Reality Bites

Insults in response to a comment of mine let me know that I have hit home or darned close to it.

To wit:


To read more, (and watch the video of the illustrious Mike Buchanan et al), click here: 20 November 2012: Mike Buchanan appears before House of Commons inquiry, ‘Women in the Workplace’ (and Caprizchka comments).

7 thoughts on “Reality Bites

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  2. Heh….it went straight to the ad hominem attack. Some folks have just that one tool in their little toolboxes. Cool and classy always wins.

  3. If there is one thing the internet has taught me, it’s that there’s no profit in answering known liars or fools.

    If there’s a second thing I’ve learned, it’s that there is an abundance of liar/fools eager to offer their two cents.

    • I do it for the practice. I think I’m getting better at it. It’s all part of the mission to get harder and meaner such that I can figure out how to survive.

      That said, when a liar, fool, wise man, or scholar offers to send me some nice cigars, I give him or her a means to do so. However, most people are just talk.

  4. Speaking of cigars… I have noticed that for me, the sweet spot seems to be the $7-$9 range. At that point, it seems like the quality/flavor is as good as I am able to distinguish.

    Maybe that’s “as good as it gets” or maybe it is a limitation of my palate. I’m not sure.

    I do know, from a wine tasting event I attended, that I have no ability to differentiate wine. Most of it tastes the same to me. I’m more tuned for scotch and bourbon which has marvelous differences that I can detect.

    • On a regular basis, that’s the range I also enjoy. However, I have had the privilege of receiving some fantastic gifts both from afar and right up close and personal. Moonlight and a marvelous beverage accompaniment, which, for the truly fine ones is water, sparkling, completes the picture. That said, two out of three ain’t bad.

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