France bans protest march at Calais

Apparently, according to Cazeneuve, large groups of Muslim youths promoting Jihad, aren’t among “all groups who seek ‘to create tension, division and violence.”

Refugee Resettlement Watch

More Invasion of Europe news….

Not a good idea.  As I see it, these free speech marches serve as a critical valve on the pressure building in communities across Europe. Closing the valve will only cause the steam to build to a level of much greater power—potentially explosive power.

We haven’t mentioned Calais much lately, but if you look back atmany previous postsyou will see that this encampment of mostly Middle Eastern and African migrants has been growing for years as they press for being allowed to enter the UK where they see the taxpayer-funded ‘services’ more attractive than what is available to them in France.

Pegida in the Netherlands

Here is the latest news from The Local:

The French government has banned public demonstrations in Calais days before the anti-Islam group Pegida had planned to march through the town.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve announced the ban on protests “that pose…

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7 thoughts on “France bans protest march at Calais

  1. If a society is hell bent on bringing in muslims and living with them – the answer is not to try to be nice enough to make them be nice back. There is no level of “nice” that accomplishes that goal.

    If you absolutely must incorporate muslims, the way to do it is to be as dismissive and rude toward Islam as possible – to desensitize them. Then when they react in typical muslim fashion, you crush the bad actors.

    The rest will either assimilate and learn “tolerance” for opposing views – or move back to the sandpit.

    • But but but, aren’t Muslim men entitled to infidel women? Isn’t it fair to condone all overtures whether such aim to rape, impregnate, convert them, or all three? How intolerant of you to suggest that Muslim men are not uniquely entitled to do anything they want to infidel women, whereas non-Muslim men ought not to even protest, because that’s “intolerance”. How about a great big Kum-Bay-Ya group hug?

      Seriously, that’s a great idea that you have there. What are your views toward the German response in the linked article?

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  3. This response?

    “Scores of migrants with a history of delinquency and trouble making are being moved to a single camp with high fences and extra security. The camp in Stuttgart, Germany has been designated exclusively for men of North African origin.”

    It’s about time – but “scores” isn’t gonna get the job done. And wouldn’t it be easier to just send them all back? People act as if that’s “impossible” to do – but they got there on their own. They can just as easily go back.

  4. Muslims don’t bring these people here and don’t protect them while they are here, the governments of the West do that. Until anti-invasion forces actually do “pose a threat to public order” they’re going to keep getting run over. The little people need to understand they have no say or voice in the system, it’s all a sham. It’s anarcho-tyranny – the system will oppress those who make it easy to be oppressed.

    • I wish them success but personally have no idea what is the best advice for them in a dictatorial technocracy. Destroying the narrative that all French are “welcoming,” or that these are adorable, helpless, “refugees” is at least a salvo towards truthfulness. At least with truth we are pushing back against institutional gaslighting. This may in turn lessen the police response at the individual officer level. At some point when one’s duty becomes too odious one begins to reject it. One can only hope. Something has got to give.

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