The solution to Germany’s migrant problem is simple. But not easy.

Caprizchka says: Southwest Florida is pretty nice too.

The most shocking thing about the mass rape and sexual assault rampage that took place across Europe (most notably in Cologne) on New Year’s Eve is the almost complete silence from feminists. Those…

Source: The solution to Germany’s migrant problem is simple. But not easy.

14 thoughts on “The solution to Germany’s migrant problem is simple. But not easy.

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  2. While we’re pondering the reality of inconvenient truths & appreciating that bloggger’s brashness, know this truth: liberal democracy is its own lie, and endemic hypocrisy to this touted ideal is the pragmatic reality since its inception, and indeed its conception by the French Revolution & the Founding fathers who took it further.

    So what Germans, and in fact all westerners should be asking ourselves is, can we co-exist with our Muslim neighbors? Can we love them, as Jesus commanded us to do? Can we recognize that even the mainstream Muslim awaits the return of Jesus as a matter of creed and hope?

    Somehow, that too often gets lost in the din of these polemics. We’re too busy playing incremental tribal warfare between the faiths, instead of finding common ground. And this remains so, from the time of the Crusades, until now. Sad, but very true.

    In the Matrix, Morpheus once said to Neo, “You have to let it all go, Neo. Fear, doubt and disbelief.” The cinematic irony of a wise dark skinned sage instructing an otherwise hapless, technologically-addicted white American on how to let go of his own burdens, should not be lost on us. We fear, doubt and disbelieve in our fellow Muslim neighbors, and we’ve done so for centuries. Will we learn nothing from our history? If so, then indeed the West is doomed, by its own defensive stubbornness.

    • Love thy neighbor is not the same as invite him home to meet your daughter. “Open borders” is an oxymoron and so is “universal morality”. Diplomacy is the first line of international relations, not invasion.

  3. So you’ve requested that the discussion be continued here; no problem. If I had any kind of “insurmountable fears”, I wouldn’t be engaging you, or asking you to reflect on your posts . Fair enough?

    You said: “The women who were raped and molested in Cologne were somebody’s daughters.”

    Not only is this self-evident, this atrocity has the same egregiousness, if it took place in East Timor, Morocco, New Zealand or Rwanda. But understand that, had it happened in those countries, Breitbard & Judgybitch would be least inclined to speak about it; you’re intelligent and aware enough to know this. Understand too, that it HAS been happening in those countries, and abetted by western influences on some level. We live in a world of consequences.

    Context is not given here to somehow mitigate or justify the disgusting, reprehensible actions done by those in Cologne or Helsinki. But let’s squarely lay the blame on those directly responsible. To conflate the matter, politically or ethnoreligiously, does not lend clarity, nor does it ease the suffering of those molested and raped women.

    This sort of conflation, and the feminists’ industry that’s been erected around this “rape culture” has been the thrust of your criticism for as long as I’ve seen you write. Why then, do you seemingly hold a different standard, when it comes to those Muslims? Enough injustice has been done already, don’t add fuel to this fire, that was my point.

    I’ll add that it’s also childish of you to mysteriously block me from all communication on our parent site. It wasn’t my objective to push your buttons, but perhaps it was foolish of me to think you could be even-handed on this. It would appear that all the feminist hypocrisies you’ve been railing against in so many of your writings, has now been seen in you. I don’t know what else to say, except to be reminded of Bob Marley’s quote: “People are people, and they will disappoint you.”

    • I’m so glad that you’ve transcended your “insurmountable fears” to at least make your drivel participatory rather than merely your sense of entitlement to my private attention. Neither are my views a result of “insurmountable fears” but rather adult boundaries, experience, education, and maturity, rather than the indoctrination you appear to be subject to. I would go so far that it is likely your own “insurmountable fears” that caused you to accept such indoctrination and propaganda in the first place, if informing you of such isn’t likely to have much effect.

      Of course, Judgy Bitch is writing about European Cultural heritage because to do otherwise would be cultural imperialism! New Zealand, on the other hand, is a branch of European Cultural Heritage and therefore doesn’t belong in your set.
      Speaking of East Timor and Morocco, why aren’t the Islamic refugees flooding these countries? I’ll tell you why. They wish to take advantage of the civilizations built by European Cultural Heritage. They aren’t interested in building and preserving their own civilization, but rather imposing their religious and cultural values upon countries who have civilizations largely due to European Cultural Heritage.

      Are there persons of European Cultural Heritage who are oppressing them? Obviously. Is there anything that raping young women will do to change that? No. We are all slaves to a technocratic elite and they’re not interested in us little people any more than the dictators of Islamic countries are interested in their little people.

      Of course there are consequences to allowing a flood of young male Islamic “refugees” into Europe. It is nothing more than cultural genocide upon Europe, an agenda of the hideously deformed Merkel for unknown reasons although of course we can speculate. (Cultural Marxism!)

      The utter delusion of feminists and Cultural Marxists to believe that more Marxism will result in less rape is so ludicrous as to nearly make those believing in it responsible for their own victimization. Rape is always a consequence of war, whether declared or actual, between rival cultural factions, whether women or children are even involved or not. Rape in prison effects the same paradigm. The solution is not more forced multiculturalism.

      Multiculturalism, as a choice made by adults is perfectly fine however expecting that it will be all rainbows and ponies for the most vulnerable members of society upon whom it is forced, to include young men and women, and children, is as irresponsible as designating those weak members of society as landmine hunters. By allowing this flood of “refugees” into Europe, Merkel and the EU have willfully victimized these women as if it were their own hands.

      I don’t care what an idiotic multiculturalist thinks of me and I certainly don’t need overtures from same on a sex site. That’s not “childish” it’s adult boundaries for me to block you. As for “even-handedness” that’s the Cultural Marxist language of entitlement. You are not entitled to a second of my time. Whatever time I may choose to give you is entirely my adult choice. I’m not a raw material for you to mine at will.

  4. So the gloves have finally been taken off, and your tribal antipathies and loyalties have been made clear. At least now you’re not faking to be this un-indoctrinated pseudosecularist. You’re a full-on Euronativist who’s defending “white womanhood”, in the mold of the feminists you claim to fight. Truly ironic, but not surprising. But I guess that’s what happens when you “nourish the predator.” The ugliness soon comes out.

    And, those “comforts” of European civilization you so proudly proclaim? Had it not been for coffee, soap, daily showers and other such civilizing manners that Muslims brought to your ancestors who were inebriating themselves into oblivion during the Dark Ages, you wouldn’t have woken up to realize that you deserved comforts. So, why the chicken and egg argument? Is this about some Muslim ex-boyfriend doing you wrong, I certainly hope not because that’d be just plain childish.

    Well, cooler heads are prevailing fellow Scorpio, so while you relish in making this so personal with me in order to provoke a response or get a sarcastic come-uppance trophy, know this: there ARE people smarter than you, who are lending clarity to this delicate topic, rather than adding to the same tired tropes like you are.

    If you care to know what I speak of, read on. Or don’t, and further fester in your own misery. As a former friend, I would hope you chose the former in a spirit of silent peace (the kind that doesn’t need to prove anything to me, or your readers):

    • We’re not friends, merely online penpals. Or were. I never even pretended to be a “psueudosecularist” and neither do I pretend to have much in common with my demographic. However, do object to invasion, rape, and disregard for national borders, by any sort of foreigner to include Martians. As for “silent peace”, you took care of that.

  5. Btw, dismissiveness and easy labeling does not aid your argument or further your cause, as much as you may think it. It only reveals the emptiness of your arrogance.

    As far as entitlements, I don’t know why you keep mentioning them like I’m some mythical welfare recipient of your largesse as a euroamerican bitch. Hey, bitch, get off your high horse, will ya? You’re not that important, but your argument (or lack thereof) might be? Don’t confuse and conflate the two together, ya HEARD?

    Your cultural marxism quips are laughable, did your guru Breitbart imbibe you with that juvenile paradigm? It’s not cultural marxism when people take you to task for presumed canons of ethnic or heritage purity, it’s called THINKING and reflection. Which clearly you do an insufficient amount of, but hey at least you’re exposed for the dirty POS closet nativist-racist-pseudochristian defender you are. The Gestapo is still strong in this masochistic chewtoy, folks.

    And these technocrat boogeymen? I mean, why not look right under your nose for the immediate problem? Politicians are using faith as an overarching container for the trappings of German cultural expression: their specific complaints have little to do with religious or theological debates and have more to do with immigrant languages, accents, and dress.

    It may be that Merkel finds that Muslims are not so easily buying into the decadence of consumption and consumerism that are representative of a culture grounded in capitalist principles more than Christian ones. In this case, German politicians may be better off looking to these impoverished immigrants, working the menial jobs that native Germans don’t want, to relearn and reaffirm Islamo-Christian principles of acceptance, tolerance, sacrifice and love. After all, multikulti is Islamo-Christian.

    Remember, love is the answer, and peace is the fruit. And you sound like you could use a lot of both. From a former “friend.”

    • It doesn’t serve me to pay any attention to whatever criticism you believe the generous outpouring of your empty soul entitles you to deliver. Persuading you of anything other than your unwelcomeness is not my objective. A Merkel apologist? Oh please. Why not invite her to come rule the Muslim nation of your choice. Just deserts. Your peace, love, and fruit are sour and devoid of nutrient.

  6. Hi Caprizchka,

    I send you warm greetings from cold Chicago. I enjoy your comments at Takimag. If memory serves correct, you have a Florida connection?

    I write for a Southern race realist blog Occidental Dissent – are you familiar with it, my writing there? Ann Coulter doesn’t think we/I am worth nothing, but I/we try our best. Perhaps you would like to write some blogs there, try to include something Southern. Norwest Florida is very Southern.

    Well, take care, keep the faith,

    Jack Ryan
    Occidental Dissent

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