The Insidious Clitoris

If you’ve been reading my blog and still haven’t gotten seriously pissed off at me then this piece ought to do it.

Since Dr. Alfred Kinsey, and further hammered into our heads by Masters and Johnson, and all the opportunistic imitators they inspired, Science Hath Determined that the only way for a woman to orgasm is by direct or indirect stimulation of the clitoris.

Specifically, Sigmund Freud, a cigar smoker and a Jew, was wrong:

According to Freud, “Elimination of clitoral sexuality is a necessary precondition for the development of femininity, since it is immature and masculine in its nature.”[141] Freud postulated the concept of “vaginal orgasm” as separate from clitoral orgasm, achieved by external stimulation of the clitoris. In 1905, he stated that clitoral orgasms are purely an adolescent phenomenon and that, upon reaching puberty, the proper response of mature women is a change-over to vaginal orgasms, meaning orgasms without any clitoral stimulation. This theory has been criticized on the grounds that Freud provided no evidence for this basic assumption, and because it made many women feel inadequate when they could not achieve orgasm via vaginal intercourse alone.[142][143][144][145]

Anyone so evil as to make women feel inadequate ought to be gassed at the least!

Kinsey, on the other hand, was a pedophile who hired convicted sex criminals to fondle infants.

Source: Kinsey was a fraud

Women are superior in every way therefore to make women feel inadequate is a sin!

At the least it is a curse from God.

So there you have it.

Any orgasm that does not involve direct or indirect stimulation of the clitoris is not a real orgasm and therefore a woman who orgasms in the non-State-approved manner could not possibly be a real woman.

To the rescue:

Orgasmic new trend sees women paying £147 to have their vaginas rubbed by strangers

I have something to confess here and that is that I didn’t like it. Because I didn’t like it, the practitioner thought I ought to see a psychiatrist. Mind you, having PTSD on my part wasn’t a problem for him. My problem is that I didn’t like his “treatment” (as perfectly described in the above link).

Perhaps since I didn’t pay for it, I didn’t fully buy into it. Well, that’s not exactly right. I did pay but not in the usual way.

Payment for treatment, by the way, represents the Freud model of psychoanalysis, that is, if you are not paying for it then you are not fully buying into it.

Nowadays, all sorts of charitable and taxpayer-supported organizations offer free psychotherapy.

Excessive stimulation of the clitoris, like any excessive stimulation, can become addictive. I resist becoming such an addict.

Can State-Sanctioned Psychoanalysis Become Addictive?

Of course it can.

Lighting up.

22 thoughts on “The Insidious Clitoris

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  2. I’ve always thought it was a bit… hmm… presumptuous?… of Freud to think that he had the plumbing knowledge to be able to understand how vaginas and clitorises FELT. Sheeesh! Wackjob.

    Even if he did like cigars.


      • I suppose the question is whether female circumcision might have the same effect as other forms of sensory loss. Blindness causes functions in the brain to shift to other senses, with the sense of touch, hearing and smell being amplified. Perhaps not in the sense the raw data is being amplified, but in terms of an increase in processing power.

        Might the loss of the clitoris expand the erogenous sensation of other areas in the same way, or perhaps cause the mind’s focus to shift to other areas that perhaps yield greater response than the clitoris? Who knows? A study on that might turn the feminist narrative on its head (which would be appropriate, because feminist and head are two words that usually don’t go well together).

        Most women have told me that a vaginal orgasm is superior and far more intense than a clitoral orgasm and I’ve even had women get positively glassy-eyed when trying to describe an analgasm. I wonder how that would work if they were circumcised. There’s also the argument of intelligent design that says a woman’s primary pleasure source in sex was designed to be the G-spot and the clitoris was the alternate button for self-stimulation if the man wasn’t hitting the spot.

        Women are superior in every way Feminists are hopelessly inadequate but don’t like to admit it, therefore to make women feminist feel inadequate is a sin!

        There. FIFY

      • Sensory deprivation in general is a fascinating subject. Bondage touches on similar areas, to include blindfolds, gags, or even what is known as “mental bondage” or restraint of abilities as a demonstration of submission and obedience.

        I’ve had the privilege of confidential conversations with circumcised women who report exactly as you theorize and who therefore report it as a gift rather than as abuse. Naturally, the experience of women is not universal, and is subject to considerations of class, as with men.

        Of course the notion that any woman shouldn’t be as “feral” as Simone de Beauvoir describes in her essay The Lolita Syndrome, offends anyone who enjoys this famous scene from the movie And God Created Woman:

        I noted that the FEMEN employee (and they’re paid a salary therefore calling them “protestors” is disingenuous in my view) who tried to steal the Baby Jesus statue from Vatican City, had the words: “God is woman” painted across her chest.

        I’ve no doubt that fans of Roger Vadim, the director of And God Created Woman, were supposed to feel outraged that a Vatican guard covered her bare chest with a coat.

        I suspect that female circumcision is a response to some sort of epidemiological or even demographic catastrophe in history in terms of attempting to prevent a repeat of the same, even if the traumatic memory of the event may have been repressed in those continuing the tradition.

        Freud, in addition to being the father of Psychoanalysis was also a scholar of Egyptology, Tutankhamen, and Jewish genealogy. Perhaps he wasn’t merely pulling his theories out of his Manbrain for purposes of suppressing his daughter, Anna.

        However, in his famous plaint, “What Do Women Want?” could he have predicted that what his daughter wanted was to hire Hillary Clinton as a research assistant for benefit of a book that was used to create the legal standard of unevenly awarding child custody to the mother? That book: Beyond the Best Interests of the Child.

        Hillary’s work on this effort was at Yale not Harvard, to correct my earlier comment to Mr. McFadden.

      • capriszchka, your writing reminded me of a discussion I’d seen carried on, evidently quite seriously, at some point online in the past year. I forget exactly where it was, but you could probably find it, and others, by Googling:

        Does God have a penis?

        It’s amazing what people find time to think about…

        – MJM

      • I’m speechless. Mere speculation and it turns out there’s evidence to support the speculation? All it took was looking at what feminism is preaching and going in the other direction for truth.

        As to how it got started, speculating on that is a case of rushing in where angels fear to tread…

        I do think this would better have been titled “The Perfidious Clitoris” rather than the “Insidious Clitoris” in that since a woman’s vagina is held to be the female holiest of holies, it must be the clitoris that’s causing the chaos. After all, isn’t female sexual pleasure just a social construct created by men to enslave women?

        Sounds legit.

    • Just because, I’m trying to be nicer. The biggest evidence in my view that Freud was a wackjob was that Anna Freud, his daughter, employed Hillary Clinton as a research assistant.

  3. We know, don’t we, that the brain (or, possibly even the ‘mind’, whatever and wherever it is) is the main sex organ, to which all others are connected in some way. When I was young and, pardon me but this was verified, “yummy delicious”, one woman reported she had an orgasm while just getting undressed with me. I hasten to add I am no expert in any woman’s or womens’ orgasms, each woman being different, and each time a different setting and mood. I can’t imagine that a purchased orgasm can have as much satisfaction as an intimacy, with or without orgasm, with someone with whom there is a warm and friendly feeling. Now I’ll look under the link about the purchased orgasm.

  4. That’s just not how I like to see women… and I’m not sure how I’d feel about the Sisterhood. Unless it’s like the clitoral hood, I know all about how to feel about that.

  5. still haven’t gotten seriously pissed off at me then this piece ought to do it

    Why? So a bunch of pencil-necked geeks couldn’t get their women off? How is this any different from the man-children of today? I’ve always found that a man should raise to the challenge… Hmmm… Okay – let’s try the anal vibrator. Nope? Well, I have about a million of these to try and I’m getting off, so as long as I still find her attractive and fun, why would I really care where her orgasm comes from… As long as she’s addicted to me, no worries…

    Anyway… Although a woman paying 147 pounds to have strangers rub their vagina? Isn’t that called a “club” in the US? Or a movie theatre? Seems like they need to get out more… Or lose weight and become attractive… Never seen these women so I’m willing to bet none of them are young and attractive…

    • I’m not one of those who believe that it is the job of men to “get their women off”. That’s the job of a prostitute/gigolo or vibrator. Sex and orgasm are all in the mind, without the proper mind set all the bells and whistles in the world aren’t going to help unless we’re talking about someone so jaded and insensitive that mere friction will do it. As for what the other partner is thinking during orgasm or how it is done? Hopefully these things are worked out while a couple is getting to know each other sexually. The problem with too much sexual experience prior to marriage is that bad habits, if any, are difficult to unlearn, and by “bad” I mean difficult or unusual such that acceptance isn’t a given. I’m not being judgmental given that I’m sexually odd myself and so don’t even bother with the flowers and dancing until I’ve established that there’s a possibility of compatibility. What that means is that I take a great deal of responsibility for my own pleasure rather than make it the responsibility of my partner. If he wants to take some responsibility then all the better but it isn’t my style to hold a grudge for the less than stellar times. There are more important things than mere physical release. I’m much more interested in spiritual bonding and intimacy anyway, and with those things, the sexual stuff falls in naturally. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

      All the obsession with mechanics simply creates more jaded human beings. As for the women who pay for the treatment, I’m going to call them suckers myself as I didn’t get the whole big deal of it such that I found it clinical and ultimately boring. I didn’t pay for it, in the usual sense. It was more like barter. The OM practitioner got the better part of the deal albeit I got a story to tell, so maybe I won after all.

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