Thinking Muslim

For starters, in no way am I considering or advocating conversion to Islam. Rather, I see some facility in pretending to be Muslim.

First of all, if I pretend to be Muslim, it is practically illegal to criticize me. Perhaps if I am even a Semite trapped in an Aryan body, it would be culturally insensitive to even force me to wait in line or endure any indignities whatsoever that don’t get my juices going.

I can unabashedly adore male facial hair (inspired by Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow by Mark Steyn).

Nobody cares that I am a male supremacist, because Feminists don’t dare criticize me (inspired by Feminists Love Islamists).

I can move about in complete head-to-two disguise. That would be safer. Anyone care that I’ve got nothing on but fetish wear underneath? No? Didn’t think so.

Naturally, as usual, I would have to lead a double life in order to completely disobey the Koran on just about every other issue. However, anyone investigating me in any way would be a hate criminal. Win/win.

7 thoughts on “Thinking Muslim

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  2. Women are suspicious of face furniture I find.
    Never the less, any pressure about this only sends me in the opposite direction – as indeed it should on principle.

  3. What you should do is stop pretending to sound like a voice of reason.

    Intellectual honesty doesn’t come easy, particularly to folks with an axe to grind. It’s been open season on Muslims because the Western world needed a convenient scapegoat in the post 9/11 era. Aside from centuries of post-Crusader dynamics, fear, and sour grapes against the rise of Islamic empires. The point is not whether tears should be shed for Muslims, but whether we care enough to give the persona non gratas of this world a fairer shake than has been granted. To not buy into the constant din that elites expect us to swallow. A constant theme in your writings, yet somehow on this matter you’ve thrown away your brain.

    And you are swallowing it wholesale, but I guess that’s what masochists do best. Besides, snarky blogposts are so teenager-ish and how old are you again? Grow up.

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