Equalism as Patriarchy

The great conspiratorialist myth of The Patriarchy has an easy-to-digest twin brother, which is all too easy for me to lampoon. It is the “virtue-signalling” on one hand, and paternalistic braggadocio on the other of owning (via her heart) a superior, that is “Equal” female partner.

She pulls her physical and intellectual weight in “the partnership”.

She earns the same or more as he does, is incredibly physically fit, and never gets old.

She’s logical, brilliant even, and a veritable superwoman in terms of her ability to hold onto a professional career and raise perfect kids and nurture a loving relationship, all at the same time.

Because he’s a perfect, loving Dad of course.

She initiates sex as often as she receives it and does so while expending equal energy as her lucky male partner.

She’s the prize, the goal even for all men jumping on the “Equalist” bandwagon.

I don’t think I even need to say that she’s probably an Atheist, and why shouldn’t she be. Clearly she is herself a Goddess. What an amazing guy to have bagged her.

The Socialist Dreamgirl.

Sorry. I don’t buy it. Why is she with you? Wouldn’t she be happier with a woman as a partner who will take care of all that demeaning housework, homecooking, gardening stuff that sensible effete intellectuals so rightly disdain?

When she orgasms does she have to go to Atheist confession afterwards because, briefly, for a fleeting moment, she felt like a sex object? Of course not.

It’s just a vibrator. Nothing to see there.

Perfectly sensible equal intimacy in defiance of biology.

Now, gentlemen, if you listen well and heed this amazingly deserving man’s advice, you too may one day earn for yourself this incredibly happy equal woman who will not only not look up to you, but will be looking over your shoulder at this guy.

Because you’re a sap.

Sorry. But that’s how I see it.


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