Maybe Jacksonville, Maybe ESL

Maybe I’ll decide to give Florida another chance, and merely move to an apartment in a different part of it. Having an apartment means that instead of being personally responsible for insurance and repairs, someone with ties to the local community is. That would be a major burden lifted.

It would also force me to get out a bit more in the world.

I’m currently leaning toward Jacksonville.

Another possibility is to volunteer in some foreign country to teach English. That would require significant investment on my part, but, what else am I going to do? I don’t even know which country to pick however. It would be nice to be invited rather than to find out that all of my fellow Americans are liberal vegetarians who abhor tobacco and believe that women worldwide need more “rights”.

I’m open to suggestions.

9 thoughts on “Maybe Jacksonville, Maybe ESL

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  2. Having lived in several places in Florida, I can tell you my favorite is St. Petersburg. To me it has the feel of a beach town that got bigger – rather than a real city.

    • I visited St. Petersburg as a child, and recently, in the middle of the night, in pouring rain, on my way home from New Jersey. I can see the charm and will check out the apartments there.

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