I am Jealous of Anita Sarkeesian

I admit it. I confess.

Sarkeesian is a puppet, and a good one, being used in service to make money and promote an ideology which causes divisiveness, punishes men and boys, and her puppetmaster is a man.

Sounds like a great gig to me. Way better than my present, oppressive, and frankly terrifying circumstances.

The life of a puppet is not necessarily pleasant or unpleasant, it all depends on the puppetmaster.

I love to be productive and appreciated, and I already have a host of well-honed skills. However, I do not like being operated and manipulated by a monster. No monsters. Especially no female monsters!

Monster. A person so damaged by this world that he or she is psychotic and presumes that I too mean to damage him or her and therefore attempts to create a monster out of me.

The differences between the two types of puppeteers of my past are best described here: Two Men.

My lifetime “puppeteers” are not limited to these two men.

Of course, I would prefer to be promoting an ideology or rather an anti-ideology that I believe in and that I believe does the greatest good for our time. In my view, the ideologies worth obliterating like a video game that blows shit up are these:

Climate Alarmism
Racism Paranoia
Forced Multiculturalism
Universalism in terms of economics, politics, or morality

Lately, I am concerned that racial tensions are being used to discredit the Trump campaign, when bringing jobs back to the United States of America and halting illegal immigration would help all U.S. citizens, especially the marginalized and disenfranchised.

I quote my own Disqus comments to a recent hatchet-job on Kanye West here:

My comment: https://disqus.com/home/discussion/takismag/kanye_west_is_retarded_takis_magazine/#comment-2523539930

“The military and the countless white volunteers were consistently thwarted by black looters and criminals taking advantage of the chaos.” I’m going to have to see numbers on “countless” and which of these countless white volunteers were then officially debriefed.

I’ve known two white male volunteers who were greeted warmly and that’s not a joke. One was working for the American Red Cross.

Why was removing the railroad tracks such a high priority?

Kanye West may be retarded or his brains scrambled but he is perfectly correct that neither Bush nor Condoleeza rice cared about anyone hurt by Katrina to include White people. And why was the recorded path of Katrina altered so many times?

Remember Mr. Heck-of-Job Brownie, a Horse show judge?

Since when is Bush not a Big Government advocate? Hello?

They wouldn’t let cameras near some of the stadiums, gymnasiums, etc., so we’re never going to know what happened in there. Could well have been rapes. Could have been all sorts of things. Running out of toilet paper in some situations can be its own crisis. A plumbing crisis is a crisis. It all depends on how many people were in there and whether supply lines were cut. Sound familiar? How many donations were turned back? How about White Christians on boats carrying donations turned back?

Since we don’t know what happened because the press was kept at bay, people are going to invent stuff. Now, what do we have but another Holocaust narrative that can’t be questioned? Don’t tell me that this wasn’t by design. Swing Right/Swing Left/Swing Right/Swing Left. Whose heads will be swinging this time?

As for Bush’s comment: A few bad words were his all time low? What’s Bush’s IQ? When the Twin Towers fell, that was just ducky?

“West complains that charities are building schools in Africa without helping black Americans get out of debt to the tune of 17 times what their debt is.” How about we help all U.S. citizens rather than breeding rapefugees?

I agree that West is a wack job but Mr. McInnes doesn’t make the case here. This is a hatchet job. By design?

My comment with regard to this song: https://disqus.com/home/discussion/takismag/kanye_west_is_retarded_takis_magazine/#comment-2524981436

Here’s the thing, I’m going to be playing closer attention to what McInnes writes in terms of inciting Trump supporters to make anti-Black comments on Taki Mag. This whole, entirely unrealistic Kanye “campaign” could be designed by either the Bushes or the Clintons to drive away Black supporters of Trump.

As for what this celebrity or that celebrity says, I don’t really care. I love the song. I think that Feminism and Parental Rights are larger issues than Racism, but Racism and Feminism are both being used to create divisiveness, generations of fatherless children, and here comes Big Government to the “rescue”. Oh great.

I’m not asking you to LOVE BLACK PEOPLE because that’s infantile. Everyone is entitled to their standards of association or non-association or who they have sex with etc.

But be f-ing civil to BLACK CONSERVATIVES. ARE TRUMP SUPPORTERS F-ING NUTS? Or are there Provocateurs in our midst who are working for Clinton or Bush?

I would prefer also to be protected and sheltered in my puppetry, because I do not crave any more attention than I already garner, just walking down the street. What’s more, I don’t even need to ever be on stage as I could be a puppet behind the scenes. That’s probably a better gig for me, particularly given that I am, in real life, somewhat notorious in the BDSM scene, and already had my time on stage (you can probably picture it).

Personally, I would be very cool if someone invented an Anti-Immigration Burkha.

Speaking of fatherless children. I reproduce my own Disqus comment to this brilliant piece by the incomparable Janet Bloomfield:

My comment: https://disqus.com/home/discussion/judgybitch/paul_elam_gives_amanda_marcotte_a_gift/#comment-2523230402

I’ve been delaying my reading of this article because I’m tired of the abortion debate such that I understand that I hold a minority view and don’t feel the need to defend it ad nauseum nor respond to shaming tactics by ideologues. However, to my surprise (I shouldn’t be surprised as Janet Bloomfield is brilliant) this article is very reasonable.

One of my discus friends (you know who you are if you want attribution here please tell me) made a lyrical slogan:

“For every lovely on the dole mandatory birth control.”

In my view, “dole” ought to be extended to those who require the force of the state (and thereby taxpayer money) in order to extract money from the parent who the state calls the “responsible party” which of course is going to be the father 99.999 % of the time (I don’t know the exact percentage but I feel this and that is all that matters).

And “birth control” ought to be fool proof that is incapable of failure, sort of like a steering wheel lock that the municipality installs on cars that have too many unpaid parking citations. Although of course if the “lady” doesn’t “wike” it, then surgery. I want it 99.999% incapable of failure.

I understand that many women believe that their ova are like a bucket full of quarters that she can stick in a slot machine while she’s wearing a pair of diapers, and drinking liquids (one would hope), such that she never even need leave the slot machine until she’s out of quarters…but…I don’t care. These creatures are not human. They never developed the mammalian brain that distinguishes them from a mommy scorpion.

When mommy scorpion gets hungry and there’s nothing around to eat, guess what’s for dinner?

By the way, since scorpions cannot see, hear, or smell, they navigate the world solely by feel.

4 thoughts on “I am Jealous of Anita Sarkeesian

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  2. Conservative blacks, asians, and hispanics, jews, indians, and arabs, are all perfectly free to be and enjoy conservative and libertarian values as much as they like, in their own countries.

    People seem to have great difficulty separating in their minds the concept of ‘this person is different from me shares some ideas’ with ‘i must therefore make a multikulti paradise to accomodate exceptions’.

    It is perhaps the oldest, and most reliable, form of entryism and slippery sloping. It doesnt even have to be fully conscious or intentional on either parties part, as the exceptions still create ‘open ports’ in the ideological firewall that can be later exploited by less scrupulous, more retarded persons later, leading to memetic mutation.

    The PoC reactionary says: ‘what about me?’ The europoid reactionary, being europoid, thus naturally predisposed to conflict minimization and accomodation, promptly shits the bed more often than not. I say: ‘the exception that proves the rule.’

    Idea space is not the same as physical space.

    • I own being an “exception” but that’s a lament more than a point of pride. It becomes absurd when all the supposed “individuals” on the Left religiously adhere to the same communitarian philosophy and can’t abide threats to their world view.

      An awful lot of religious rules select for families where the men protect the women and children, but yet accommodate the less advantaged, encouraging them to adopt more paternalistic theories of advancement such as to advance their own stations. I suspect that it was this sort of “social eugenics” which enabled European civilizations to emerge. Flattening civilizations for the benefit of petulant losers won’t even achieve the aims of the losers. Rather, it merely paves the way for invasion by less-protective so-called “civilizations”.

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