Feminine Attractiveness

When a woman is less than attractive to men, she can always farm the government, her family, or otherwise milk the pity cow, generally speaking, far more efficiently than men can. As usual, per biology, men are more what they do whereas women are more what they are.

However, just because it’s more possible for a woman to do these things doesn’t mean that there isn’t a cost in terms of character. This is just one reason why, given the extensive support system conferred onto women, supposedly as some sort of compensation for historical oppression, but, upon further examination, always in evidence in some form, the character of women today suffers. Perversely, such character defects tend to manifest in some way in a woman’s looks at least over time. It is therefore a circular cycle.

Just to throw sort of a joker into the deck however, there are women who are so utterly devoid of conscience, introspection, and character that their looks don’t suffer the pressure of angst even if over time they may start to appear insipid.

The uglier that women get, inside and out, the more political pressure comes from them for government, family, and other bodies to ensure their own outcomes through no virtues of their own.

However, I believe that the backlash is evident today—from both men and women. It would appear first of all that young men are splitting into two camps, with the one side overly solicitous of women (sometimes as part of a job) and the other entirely indifferent. On the part of women, one sees the overly emotive slutty, slovenly, gay, and/or neurotic, with the underlying fear that the gig is up. The other side is refreshingly well-put-together yet emotionally and sexually restrained.

These things come to mind as I wrestle with myself in terms of touching up my gray roots. Axel continuously encouraged me to “go natural” and given that my natural hair color is varied, strand by strand, from very dark dishwater to coppery, golden blonde, and gray, I often would give “natural” a shot until looking at the roots started to depress me. After what I experienced in Venezuela, I decided that I ought to avoid whatever radical changes in my life that were in my power to avoid, and so continued to “touch up”. Axel supported my decision, and then the radical change in his health manifested, which we fought desperately, to lose the fight in the end.

When Axel stopped fighting, the gray in my hair started bursting through aggressively. Not surprising given the horror of it all that my follicles might go into shock along with the rest of me, even if I continued to perform my duties and then some, what with the punishing medication regimen, and his increasing helplessness.

However, I am “touching up” less and less thoroughly these days and otherwise today sport visible swaths of gray. It doesn’t seem to be lowering male interest in me. Therefore, I suppose I’ll keep diminishing my efforts until the roots gradually blend in such that I no longer feel the need to do anything. Since the gray is shiny, I find it attractive.

I don’t believe that “youth” is the only measure of attractiveness in a woman. It certainly isn’t for my eyes when it comes to men as I find gray hair and wrinkles enormously appealing. Of course, youthful fertility in women tends to be more sexually attractive to most men; however I’m not reaching for saturation of the market. Moreover, I’ve known men who are attracted to older women and who are themselves enormously attractive, as well as enormously attractive yet obviously older women. Therefore, there is a market niche.

I have a date for Valentine’s Day! Looking forward to it. I like the guy. Therefore I know better than to ask him how he feels about my gray hair. Since he asked me before I “touched up” how he feels is evident. Surprisingly, he is not much older than I am and sports less gray than I do. Good looking too. This will be fun.

There’s just one small issue. He hasn’t much experience with women like me. That’s OK. I have “trained” before. It would appear that he’s a natural. I’ll go easy on him. I have the feeling however that he has no intention of going easy on me.

I’ve toned down “the shrine” aspect to my home out of consideration for this new fella. I wonder what Axel will think of him? I hope he goes easy on him.





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