Rational Arguments

Rational arguments are largely the domain of men. Some women are good at them too. However, the notion that rational arguments are themselves the collective mark of “intelligence” is tunnel vision.

I think that the reason that so many men think that they want an “intelligent” woman has to do with the irrational arguments of Leftists choking out all other competing narratives. When a rational man has had enough of this, he probably thinks that an “intelligent” woman is the peaceful antidote or even comes to fetishize such a concept in terms of an “intelligent woman” being entertaining and arousal-inducing.

While meanwhile such men are shunning the company of other men.

First of all, rational thought is a journey not a destination such that rational thought is under degrees of competition from the irrational. Secondly, every man has his nemesis in terms of the intuitive or “feminine” archetype which causes him to lose his own head.

All of us have vulnerabilities when it comes to our rational arguments being “hijacked” by our irrational feelings.

For what it’s worth, if I’m overly invested in the rational or intellectual aspects of a thought or conversation, I am not turned on. Therefore men who believe that they can flatter me by appeals to my intellect such as to arouse me insult me by this appeal to intellectual narcissism. I’m not that kind of girl.

I’m an intellectual because this part of my brain was trained to be this way. It’s an obstacle not an assistance in terms of my own sexual arousal. Men who allow themselves to be so distracted by my writing, thoughts, arguments, etc., have failed my “shit test”. If he falls into my tender trap, he’s spider food.

On the other hand, if he utterly fails to heed what I say, in terms of my own self-actualization, beliefs, honest appraisal of myself, etc., he is also a fool, or otherwise unfortunately over-conditioned by female solipsism to ignore what I say at his peril.

The biggest loser however in terms of this particular paradox is me. I’m not quite hot enough for most men to bother with the patient, thoughtful, intuitive penetration of my defenses in such a way that will actually work rather than terrify me into noncompliance, rebellion, or escape-artistry. It therefore defines my “Alpha Widowhood.”

Fortunately, I find these sorts of intellectual and rhetorical exercises, on one hand, and terribly inconsiderate flirting, on the other, suitable compensation for a celibate lifestyle.

At the same time, I admonish men who overly pedestalize Athena over Aphrodite, or who otherwise assume that Aphrodite is not clever.

Meanwhile, there is nothing particularly rational about otherwise sane men fawning over an adorable virgin savant while meanwhile neglecting their own masculine sacred identity in themselves or even their own sons.


9 thoughts on “Rational Arguments

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  2. I think it says something about our understanding of the world when the cool and calculated among us (you and I, most men) seem to assume that cool and calculated is a sign of inherent intellect, rather than a result of study and experience. Even I do it, knowingly. It’s not really something that can be stopped. We value what we cultivate, we cultivate what we value.

    • In so many ways, however, children just do what they believe is expected of them, and once there, there’s no point in throwing away all that experience in critical thinking etc., as society encourages girls to adopt, even more than boys, who are left critically wondering whether society even appreciates their difference.

      Meanwhile, I might as well use it.

      I’m not nearly all that cool and calculated anymore, however. I’m just trying to figure it all out in terms of choosing to be some sort of intellectual superstar but with no direct benefit to me–only the paradoxically “romantic” notions of propaganda. Meanwhile, experience in a woman tends to attract damaged creatures of the male persuasion, rather than the commitment-worthy, which, of course, is not to say that such rogues are all bad. But do parents really want their kids to marry one? It’s not a great long term plan, unless one is speaking only of romantic fiction: https://youtu.be/9Y1l2rpbt18

      • There is some great research I think you might enjoy. It’s based on abused and neglected children and it notes that there are physical, neurological and chemical changes that happen in the brains of children who are treated with contempt or hate. It might actually play a part in how men and women reason differently, if we not only must contend with our biology, but also with our parents’ hangups… for life.

      • Oh yes. I’m aware. Vicious forgone conclusions…eventually. Adoptive parents are sometimes in for a terrible surprise. However such effects are practically guaranteed when population exceeds resources. “Another mouth to feed? Oh great.” Munificence doesn’t just happen.

        Are you familiar with Jim Goad? He was subject to contempt even while in the womb.

        I suspect that institutional ills which trickle down into the home predict marketing trends 70 years later.

        Imagine all those angry jilted women who become schoolteachers which is not to say that they don’t hate children of both sexes one way or another.

        Brain chemicals that in turn build the brain are subject to all sorts of vagaries. One more reason why it is impossible to fully separate nature from nurture because neither occurs in a vacuum.

        I believe that limbic system dominance however is a multigenerational effect such that some children thrive under adversity and others identify it as normal behavior. Being able to compartmentalize the worst of life and death from the best is supposed to be one of the male brain advantages, generally speaking. However, with enough limbic system dominance, higher reasoning fails to include acting in one’s own best interest not to mention one’s progeny.

        That said, I expect that some men are developing some resistance against generations of hostility and shaming, and otherwise adapting for better or worse.

      • Unsure on Jim Goad, will look him up. I do know, however, that stress during pregnancy can result in physical and behavioural alterations of infants (extremes being hyena girls and guevedoce boys) in an effort to adapt to what must be a very dangerous environment. So beyond that, anything is possible, really. It also causes me to suspect that some of the masculine women and feminized men we see today are the natural result of mothers living in a stressful environment. If mommy had to work, then the boys had best be gentle and feminine (to not disrupt society’s order or hurt the girls) and the girls had best be butch and strong (to take on their mother’s workload). Gender dimorphism in humans is not a constant state.

        For those reasons I suspect that the majority of males today are doomed to betadom (or deltadom, if you prefer). It is not brainwashing, or education, or anything like that. The average pajama boy is literally a different breed from masculine men. Hence the cultural hostility. However progressive either side believes they are, when faced with a more masculine or more feminine “race” of man, they get anxious. But the animosity will not change either of them.

        It is giving me pause for thought about the future of civilization, though. Because in past times civilizations fell due to increasingly decadent people and increasingly butch women… the men were not feminized (they could not afford to be, those that were did not survive), so they overwhelmed the weak society and conquered it. But what would happen if entire continents were full of slightly butch women and slightly girly men? With a race of soldiers, at extremely high pay rates to keep them obedient, guarding the borders? With no risk of masculine invaders? Perhaps our society will not fall. Perhaps “Sex and the City” is the new world order. I dread to think so, but it seems more of a possibility than it used to.

  3. @cap
    “Men who allow themselves to be so distracted by my writing, thoughts, arguments, etc., have failed my “shit test”. If he falls into my tender trap, he’s spider food.”

    Indeed always pay attention to what a woman does not what she says regardless of the media.

    came across a quote the other day.
    Misogynist: A man who hates women as much as women hate one another – HL Mencken

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