What are you looking for?

It’s a reasonable question and one that I apparently don’t answer satisfactorily here and here, but not here. If I seek “character,” rather than a “type” that might not be adequate encouragement to those who personify a “type.” Moreover, exactly what “type” am I? It would be apparent from my writing that I have a lot of strong opinions. Does that make me an unbearable bore? I surely hope not.

The best I can do to explain why it is so difficult to get a clear read on me by merely reading my writing is that I am somewhat of a chameleon, and that I’m not seeking a “type” except Dominant, smoker, and high testosterone, with a strong character, an open mind, a sense of adventure, and good with his hands or otherwise physically and mechanically inclined. In the presence of those things, I adapt, which, by the way, is an understatement.

As for exotic sexual activities, those would fall under “sense of adventure,” and “good with his hands,” because if there is something I like that he hasn’t yet tried, with the above qualities, all things are possible. However, I don’t like being so specific with someone I haven’t gotten to know and trust because I don’t mean to make titillation overwhelm common sense on either of our parts such as to outweigh basic compatibility or character. Besides, I don’t require that every sexual exchange be some sort of circus act. Chemistry, on the other hand, doesn’t lend itself to two-dimensional descriptions.

I listen well, learn quickly, apply myself to diverse circumstances, and aim to please. I’ve lived in exalted circumstances and very humble ones, in the heart of the city, and in deep in the country. I don’t much care for the suburbs or otherwise being subjected to the attention of a lot of busybodies, but, with the right person, all situations are possible, including, say, an RV park or harbor.

Speaking of RV parks, I am currently planning to move to one, not yet picked out, somewhere in Florida. I see no good reason to put down deeper roots as I like to be relocated to wherever he feels most comfortable. Meanwhile, I might as well keep my living expenses down.

I like to travel, both the high road and the low road, and blend in. Because of that last, in every photograph of me, I look a little different. It doesn’t serve me to be easily identifiable given my adventurousness combined with my controversial views.

I don’t have the usual requirements in terms of material things or image. I have no one to impress. Rather, I tend to prefer a more low key existence which I suppose is partially the result of having been robbed so badly, so many times. However, those events alone don’t explain it because I’ve never been much for pomp and circumstance if I have enjoyed the opportunity to patronize fancy establishments on occasion. Even there, the small charming chambre d’hôte generally beats out the luxury resort as I don’t enjoy being fussed over.

I also don’t like living in fear of disaster especially in terms of whether such could impact our relationship. A relationship that can’t weather the strain of material loss is of no use to me.

Since I’ve already had my dream farm, I don’t need to pursue another one. Rather his happiness is more important to me than my own and besides mine would follow. To that end, I strive to be pleasing and pleasant. It even took Axel a while to fully comprehend that statement perhaps because he couldn’t understand why his happiness was so important to me whereas I have such difficulty determining what would make me happy independently. The answer or key to my own happiness is to know that I am pleasing.

Dietary compatibility would also be essential even if I have enough confidence in my vast encyclopedic knowledge of nutrition and culinary skills such as to be able to come to terms regardless of whatever limitations may apply.

Therefore, if the contents of my mind displayed on these pages is pleasing then that would be a good reason to take the next step and otherwise get to know the woman behind Caprizchka and this blog. That woman is more than what can be conveyed on a page or even in my book, and she seeks a harmonious kindred spirit with the courage to get to know her.

7 thoughts on “What are you looking for?

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  2. “I don’t care about pollution…
    I’m an air-conditioned gypsy…
    That’s MY solution…
    Watch the Po-lice and the taxman miss me!
    I’m MO-BILE!”

    -The Who

    ….and I’m jealous!
    Good luck!

  3. Dear Caprizchka,
    I have enjoyed your writing thanks, and hope to continue to do so, and was very sorry to hear about Axl (apparently a Scandanavian name meaning “father of peace”?)
    Sadly, I am neither particularly dominant, a smoker or posessed of high testosterone and so must hold my fire.
    Oh, and living in England doesn’t help much either!
    Kind regards


  4. “I’m not seeking a “type” except Dominant, smoker, and high testosterone, with a strong character, an open mind, a sense of adventure, and good with his hands or otherwise physically and mechanically inclined.”

    This is part of the problem – and by problem, I mean solving the companionship issue that is troubling you at present. That is a “type” and it is a well-defined type that does actually exist.

    The disconnect comes in the fact that the man you are seeking does not define himself thus. In fact, he probably doesn’t spend any time at all defining himself. This kind of person lives life – but doesn’t spend a lot of his time analyzing it or categorizing it. That isn’t to say that he is drifting or without direction. He considers, decides, and then “does.” Once a thing is in progress or done – he considers the success or failure of it, files that away for future reference, and moves on to the next thing.

    From your writings I gather that you are an analyzer – an extreme analyzer – and the kind of man you are wanting is not that. He would read you and think, “She sounds pretty great, but damn that’s a lot of thought to put into things I don’t even think about.” To him that spells a particular type of “high maintenance” that he’s probably not willing to undertake.

    For example, if I listed the things I have done in my life, you might say, “ahh, he has a sense of adventure,” but I would never say that about myself. I just “do things I want to do.”

    I think the solution is not to hide who you really are or what you really are – and not to explain or define those things. Just be them. That’s what he does and that is what will appeal to him.

    • Of course you’re right. I think sometimes that this blog is some phase I need to go through and I’ll know when it’s done. The real world is a much richer hunting grounds. For what it’s worth, I can over-analyze life all by myself–no “maintenance” required. But I can understand the impression.

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