Every Man Wants To Be Free, Until He Has To Do The Things Men Must Do To Free Themselves!

Here you are showing me how to be free and what I’m looking for is to be enslaved. It’s a good thing there are multiple types of people in the universe. Reblogging this for all the guys looking to attract dummies like me (but younger!) 😀

Actionable Adventures!

     I freed myself from the gilded cage of faux “Job Security” because it has never existed for anyone I have ever known. I work for myself. My good name and reputation are the only things I have ever needed for true job security.

     Being a Freelancer and Digital Nomad isn’t just for people traveling the world. I know quite a few successful people who work from home and use the internet as a secondary, supplemental, or only source of income.

     Earlier, I touched on internet-based careers when I talked about things to do on the dull break between Christmas and New Years Eve when I told you to “Prepare to get fired!” A few people commented but even more emailed me on what it is that I do, how I got into it, and, of course, whether or not it’s lucrative.

How I got…

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3 thoughts on “Every Man Wants To Be Free, Until He Has To Do The Things Men Must Do To Free Themselves!

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  2. Well, there’s a certain security in being a slave. There are no surprises, no curveballs. Relationships and boundaries are clearly defined. Yeah, like you said Caprizchka, it takes all kinds.

    And speaking of entrepreneurialism, I’m attempting to tap into the very niche market of sapphic bdsm Amish erotic lit. An excerpt…..

    “If you took better care of yourself Anna, you wouldn’t have to settle for a little eunuch like Emil”, hissed Greta into her captive’s ear. A cruel slap to her plump cheek followed.

    A moment ago, Anna was stationed at the counter, cutting up apples to bake in a strudel. Greta slowly approached her from behind, and without warning pressed herself against Anna’s ample derriere in a somewhat aggressive manner.

    “You’re cutting those apples all wrong, Anna. They’re not symmetrical — they will not bake well. Here, let me show you how it’s done”, said Greta in a soft and seductive tone.

    She clasped Anna’s wrists and pinned them to the countertop. Then Greta began slowly pumping. She kissed Anna’s ear, then her cheek. Anna could have broken free at any time were she not paralyzed by this foreign pleasure. Every thrust made her angrier, and every thrust made her flower ache for more.

    “I hate you!” rasped Anna in an angry quiet burst.

    “Oh, I know. I know you do, baby…..and that’s going to make me cum even harder.”

    Greta shoved a generous portion of maple fudge into Anna’s mouth. Anna moaned with pleasure; she knew the extreme joy of dessert, but angry verboten sex and dessert catapulted her to previous unknown levels of ecstasy.

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