The Big Bad Wolf

One way to shelter both women and children from the cold cruel world is to regale them with grim fairy tales (by the Brothers Grimm for instance). Scare tactics such as these can serve to keep young innocent creatures close to home.

The fairy tale of men’s sexuality being all-encompassing such as to even subsume morals and ethics is a big bad wolf indeed to keep one’s loved ones from wandering into the forest.

Meanwhile, a well-preserved over-aged child determined to prove her intellectual and moral superiority over all who might hear can turn out to be a holy terror. So long as the state is prepared to step in should she start to feel bad about her husband’s roving eye then her shrill sanctimonious demeanor has nowhere to go but up. Such is one of the hazards of church and state-sanctioned monogamy.

Compensating a woman’s diminishing sexual value with education causes her to feel intellectually superior as well, to pretty much everyone, and then mistake that feeling for wisdom.

Some husbands successfully navigate the tightrope of flattering and sheltering their wives just enough, to include the husband’s escape valves with lesser women in terms of class. Class, generally speaking, results in more sheltered children in the higher classes than the lower ones such that wisdom of “fallen” women often exceeds that of the pedestalized.

Eventually however class-tiered sheltering begins to break down in a society, particularly as wealthy wives start engaging in follies such as child and prostitute rescue as a hedge against their own diminishing sexual market value or guilt with regard to their own moral failures.

For some, the temptation to use their own children as a means of attracting either sexual attention, monetary favors, or even just mere flattery or class preservation, might even motivate a wise husband to send his children elsewhere.

None for me, thanks.

These dynamics complicate further in blended families, with adopted children, or even the concept of “ward” of an older child.

Fortunately, there are jobs such as the neighborhood crossing guard where she can sneer at all men driving fast cars with the wall of children in her charge that she can summon at will. Provided those men are one’s competitors whether in business or for one’s pool of prostitutes or prospective mistresses then the husband wins in this exchange.

However, if it is your witch who she threatens with such a tactic, then let it not be your children who she summons for the wall. Consider this a friendly warning, to, currently, four different men. (Why do these things happen to me in clusters?)

I am grateful to some very bad men for taking me as “ward” such as to be unmoved by scare tactics both created by and for vain, insufferable women of threatened sexual market value. Thank you for protecting me from those women and thank you for protecting my “spiritual” daughters, sons, sisters, and brothers from same.

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