The Denier Artist as Milgram Experiment

Update: Banned from CCOK.

Is it racist or phobic to not have sex with everyone you meet or to otherwise have standards with whom you have sex? Or are standards themselves racist or phobic?

Is refusing another’s advances racist or phobic?

What if you’re at an orgy? Are you allowed to decline another’s advances?

Suppose your own sexual standards are esoteric or not easily defined without putting yourself or others in danger?

Suppose one is a prostitute or an aspiring actress (synonyms in many circles) but one is repulsed by one’s client/patron/benefactor? Is it racist to accept a sedative such that you can sleep through the experience? (Paging Bill Cosby.)

Recently I completed a work in a forbidden medium and I am forbidden from disclosing it here.


An artist’s patron however is solicited herewith. Please inquire within.

8 thoughts on “The Denier Artist as Milgram Experiment

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  2. A thought provoking post.

    My take is that girls who date ethnically are not dating other races besides Africans. I say that because pretty much any man who dates a woman hears she dated Asian, Indian, Latin and it’s ho hum. But the moment a lady mentions African and she is not African as well… it’s a whoa.

    And the answer she went non-white in those cases is pretty much a deal kill. She may mislead she may say “he was so romantic” yada yada yada but in actuality she decided to get with the guy despite all the negatives of dating / mating african men. (namely that they tend not to support their offspring if one is spawned, but there are other negatives)

    Is the recognition of the racial tendencies of certain ethnicity racist? To my mind I don’t care I call balls and strikes as I see them regardless of social conventions.

    As to The Cosby thing… I find it interesting that these women all admit multiple visits before and after the said assault by pill occurred. I know that Gloria believes that having 20+ women all say the same thing = guilt but in criminal as opposed to civil the burden is higher… It does not matter what this no name prosecutor thinks. She will waste taxpayer dollars to create a spectacle that will only make the DA a great political platform.

    Oh and make sure that Gloria gets fat settlements in the future… there is that.

  3. The answer is yes, it is racist not to have sex with someone because you do not care for their race.

    The question is, is it wrong to be racist when it means protecting yourself, your family, or your extended family? It appears that everyone on the planet is more or less racist, this is an inbuilt instinct, and being the only non-racist in a crowd of racists seems to be nothing but a good strategy to ensure your extinction.

  4. Heh, you don’t want to get me started on those dumbasses that try to claim “Your children are not a vessel for your ambitions or your immortality”

    Grr. if they aren’t there’s no point in having them.

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