Amidst all the angry and violent rhetoric, if words are our new “sticks and stones that break our bones,” there is no silence in public discourse. Missing a mere moment of the spectacle could be hazardous, of course, and that might be the whole point of it. It is an extortion, like a bully on the way to school, demanding attention, time, and even “caring” in lieu of lunch money (albeit ofttimes that too).

Peace, quiet, and contentment are the enemy here, that must be crushed and eradicated in others.

Any value not within the aegis of the bullies must be confiscated, destroyed, or both.

Each silent person represents an affront to all those demanding affirmation, validation, agreement, admiration, and acceptance, as well as monopolization of the narrative.

Charity, to include volunteering “a sympathetic ear,” or “advice” can never be assumed to be free of agenda. When these gifts of time require labor in gratitude or some other show of allegiance, however, there is a point where such gratitude may be exhausted. That is, to say, it is not infinite. Neither is a life or its energy infinite.

I do not blog here out of gratitude to my followers. I blog here out of gratitude to those who died while showing me that I was loved and appreciated even though I failed to save them. I also blog as a show of allegiance to those who still live, so that they know that I exist as well.

I also blog in order to be a thorn in the side of all those determined to silence all dissent or to ascribe agendas to me that do not exist as a means of spreading the guilt and self-loathing which motivate them.



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