Making a Better World

If I believe that the U.S. ought to roll back the entire Progressive Era of Amendments, throw away the notion of monogamy, normalize prostitution, and other regressive notions to include male superiority within most civic, social, sexual, and spiritual venues, what role do I see for myself in this imaginary paradise?

Well, first of all, it’s “imaginary,” albeit may well occur in my lifetime barring total societal collapse (also a high possibility), and besides, I’m a product of a dysfunctional family in a dysfunctional era, so how can I possibly say?

Besides, in my heart of hearts, I prefer to be directed rather than to have full choice in even my own outcome, having less faith in my own wisdom than that of a probably impossible standard of male given my experiences with Axel. More than likely, in the event of the two possible mega-scenarios hinted at above, someone who I do not particularly admire would likely have that say. Oh well. With any luck I’ll either love the outcome or won’t live much longer than to see it realized. It’s not all about me. It’s a journey, not a destination.

Ultimately, how I may feel about it is largely within my own control. I realize this is a radical notion to many today.

However, I do at times imagine myself living in a long ago era under several possible scenarios. That’s not a crime yet is it?

Let’s just say that I wasn’t the product of a dysfunctional family in a dysfunctional era, perhaps I would be one of a small group of wives to one admirable sort of man, with my preference of course that I be his absolute favorite, or at least have a unique roll for him among the others. Alternatively, if I can’t stand the others, then I could be his kept mistress/courtesan/hostess in some faraway outpost, on call. Or a prostitute or madame in a dream bordello (in terms of the options I’ve known, I’d just assume pass on such an employment offer given the choice today). The major enjoyment I receive out of life would be masculine attention, which, of course, I’d be obliged to earn and continue to renew that merit. It would be nice if my responsibilities would continue to increase in terms of depth and intellectual challenge or more toward the pastoral and artistic—I could go either way. Naturally, I would engage in whatever domestic pursuits required for purposes of domestic harmony.

Perhaps in a less dysfunctional society, women wouldn’t repulse me by and large and I could even have more friendships with them than I do today.

Being overcrowded by people relative to opportunity would be the least possible desirable outcome; however of course, that’s not something that any sort of social engineering scheme can ever wholly eliminate as a possibility, unless one lives on an island, alone.

Since I live in the here and now however, I honestly don’t know what I want other than to have a man’s attention of some sort. I would hope that upon meeting such a man, my role would develop and otherwise crystallize. I can’t be expected to have that all worked out beforehand, can I?

Likely as not, in my imaginary paradise, I would probably not be as intellectually invested as I am now. That would doubtless result in more happiness, the closer I would be toward the level of intellectuality desired by a hypothetical male of “Alpha” bent. Failing to land such, however, then I guess prostitution or the convent would be second choice.

Whoever told women that they should desire to be front-and-center as civic and social decision-makers probably did not have their best interests at heart.

I am not even certain that allowing women full domestic reign in terms of home decor, maintenance, and food, has been an unbridled success. So long as these areas are controlled by the feminine hive mind under the aegis of consumerism or government diktat, then the result was to be inevitably a disaster.

5 thoughts on “Making a Better World

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  2. I’m coming to the conclusion that women should have as little power as possible since doing the opposite always seems to lead to breakdown. You can’t imagine how many times I’ve been at the receiving end of a band hammer because of forbidden thoughts like that.

    As for male attention don’t be too picky if you want it. No man’s perfect. Especially these days. Only within the last couple of years have I dumped the egalitarian thinking in favor a much more dominant attitude toward women (and I don’t mean just in the bedroom). It’s something that I’ve desired most of my life but severely repressed because I wasn’t supposed to think that way. It’s “misogynist” after all.

    It’s good that you seem to have a “service” mindset. It’s something I think (at least ideally; yes, exceptions, blah, blah) all women should have toward their man. I’d venture to say that the majority of them would be much happier being a compliment/”servant” to a man instead of the endless power struggles we see in relationships these days.

    You can’t have a football team with two head coaches or a household with two bosses. In fact, I’m at the point where women should be banned from political office (while men should be trained to avoid the pathetic white knighting that we see these days) as well as voting. At the moment I’d say voting should be limited to male property owners only.

    The problem Cap is that the feminine hive mind always wants daddy/husband there to command things even when they day otherwise. How do we know this? Well, women haven’t become independent but instead have transferred their dependence from their father or husband to the government. Even worse, government has become the daddy that spoils here little princess to the point where she becomes an extremely self-entitled cunt. I can almost hear them saying, “Beat him up daddy (government), he’s being mean (meaning the man won’t give in to her demands)”.

    The feminine is always going to demand some kind of daddy/husband overseer, even if they don’t realize it themselves. And with the government as overseer, the FI will know no limits. What does that mean for everyone? Authoritarianism and familial destruction.

    Heh, say all of this in “polite company” and watch people act like you just killed 20 people in cold blood.

    • In my world, I would allow property-owning widows over 35 to vote, right up until they remarry/cohabitate or a son comes of age…or they otherwise become unreasonable (perhaps by some sort of citizen action representing that she’s starting some sort of lesbian cult? not that I care what people do in the bedroom but there are degrees toward outright misanthropy which does not forebode well for a society) only as a safeguard against some sort of slaughter of the men.

      Lots of women are capable of “stepping up” to leadership; however, it’s the ones who actually want this that we have to worry about. That’s why, in my view, female leadership is a fall-back position, temporary, in case of emergency situation rather than something that society should either encourage or strive for. It’s a reaction to a demographic upset, and that demographic upset is a situation that needs to be addressed and not by the mindset of, “the men screwed up and so now us woman shall take over”. That’s infantile.

      As for everything else you’ve said, I enthusiastically agree. It’s not just me either. Plenty of women are simply afraid of going against the feminist hive mind. It’s a paradox given that it is the more submissive/feminine retiring women who are afraid to speak up in opposition to the current situation.

      As for women like me, frankly, I appreciate the romantic advice, but, it’s a dreadful paradox. If a man seems to be insecure, unstable, and otherwise asking my permission to dominate me, I can’t take him seriously. My feelings immediately go into “maternal” mode rather than romantic.

      That said, there’s a fellow who is unaware of this blog, who I am considering “training,” which of course presents the risk that once school’s out he’ll drop me for a younger model. I haven’t decided if he’s worth that investment, and I’m by far not opposed to “sharing,” but that presupposes that a hypothetical younger model would put up with that or would end up covertly re-subsuming him into service to her own ambitions.

      An additional complication is that purely rhetorical exchange is extremely unlikely to make me want to “submit”. The internet is not my romantic friend.

      If I have to make a choice with regard to how I represent myself on the internet as Caprizchka then I choose integrity to my beliefs rather than my own romantic objectives. If I have to live with myself then I have to live with myself.

      Meanwhile, should I meet someone, and he desires it, I’d drop this blog like a bad habit. So much for proselytizing. LOL.

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