Banned from CCOK

If you don’t know what the above stands for, I apologize. If you do, you do.

In any case, it all has something to do with this and this.

I have the former largely (but not completely) archived.

I do not apologize for calling a paid Warmist operative a Hate Crime Collaborator.

Rest in Peace, Joan Rivers.

7 thoughts on “Banned from CCOK

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  3. Didn’t she get smoked because she outed “”Michelle”” Obama as a tranny? Whoops, am I not allowed to say that? Well, If I stop commenting I want you to assume the worst.

    • We could all be silenced at any moment for nothing to include thinking thoughts that offend fragile egos.

      I believe, and I have no rational basis for this notion, that we are all one, and that this one is all connected, and otherwise we are integral facets of the infinite crystal of the universe, such that there is no creation, only recycling.

      I blog therefore I am. Likewise, I hope to be a royal pain in the ass for as long as I am allowed to be one. When it’s over, it’s not the “worst” because that again is more “narrative”. I’m ready for the next adventure myself.

      Martyrs have more power than I have. Narrative however exceeds all even if eventually it all collapses and recycles regardless of the egos invested in it.

  4. I was vacationing and saw this post… thought the ban involved switching the two middle letters – so my immediate impression was it was too cruel of a ban.

    I get back from vacay and realize it’s not switched letters… so I suppose it was good for me not to comment while on mental vacation… or offer to lift the ban.

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