Dangerous Ideas That Must Be Stopped!

Merely uttering the word, “Creator” must be forbidden for the sake of “Science”: Darwinian fundamentalists threaten boycott of science journal for paper mentioning “Creator”

The mere sight of tobacco causes entirely unmanageable “addiction” in children: Adjusting Vincent

These raving lunatics have the gall to believe that they ought to be in charge of either “Science” or children?

I say, the children would be better off being “schooled” at the feet of men in cigar lounges than to be subjected to this Fascist drivel.

Don’t worry! The kids will be fine! Men, Patria, and Smoke have fueled what we know of as civilization, in its ascendance toward God, the Father.

These lunatic Leftists, on the other hand, ought to be living in grass huts engaging in human sacrifice, assuming that this isn’t already the case.



3 thoughts on “Dangerous Ideas That Must Be Stopped!

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    • I wish that were the case when it would appear that they are more than happy to prey on vulnerable populations such as children, people in need of any sort of assistance real or imagined, the hospitality industry, whole cities, etc. Their hunger for control knows no bounds.

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