Objectification over Identification

Well-meaning men who metaphorically put themselves into my shoes differ from transvestites and transwomen only by degrees. Identification with the dilemma of womanhood is but a short hop to masculine sexual guilt and the Oedipus Complex. To be a woman really isn’t so bad when one is a woman. To be a man forced into a submissive or subordinate role to another man is not equivalent to being a woman.

I am familiar with the Feminist lament that men goad each other with feminizing insults. The reverse also applies. Girls and their catty remarks are often the faint praise of “masculine” characteristics such as strength and intellectual ability. Deep down us girls all know that such characteristics in a woman are not particularly attractive to secure young males, but rather only to those who identify with women or who desire that women switch roles with them, to include men waning in their physical and mental prowess, which happens to us all.

While surely it gets tiresome to be a man whose sexual advances are often rejected, the solution is not for women to become more sexually aggressive. It will not ever be the more feminine women who become that way except in fantasy. Rather, it will be the more masculine women, and as such won’t be the ones promoted by media as sexy she-warriors, in service to consumerism.

Putting ugly and aggressive women into positions of power will always have the result of the actual not metaphorical oppression of younger, more feminine, and more attractive women. Female power mongers, like male power mongers, don’t like sexual competition. While women might not comprise the majority of “rapists,” women often recruit men by proxy to perform such dreadful roles, thereby suppressing their biological competitors, whether in the case of outright war or invasion or in mere neighborly territorial disputes. The “fairer” sex doesn’t actually look out for each other except in terms of policing social mores and “the pussy cartel”. The myth (and statistical sleight-of-hand) of selection bias toward females is merely a self-preservation strategy (being that females are generally less physically likely to inflict permanent injury to another, given inferior physicality).

Rape and violence toward women is always a means of lowering her sexual market value, both physically and psychologically. The same applies toward male victims of rape and violence. However, the notion that women are somehow better equipped to protect other women from men is a dangerous fallacy, steeped in Oedipal and masculine sexual guilt.

Objectification of woman as an animal or set of orifices is not a sin, in a vacuum of other motivations, but rather merely a crime in terms of failure to provision and protect such a female as a result. Our irrational and subconscious behavior is not going to go away simply by social diktat. We all, at least for now, have emerged out of one of those orifices, and perhaps retain memory of the smells within our subconscious. No amount of forced chivalry or pedestalization of women is going to erase that reality.

Reality does not justify masculine sexual guilt. Preservation of entrenched power is the only motivation for enforcing guilt onto men alone for having sexual impulses.

Similarly, possessiveness and protectiveness of one’s females is not racism. Neither does reducing such a female’s sexual choices. If men are responsible for protecting and provisioning women, then women are obligated to show a little loyalty, gratitude, and respect for those efforts. Conversely, men who fail to do those things can expect to lose their younger and more attractive women to less-evolved, less mammalian male competitors down the road.

However, non-protective, non-provisioning men will get to keep their harpies, termagants, shrews, and useful female idiots; or the reverse may apply, until a stronger male animal comes along.

It isn’t realistic however to expect that stronger male animal to prefer the emasculated male in a skirt over the young fresh biological female.

8 thoughts on “Objectification over Identification

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  2. I have had several conversations when men I have mentored on the concept of Protection & Provision being the cornerstone of how to secure the (situational at best) loyalty of women. I may write something on that soon.

    When you said “…Reality does not justify masculine sexual guilt. Preservation of entrenched power is the only motivation for enforcing guilt onto men alone for having sexual impulses….” it really struck a chord. I think this would be an excellent thesis statement of sorts for something you write in the future. I really enjoyed this piece.

    Looking forward to your next writing,

  3. I don’t think about feminism very often – certainly not as much as you do – but I have reached a conclusion on what it’s really all about.

    To me it seems designed to convince women that their interests are diametrically opposed to the men that they date, will marry, will give birth to, and will help raise into adulthood.

    Why would this be important? It’s important to help Democrats win elections. If whites voted their interests, they would be an all powerful voting bloc. The way to ensure they don’t is to convince white women that their interests are opposed to the men in their lives.

    Feminism isn’t really aimed at black or hispanic women because they already vote in their respective racial blocs. The goal of the whole charade is to split the white vote.

    • There is a lot of evidence to suggest that what you say is true. However, I would also turn to Kurt Vonnegut’s Player Piano. When population exceeds opportunities, all sorts of strange actions occur. Automation and civilization itself while ostensibly for the benefit of women has made women useless. Other races, when they achieve the economic advancement believed to cause happiness experience the same phenomenon. If the only purpose of a woman is youth and beauty then life gets hollow pretty quickly, or as described here: https://caprizchka.wordpress.com/2015/11/29/feminism-as-con-job/

  4. “If men are responsible for protecting and provisioning women, then women are obligated to show a little loyalty, gratitude, and respect for those efforts.”

    I understand this perspective but it seems a man can’t count on any loyalty or gratitude for his efforts.

    I general a human’s perspective on need of another human is entirely dependent on their perceptions of alternative options. In this world of on demand dating (e.g. tinder) it seems that women who are youthful and appealing have unlimited options. So why should they show respect?

    Interesting post

    • The increasing dominance of media and schooling over a young woman’s mind as opposed to the wisdom of her own family members (assuming that there is anything left of such wisdom in the family line) is largely an issue here, in my opinion. On one hand she is told how “intelligent” she is by teachers (in a slanted system), and boys who have figured out that this is how to approach her tell her the same thing, the young woman (or eternal “girl”) feels a sense of her own power along with the notion that government and “the sisterhood” will always take care of her.

      There’s a “Pied Piper” aspect as well, which also sucks up young men, that the excitement and attention-grabbing stuff is all that matters–or an addiction to dopamine and excitement. It all adds up to brain damage, perversely, causing increased susceptibility to the same effects in succeeding generations.

      Grim, I realize.

      Navigating the tightrope between boundless enthusiasm and self-confidence on one side and hopelessness and learned helplessness on the other is not a task best left to the young, or guided by adults who do not care about them.

      I believe that the trick is to have in-group mentors, whatever a “group” may be. Adult men bonding together and creating such a “group” tends to attract young women to it. That “group” creates a culture of stability, built on a sort of “omerta” between members, and self-policing. Being that women, by and large, have failed in the face of the hypnotic pull of school and media, it is time for men to take that role, one way or another, in my opinion.

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