efforts at least some of the time. However to be enslaved to someone devoid of conscience or spirit is something I’ll avoid at all cost.

      Regardless, I find it a more reasonable and sustainable method to avoid using “Master/slave” terms for a variety of reasons: group bias, detection by outsiders, or simply adversely impacting my usefulness.

  6. Caps, Sometimes you think to hard. I would tell you to dance and simply dance. And there are many of us that would dance with you.

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